Tuesday, April 19, 2016

District of North Vancouver: Bobcat Bucket Brigade Experimenting with 'Man Lift'. No one thought of a 'Woman Lift'?

A North Vancouver First project: determine the feasibility of developing a new attachment for the Bobcat:

Bucket Brigade

Experimental Stage:  April 19, 2016

Proving Repetitive Productivity:

BobCat Attachments on Demand

This would work.  Remove the Bucket and Replace with Forks

Need a Lift   in Vancouver

and ....

We would have used razor Barb Wire cap on the ball park fence, but ......

  Plastic drain tile has been proven safer!! and it comes in Green and Yellow

Barry Elson would probably endorse this cap

North Shore News: Instant Replay  1963:  Barry Elson's double no-hitter

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