Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BC Power Commission News: There's Gold in Kamloops by the meter!!! Polish Submarine Force???

BC Power Commission Tie-lines: Staff News
Kamloops - Roy Moffat's new home received a novel finishing touch, March 11 - a gold-lacquered electric meter. The meter was installed to mark the fact that the Moffat family is the Power Commission's 75,000th customer. With the meter went a gift of an electric dryer for Mrs. Moffat, and small gifts for the two boys and a little sister who are now busily exploring all the corners of their new home.

Roy Moffat, who is a shovel operator on highway construction near Barriere, B.C., told Commission officials: "It is the first time I ever won anything in my life."  Mr. Moffat did much of the work on the house himself.  The connection of the 75,000 customer marks a new high not only in the number of PC customers but in the rate of growth of this utility, according to Mr. Griffin.  The Commissioner told the gathering that nearly 6,000 customers have been added during the current fiscal year.

The average rate of growth for the previous 11 years has been 5,000 customers a year.  When the PC was set up in 1945 its first billing went out to 13,000 customers.

The soundness of this reasoning can be tested by the fact that while the Commission has been busily extending service in all directions during its 13 years of operation it has cut the average cost of power in half from 5 cents to 2.4 Cents a kwh.

Fifteen years before that George was one of a party of one hundred and thirty Polish officers and men who after the fall of Poland ran the gauntlet of wartime blockade to escape in two submarines.  With empty fuel tanks the escaping craft barely made Britain's naval base at Rosyth, Scotland.  Eventually George commanded the Polish Submarine Force that served with the Royal Navy.  He knew the Murmansk Run, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the unrelenting struggle of the Mediterranean.

After it was all over he4 had the right to wear the DSC and Bar.

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Anonymous said...

Kamloops!?? Wasn't that Flying Phil's home riding? Phil Gaglardi, Minister of Highways. Would Mr. Moffat as a shovel operator working on the highways have known flying Phil?