Monday, May 4, 2015

Capers? WholeFoods? Recipes for Egg-plant Fritters Curried & Macaroni Stew using a "Forcing House" 1918

Egg-plant and Pepper Growing in the B.C Dry Belt.  (1918)

THESE two crops require practically the same treatment, about the only difference being that the egg-plants are not quite as hardy; hence the plants require more careful handling, and when setting in the field they require rather more room than the peppers. The seeds for these crops should be started in greenhouse or hotbed early in March, and should be given the warmest part of the house for starting the seeds, as well as afterwards for the growing of the plants. A night temperature of 55F to 60F (13C to 16C) degrees, with an addition of 15F (10C) degrees during daylight, is not too much for good growth, provided a little ventilation is given every day when weather will permit. 

Egg-Plant Fritters and Macraroni Stew

Forcing House
The above 1918 circular has been prepared by J. L. Hilborn, Kill Kare Fruit Farm, West Summerland, B.C., at the request of the Horticultural Branch.

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