Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Alluring British Columbia" 1931: Department of Mines: or "Land of the Golden Twilight" 1930 (Standard Time)

In the years where a computer wasn't necessary ...... nor politicians needing to create nonsense reports to hide their handiwork today; selling off British Columbia resources for ...... a song

Alluring British Columbia                                          1931
British Columbia-Canada                                           1931
British Columbia's Picturesque Highways                 1932
Come to British Columbia                                          1931
Manual of British Columbia                                       1930
Land of the Golden Twilight                                      1930
Rod and Rifle in British Columbia                             1932
Synopsis of Hunting and Fishing Regulations           1933

Left Side down Blue-Prints and Ozalid Prints

Right Side down  Photostats

Page 2 Right Side UP

Minister of Mines N. S. Lougheed

Pre-Emptor Series:

Lands No. 1 How To Pre-Empt Land


  Publications of the Government of British Columbia   1871 -1947 

Alluring and Auto Camps     Page 124 of 251


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