Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheap Charts for Sale and If Enbridge counted their money the way they don't count our streams, they'd be broke before they started.

Maybe all of Enbridge's statements are loaded with innuendos, needed to be taken with a LARGE grain of salt. For example this straight out approach, via Douglas Channel, from Kitimat to the Pacific Ocean, provided by Enbridge as a reassurance to politicians, in a Video Documentary.

Its an outright lie!!!

You can plainly see that Enbridge removed all of the islands, maybe that's the plan, that Christy Clark has up her sleeve.

Fiction starts at 00:43 UPDATE the link is gone POOF!!
Google Map

Enbridge says that the Northern Gateway pipeline system route transverses many watercourses ....etc

Note:  Watercourse Crossing link has been scrapped by Enbridge website, however a screen shot of their original filing with the NEB is here with the WayBackMachine 2015/01/31
Watercourse Crossings Page 1 of 3

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline system route traverses many watercourses, from very small brooks to large rivers. Most of the water crossings are technically straightforward and have minimal environmental impacts. The Project has established a strategic watercourse crossings team to conduct detailed site surveys at difficult crossings to ensure they can be built responsibly and with minimal impacts. The pipelines will cross 773 identified watercourses with defined bed and banks; 669 of the crossings are fish-bearing.  SNIP   Source for more Updated 2015/01/31 - NEB 8 page Document
773 Watersheds, does that include Alberta, or just British Columbia?

Does Alberta have fish, or are the 669 crossings of fish-bearing watercourses only in BC?

And, considering how much Alberta has "developed" its Oil and Gas Industry, where they have many, many more inspectors than British Columbia, maybe their watercourses, the brooks and streams, are no more.

The one  two pipelines that Enbridges Northern Gateway Project, which is designed to follow major rivers, with feeders coming in from all directions, should have us on high alert, well beyond AMBER!

Going back to Maps, not the kind that we need to drive, but ones dedicated to expanding our knowledge of our BC Watersheds.........   There's this Map, its actually called an Atlas..........

First, search for this in Google:         BC Watershed Atlas
Then click on the section called        Maps - Watershed Code

Which takes you to a               Fisheries Inventory   with instructions on how to use the ATLAS

NOTE:   MOE.... Ministry of Environment.......

  1. Click on the desired MOE Region below. This will display an index map of all the watershed groups within the region.
  2. Click on the desired watershed group. This will display a table of all the WSCA map sheet pdf files within the selected watershed group.
  3. Click on the desired WSCA map sheet pdf file to display the WSCA map sheet image with the 1:50,000 Watershed Codes.
Map   6 is what you want to click on 

Now you're down to a Watershed Group, and the mouth of the Kitimat River where there's this:


KITR is the mouth of the Kitimat River, where Oil Tankers, 250 of them at 320,000 Gross Tonnes, are going to be fueling up each year and loading up too.

This is the Link for KITR:   Remember, these maps' URL is  FIRST about fish/watershed SECOND

At the top of the table from the link above, there's this:

KITR: Kitimat River  which is whole map for the one Group called KITR

If you zoom in on the above link of KITR, you'll see how each stream, each brook is hemmed in by hills and mountains, like in #27.......24 streams, with feeders to them too, all contributing to our  FISH, our Drinking WATER, our very SURVIVAL.

103i.007 is the mouth of the Kitimat River  ... zoom in to 50%, for a close up look

August 11, 2012 UPDATE NOTE

From the map above, the bold blue highlighted numbers are of little use.  What you need to do is get in closer and record the numbers/letters in faint RED, then go back to the previous page select the area that you want to take a more in depth look at.

Enbridge we know about, but Kinder Morgan is continuing on with its goal of doubling up their existing oil pipeline to Burnaby.  Tankers are leaving in greater numbers from the Port of Vancouver because of Kinder Morgan.

Tabular Form by Areas  WSCA Map Library: Watershed Group Maps

CBC interactive map on Pipelines of North America
More Documentation, lots of documentation  FreshWater Atlas Documentation

From the above link, the Northern Gateway Project will be crossing THREE Watersheds.  The Peace is to the east of the Canadian Rockies.   Omineca is to the West of the Canadian Rockies, then there is one just called 6, by which the pipeline will be arriving at the mouth of the Kitimat River.

