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1921 ".... the returned soldier...." Growing Strawberries and Raspberries in certian BC Coast sections

A Report on the Cost of Growing
Strawberries and Red Raspberries
in Certain - Coast Sections of
British Columbia during
the season of 1921

Agricultural Department Circular N6.'39
18 pages in length

There's a story out there where I heard Sunshine Coast lots are being made ready for farming instead of the land sitting idle.   Go Organic they say.

But then I thought about Vancouver and their Coach houses in the lanes and the "large" tracts of land between between the Coach House and the Primary House.... couldn't it be converted to raising Strawberries and Red Raspberries with the simplest of ingredients, and energy.

What better method than going back in history, when just after the First World War had ended and our British Columbian forested lands still existed, the land was being given away FREE, no strings attached, to returning soldiers.

   I detract...... but that's what was written in this pamphlet.

For the soldiers and their families they had to cut the trees down, remove the stumps using pry bars and dynamite, plow the land to be made ready for planting what they would need to survive on for the rest of year..... when nothing would grow.

"The growing of raspberries and strawberries appeared to be a type of farming which could be carried on successfully on a few acres of land, which demanded the labour of only one man with the help of his immediate family, which required little initial outlay for equipment, and which in general promised a good return in a short time."

Think about this.   There were no stores called Costco or Rona or Whole Food back then.  The population wasn't what it is today.  There wasn't anything called BC Hydro to provide lighting or run the toaster, nor was there a steady supply of Natural Gas to heat our homes.

Why this sudden thoughts on growing something, anything in the front or back yard..... not just flowers, but vegetables.....

Oh look the yellow forsythia and crocus are blooming which means it's the time to prune roses and fertilize the lawn but for this household, its time to go out and prepare the garden, and purchase PEAS!!!!!!!!! from the nursery.

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Whoops!!!! with apologies to the Current Attorney General of British Columbia, Shirley Bond


The following biographical sketches of the former Attorneys General and Acting Attorneys-General of what is now the Province of British Columbia, have been put together at the request of the present Attorney-General, the Honourable L. Allan Williams, Q.C., who felt that there should be some continuing record of the men who have held this position since the birth of the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia.
The material was gathered from many sources, including newspapers, original documents and manuscripts in the B.C o Provincial Archives; B.C. Gazettes, Colonial Office Lists, reference books and newspapers in the B.C. Provincial Library; also appended is a short Bibliography.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the assistance given me in this project by the staff of the B.C~ Provincial Library and the B.C. Provincial Archives; the Director of Vital Statistics, Mr. A.H. Hersom, his Secretary and staff in the Genealogy Section; Miss Sandy Robertson at the offices of The
Law Society of British Columbia; the Parks Branch of the City of Victoria; Mr. Bob Evans, Archivist at Christ Church Cathedral ,all of whom were most helpful.

Mr. Norman Whittaker and Mr. A.B. MacDonald kindly checked their respective biographies and supplied missing dates and information. Mr. MacDonald also read over the biography on his father, Malcolm A. Macdonald, for which I am most grateful.

Finally, I would stress that these are merely short sketches and consequently a great deal of interesting information has had to be omitted.

12th September, 1982
British Columbia.
B.J.C. Ferguson
Ahh yes, its time to update the history books, especially if there's going to be a change of government in 13 months time.

April Fools Day (Saturday) RCMP Contract with British Columbia comes into FORCE


This document, 81 pages long,  is dated April 1, 2012

C. The RCMP, built on a foundation of well-trained police officers and non-police personnel, using proven policing techniques, is well placed to aid in the administration of justice in the Provinces and Territories and in carrying into effect the laws in force therein;
D. The Parties recognize that:
(i) the Province has the constitutional jurisdiction over the administration of justice which includes the responsibility for policing;
(ii) the RCMP is a federal entity and matters relating to the control, management, and administration of the RCMP are within exclusive federal jurisdiction; and
(iii) the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, under the direction of the Federal Minister, has the control and management of the RCMP and all matters connected therewith;
E. Section 14 of the Province‟s Police Act provides that the Provincial Minister of the Province may, with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, enter into, execute and carry out an agreement with Canada authorizing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to carry out the powers and duties of the provincial police service;
F. Section 20 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act provides that the Federal Minister may, with the approval of the Governor in Council, enter into an arrangement with the government of any province for the use or employment of the RCMP or any portion thereof, in aiding the administration of justice in the province and in carrying into effect the laws in force therein;
G. The RCMP acting under this Agreement as the Provincial Police Service aids the Province in the administration of justice by implementing the provincial policing objectives, priorities and goals as determined by the Provincial Minister;
H. Canada and the Province recognize that through this Agreement a relationship with respect to provincial policing is established in the province, built on consultation between Canada and the Province, characterized by respecting each other‟s constitutional responsibilities and by responding to each other‟s needs, all in a manner that recognizes the evolving nature of law enforcement;

