Friday, June 5, 2015

Black "Ops Log - 97": Screen shot Versadex / ECOMM / FLNR / May 2015

The BC Liberals have honestly earned the reputation: Shred everything;

BC Liberals used back channels to hide the Ethnic Scandal;

Brian Bonney's trial in 2016 might shine a bright light into the dark corners of corruption;

Have the BC Liberal bought into a knock off Versadex type program to ensure that what the Public is entitled to know via FOI, is denied?  No such file found.

Ops Log - 97

LMD/WKP?   - Lower Mainland VersaDex  / West Kootenay Police?

FLNR   -  Forest, Land and Natural Resources, why not JAG - Justice

Vancouver Police Department Has a Who done it manual on the proper handling of   Versadex  Security Clearance Private or Invisible  channels.

BC Liberal Government/Party/Hacks
2.9 Information Management

2.9.4 (iii) Making FOI Records Private or Invisible

PRIME affords BC GCPE the opportunity of making either parts of a report or the entire report "Private" or "Invisible". Both these features are powerful tools to control access to sensitive information. Inappropriate use, however, can have serious consequences to the functioning to Todd Stone's Transportation Ministry by hampering information sharing and the collection of statistics. Members shall meet the requirements stipulated in this section before making a GO report, Flag Record, or Street Check "Private" or "Invisible".

As a policy, GCPE shall refrain from make entire GO reports "Private" or "Invisible" if the objective can be met by making only select parts of the report "Private" or "Invisible".


Anonymous said...

But what about JPEG bc documents rendering them unsearchable?

North Van's Grumps said...

The name of the file is 'Capture'