As a side note......on the topic of  Fish Farms the two Atlantic Salmon fish farms that are being killed off, as we write this,.... our Salmon, our West Coast Salmon, route, is through where the fish farms are.  Our Pacific Salmon are headed for their spawning grounds, via the Fraser River, which has a multitude of Watersheds that feed the Fraser.

An oil spill, would kill everything in its path.

This is the Lower Fraser River.....Do you recognize Richmond, Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey?  Do you see the brooks, the streams, the rivers......  the USA border with Canada.... Boundary Bay?

 LFRA aka Lower Fraser River
Map of  Watershed 2, which includes the LFRA


"vessels up to 70,000 DWT, a size easily handled in the naturally deep water found
in the Kitimat Harbour....."   being replaced with 320,000 DWT,
 that's almost five times larger

Not only are the Islands missing, so too is Douglas Channel!!!


karen said...

Ah, well, that explains that little mystery: Earlier this year one of Enbridge's promotion lackeys was here announcing that the tanker route was a straight shot from Kitimat to the ocean. Now that I see what map he was using, yes, I guess he would think that. Course, all the maps I was looking at were based on reality.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like having cartoon replace reality/topograpgical map

e.a.f. said...

maybe that's the problem. Embridge itsn't looking at the right maps. Maybe we should send them some which are up todate & show all the stuff.

If they are that good at map reading & geography, then maybe that is why their pipelines keep rupturing. If they can't read a map how can you trust them to build a pipeline & then maintain it.

North Van's Grumps said...

At the beginning of the video, Enbridge states that its only an illustration and that its "not to scale".

What pisses us off is that for someone who is not familiar with BC's coastline, they might be asking what's all the fuss about tankers "tanking", sinking, when its an open and shut case of there being an open and clear entrance to Kitimat.

Secondly, the video raises the question, by omission of islands in the approach to Kitimat, what else has Enbridge glossed over? What else is the Public and Politicians being led to believe which is totally incorrect?

North Van's Grumps said...

Enbridge's Northern Gateway may have been put back on its heels, now the shipping of Alberta's Oil sands might be going ahead via the rail lines of CN Rail or CP Rail.

One pipe breaks, and continued to spew its "cargo" of oil, for 17 hours on Michigan's Kalamazoo because Enbridge's Control Room in Edmonton chose to override the indicators that there was a drop in pressure.

What are the statistics on how many rail cars go off the rails, eh?

As an aside Kinder Morgan is still planning to go ahead with its doubling of their pipeline where it ends up being shipped out of the Port of Vancouver. The story is in the Vancouver Sun this morning.

Anonymous said...

Since the C.N. was sold to the U.S. Their standards of safety, are far beneath Canada's safety standards. My brother worked in Dangerous Commodities, for the C.N.

If there was a long heavy tanker train, carrying the dirty, lethal chemical laced Bitumen derail, we can write this province off. If there is a pipeline spill, everything the dirty bitumen touches, will perish. The clean drinking water poisoned. Same with a tanker spill in the sea. Every marine creature in the Bitumen's path, will all die.

We all know, the massive tankers, have to do hairpin turns, around all of those little islands. They can't make the little island vanish in real time, as they do on computer screens and altered maps on paper.

Enbridge has blatantly lied, right from day one. The altered maps, are just another scam, belonging to Enbridge.

Warren Bell said...

I'd be interested in seeing the Enbridge image in it's original context -- has the video been posted anywhere? I did a comparison from roughly the same viewpoint as the Enbridge one, and the contrast between them couldn't be more dramatic -- like different planets! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Warren said...

Has this video been posted? I did a comparison with a similar image from Google Earth, and they're wildly different.


North Van's Grumps said...

We've updated the Post above to include the link to Enbridge's website where they have produced a ton of information for the public to read.

Fact is the link that we've provided is TO Enbridge's original video, all you need to do is click on it.

Don't forget to turn on your sound.....