Authorizing Orders
K. By Order in Council P.C. 2011-1344 dated November 17, 2011, the Governor in Council authorized the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Government of Canada;
L. By Order in Council number [___] dated [April 1, 2012], the Lieutenant Governor in Council authorized the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of British Columbia to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Government of British Columbia;

Privy Council Office 2011-1344.... of Canada  Subject to this provision not included in the above contract for April 1, 2012

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, pursuant to subsection 20(1) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, hereby approves that the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, on behalf of the Government of Canada, enter into an arrangement with each of the Governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut for the use or employment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in aiding the administration of justice in those provinces and territories and in carrying into effect the laws in force there, which arrangement is substantially in accordance with the annexed draft.

Document B covering RCMP and Municipal

Document C covering RCMP and Municipal Police

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Who's the Mole in Metro Vancouver's Translink?

Who's the Mole at Translink? Page 2 of 18
Looking for specific information on-line, and still getting lost?  How about this little index where I found that "public bodies are responsible for ensuring that all personal information in their custody or under their control is secure." -  F07-01
Update March 29, 2012:  BC Transit has been visiting this page, so too has Christy Clark's government.  In the above image there are TWO references in the original document which for number 2, dead ends. For your convenience, Dear Readers, here it is in Black and White:

Google Search:  “Key Steps in Responding to Privacy Breaches”OIC
First Result:

Key Steps in Responding to Privacy Breaches - Office of the ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
KEY STEPS IN RESPONDING TO PRIVACY BREACHES. June 2008. Purpose. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to public bodies and ...
Page 2 of 7 is a great place to start reading: 
Step 1: Contain the Breach
You should take immediate common sense steps to limit the breach. These steps would include: etc.

Vaughn Palmer, of the Vancouver Sun, dedicated his whole column today to "Dix makes significant misstep".

"Someone from the Transit police contacted The Vancouver Sun. They asked me about it and I confirmed it." - Adrian Dix

Adrian Dix, the Opposition Leader of the BC NDP, was given a Warning on March 3, 2012 for not having a Fare card as proof of payment for his ride.  Dix says he bought an all day pass, but when challenged by the Translink Police for proof, he couldn't find it.  Dix says he takes full responsibility for not having the Fare Card, and in future he will put it in his wallet.

I'd like to know whether Translink, who regulates the Police Officers who man our transit system, or ICBC which is responsible for collecting fines and tolls, as to what exactly they are doing to chase down and discover which of their employees has violated provincial laws.   I'd like Translink and ICBC to go after the Vancouver Sun and to discover if tips are being done on a regular basis.

I'd like to know if Translink and ICBC are a step ahead of the Minister of Advance Education in tracking down documents that are leaked into the wrong hands.

Has this Officer, or the Vancouver Sun, never heard of "News of the World" and its demise?   Has this Translink Officer not looked at the Oath he swore?

Once should have been enough for the public to hear this: ""People care about what we do," came the astonishing answer" - Eminata president Randy Cox

Is this the logic that the Translink Police Officer used to convince himself that he had the RIGHT to search company records that are being held in TRUST, and then pass them onto the Press?

Why all the fuss?   Look, as far as Dix was concerned, he accepted the Warning and thought that was the end of it on March 3rd.   Vaughn Palmer seems to think that Dix should have gone public with the Warning even though there wasn't a Fine leveled on Dix.

It appears as though the Press wants to make Dix look bad in the eyes of the public.  Got news for you, the Press only needs to go back to 2003 to find something really worthy of reporting on a politician who comes across the path of a REAL Police Officer:

For Immediate Release - Jan. 10, 2003
Office of the Premier

I have made a serious mistake, and I want to apologize to everyone including my family, my colleagues and the people of British Columbia.

Last night, I was returning home from dinner with friends, and the Maui police pulled me over. I was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. I do not intend to contest the charge.
I will make myself available to the media Sunday, Jan. 12, at 3 p.m. at a location to be determined.
Gordon Campbell

The associated mug shot went Viral, and its still easily accessible on the internet, but not for here, not on this blog.

Well that's interesting, John van Dongen was part of the "One Percent" BC Liberals

Could it be that if we were to look at Elections BC database on how much money is rolling into the coffers of various political parties we might be able to see why John van Dongen had another reason to cross the Floor to the BC Conservatives?

According to Elections BC's FRPC, John van Dongen  Abbotsford South contributions is Zero? Not quite true.

