Sunday, May 24, 2015

BC Hydro Achilles Heels: Trial by Fire: Transmission Lines eg. Dokie Wind Farm $500 Million loss; WAC Bennett Dam Power to 1/2 Province

The weakest link for BC Hydro:  The Transmission lines

Why is it that BC Hydro transmission lines are always over budget?

Why aren't they built using P3s?

Are the clear-cut right-of-ways wide enough to stop a forest fire from melting their cables as it were a flaming Translink bird nest?

Would consumers be given a one day free 'ride' by BC Hydro for the inconvenience of losing electricity?

 Are these the jobs that Christy Clark keeps talking about?

How long will it take to re-string the 'christmas' lights from Hudson Hope to Metro Vancouver?

How long to build concrete transmission towers or is the plan afoot to dig Trenches and put the hydro cables underground just like the methods that Enbridge and Kinder Morgan use for their pipelines?

If a forest fire were to rage through the wind farms, would their replacement estimate cost be the same as the Dokie Wind Farm: $500 Million

Would the Independent Power Producers be required to fulfill their contracts, or absolved of contractual obligations based on the ever interfering God, Mother Nature, or Terrorism?

BC Hydro - DAMs  strung together with Transmission lines

WAC Bennett Dam

2014 Fire Season

599 caused by Humans

Timber and Infrastructure Values at Risk: $1 Billion (plus)

Suppression costs:  $300 million

Slocan Park: Threat to Transmission Lines and CBC Radio Tower
and communities

Will Site C transmission lines be any safer?  Hudson Hope ........

Chelaslie fire

Somewhere in there is a BC Hydro Northern Transmission line..... Red Chris .....

BC Hydro how to: without damaging the towers:
Intended Implosion






Mount Polley EVENT

Imperial Metals ..... not business as usual ... @ Mount Polley


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Grant G said...

Good post.

Great questions that will never be answered by this BC Liberal Government..

However, in an era of increasing climate change, one should take all the precautions necessary..

e.a.f. said...

now that you put it like that.......that is some scary shit.

No wonder there wasn't much news coverage of the fires. If there had been more, it might have made more people aware.

As to the run of the river projects, oh of course they would be let out of their contracts. Remember the B.C. lieberals like corporate welfare. They just don't support ensuring children get enough to thrive.

so what is glorious photo op queen and her minions doing about all of this? I don't expect there is a B. plan anywhere. We have only to see what happened in Cache Creek over the weekend. We saw local services, but where the hell was the provincial government services in an emergency of this size?