Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Justin Trudeau Election Promise of Transportation Infrastructure spending ... similar to his family, political, financial building blocks

On a tip from ourselves to Norman Farrell at In-Sights he produced his April 9, 2015 Post: Canadian Elites.  Norman didn't include the possibility that Justin Trudeau would achieve his exalted position as our Prime Minister on October 19, 2015.   With promises of cash infusion for transportation, along with all his other election promises, he won a majority.  However, with 20-20 hindsight today, its interesting to note that the promise to promote public transportation, is graphically similar to our Cape Horn Interchange at the Port Mann Bridge, and to his interchanges with other politicians.

If someone could be of assistance here, and using 'Pierre Elliot Trudeau' as a starting point in creator J.J. McCullough's diagram below, has the Trudeau family dynasty been expanded, and in which directions?

 Norman Farrell:
Canadian Elites   -  As the creator J.J. McCullough says, this is not evidence of a conspiracy or of sinister intentions. However, it demonstrates:

"...for at least the last five decades or so Canada has been a remarkably elitist country, in which a very small group of inter-connected families, business associates, and political allies, have controlled most institutions of relevance..."

Answer: 45 degrees to the South East of Pierre

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