Sunday, February 21, 2016

If every possible Independent Power Producer is built in BC, do we need Site C?

Does it make sense as to why the BC Liberals are so focused on a decade building boom for 10,000 workers when it would be prudent to have 1,000 continuous jobs over sixty years based on demand.

Why put BC Hydro into triple digit debt by building Site C for $9 Billion when plans are afoot to pay the Independent Power Producers an inflated price of $56 Billion for their electricity?

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appendix 3a-14 2010 ror – romap report attachment figure 2-8 – potential run-of-river

Why is there a need for Site C when BC Hydro has plans to buy, at twice the $$$$, from IPP?


Norman Farrell

In-Sight February 29, 2016


Hugh said...

A big new dam helps to moderate all the power from things like run-of-river, which produce power intermittently and not always at the time of need.

So BCH would spend $9 billion for Site C to firm up IPP power. BCH has contracted to purchase more than $56 billion worth of expensive IPP power, whether or not it needs it, and whether or not it can sell it for a profit.

Biggest rip off in BC history.

e.a.f. said...

Site C is all about having some sort of mega project up and running in time for the next election.

Site C is all about "rewarding" the party faithful with contracts.

We don't need the dam, but the contractors will love the money they will make. they will hire TFWers so there won't be jobs for Canadians. The contracts are going to foreign corporations so under all those trade agreements Steve signed, those corporations can bring in their own workers. Just remember the Chinese miners which were brought in.

The dam isn't being built for power. Its being built for the water.

Scotty on Denman said...

I disagree that it's important to have Site-C up and running by election time: it will do just as well for the BC Liberals to have it mired in legal and political red-tape so's to blame it on the NDP---already tagged as the "forces of NO". They have nothing else except perhaps the thoroughly disproved "NDP Dark Age of the 90s" or some very, very heinous, heinous, heinous crimes exposed by missing transit transfers.

The BC Liberals can't very well brag about their record, nor their oft-claimed fiscal-management superiority---they did, after all, more than triple the debt, took federal transfer several more times than the NDP ever did, and dys-managaed the big Crown Corps to the point of bankruptcy. Pretty sure they won't be crowing about BC Rail or HST or the Civil Forfeiture Office or BC Ferries or IPPs or... the list of what they don't want to talk about contains just about everything any government could crow about. They are either charlatans trying to hide their ineptitude, or charlatans trying to hide their sabotage.

This'll come down to a simple "us [falsely-claimed] free-enterprisers versus the socialists"---what else can they brag about? Pink T-shirts?

Anonymous said...

10yr flat demand bc graph

Anonymous said...

bc wants to build a 5 story fuel depot and ship dock directly opposite tilbury lng fuel depot and ship dock abouy massey tunnel length apart