Thursday, April 21, 2016

North Vancouver: 'Free Campground': Island of tranquility: Capilano and Upper Levels Highway interchange

UPDATE: Second Free Campground on North Shore

 Foot of 'the Cut'   Plenty of green space    49° 18.871'N   123° 2.349'W
Houses within the red box have been bulldozed

Selective mapping by Google?  or maybe the Department of Highways' for British Columbia just doesn't want to promote a North Shore campground for transient Hikers and Cyclists?  What's inside the red square, is on some form of private property.....filled with Google hypothetical homes.

  49° 19.916'N  123° 6.977'W

 There's nothing inside the Red Line accept privacy.  All the homes have been bulldozed.

Set up a tent, .... or a rock band performance for the passerbys on the highway ... distracted driving.... might be an issue with the authorities.

One entrance driveway, blocked off by a median.

The location is raised, well above Capilano Road, so much so that three sides drop off at 45 degree slopes.

Water may be an issue, for some, not for others.  Three Fire Hydrants are function-able.

Obviously this Highway property is reserved for future transportation needs, but oddly its NOT included in the property listing that the BC Liberals are currently selling off to balance their budgets.

'Citadel' is OWNED by BC Liberal Government

Capilano and Upper Levels Highway interchange.   An island of tranquility with a view.

This is a great location for a 25 story high rise tower, with a Canada Line like Station beneath to shuttle travelers East to Coquitlam; West to Horseshoe Bay and Squamish and Whistler;  North to Cleveland Dam & Grouse Mountain Resort and Grouse Grind;  South to Park Royal, Sea Bus terminal, Vancouver, Stanley Park.

And a proposed Bridge between the Citadel and w 23rd Street ... over the highway on ramp ....

The neighbours on the cul de sac won't be happy, eh

Security Fencing, keeps the bears and cougars at bay

This place Rocks!!!!!

NSMB could use the steep slopes to practice on!!!!


e.a.f. said...

makes one wonder if one of those "private" big donors to the B.C. Lieberals will get to buy the land.

My suggestion, great place for a homeless camp.

Anonymous said...

a bus loop?