Another way to look at the data for Abbotsford South is this..... 18 Affiliation Records from a Search Criteria of March 14, 2008 to March 14, 2012 yielded these dates between April 4, 2009 and May 4, 2009, for a total of $25, 300.00 (one month's worth) during the last Provincial Election.  No more, no less.   Apparently those of Abbotsford South Electoral Riding for the BC Liberals, are NOT big spenders.  Does it then mean that the BC Liberal Party itself was picking up the major portion of the van Dongen's run to be an MLA for the BC Liberal Party in 2009?  Or were other candidates, finding themselves with too much cash, passed it along to van Dongen?   Not saying there is anything wrong with the bookkeeping because its all duly recorded with Elections BC with the "FROM" people noted.   Does it mean that Abbotsford South is Open Season for any party, With Money?

(Kash Heed donations were $17,550.00              Wally Oppal's was  $49,885.39)

Total monies declared by all candidates for Abbotsford South was $35,734.78, difference of $10,434.78

BC Liberal Party total, between 2011/03/14 to 2012/03/14 was $920,188.46, which of course covers the Leadership Race, and for that "Candidate" who did win the Leadership Race, she wasn't a sitting MLA.

To be the Premier, Christy Clark just had to deliver those sandwiches to her Scrutineers to become the Uno Numero ..... of the BC Liberals

Now I wonder what the rest of the Ridings are like for the BC Liberals?  For example, we have two by-elections coming up.....

Chilliwack Hope      Zero contributions   to the BC Liberals, but that's to be expected, the By-Election Writ has just been sent out, and not signed by Christy Clark.   That honour belongs to the Attorney General of British Columbia, Shirley Bond!

Port Moody Coquitlam   Zero contributions to the BC Liberals, same as above.

I've got to go a different route here with FRPC,  Elections BC database.   Ahhhh!
Its not the Dollars involved that is important here, its the Affiliation Records.

Big companies, came up with three times as much cash as the 1%.

The 1% has three times the voting power of the 99%.

Things have got to change here!

BC Lib one year ending May 13, 2009     $15,372,908.85    Affiliation Records  10,315

BC NDP one year ending May 13, 2009  $5,792,685.16      Affiliation Records     30,702

BC Lib one year ending May 13, 2010    $5,753,450.82      Affiliation Records      3,407

BC NDP one year ending May 13, 2010  $2,167,923.45      Affiliation Records     22,943

BC Lib one year ending May 13, 2011   $10,050,425.66    Affiliation Records      6,094

BC NDP one year ending May 13, 2011   $2,238,537.97    Affiliation Records    14,65 5 

BC Lib one year ending May 13, 2012     $27,084.00         Affiliation Records     5  (Leadership)
BC NDP one year ending May 13, 2012    $43,632.99        Affiliation Records   49 (Leadership)
 Mind boggling numbers if you look at Christy Clark's $621,709.00 to get herself over to Victoria.

To run as a candidate for Vancouver Point Grey, there are only TWO entries, whereas running for the Leadership there's a staggering 180.

182 Records of Affiliation between May 13, 2010 and May 13, 2012.   She was sworn in as the un-elected Premier on March 14, 2011.

There are only four pages, click on "Filer Type"  go to the bottom and there's her Candidacy $ numbers.

Geoge Abbott Minister of Education is back with the Mediator who has donated to the BC Liberal Party

Elections BC on Charles Jago

Relax BCTF, The Mediator is not biased!

  Vancouver Sun on Charles Jago's appointment

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Minister of Education George Abbott used to be Minister of Health. Instead of using words, he used to use Report Cards.

However Mike de Jong, the new Minister of Health doesn't like using Report cards, instead, he uses baffle-gab during the Opposition's Question  Period.   There is no Clostridium difficile Infection Rate for the whole Province.

Mike likes to wave his arms around and say "Look at all the new Hospitals we have in British Columbia....."  and then when it comes to Burnaby General Hospital, he tells listeners ..... its old, four patients to a room.

From above, the colours are easy to use, utilize:

Green is Good    Yellow is Mediocre    RED is BAD

This Report Card, below, is from April 2011 to January 23rd, 2012

Report Card for the whole document

When Education Minister George Abbott returns from China, be forewarned, Report Cards in Schools will be coming out, but colour Coded for expediency!

Class Act Robo Calling 902 "Conservative Party of Canada"

CBC did their interview on the Robo Calls, which was covered by Pacific Gazatteer and Galloping Beaver.

Late last night, after the Vancouver Canucks had won their game against the LA Kings, I went looking for more info on     902-800-1015  which revealed that there were phone calls being made "on behalf" of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Once the recipient of that robo call informed the caller that they were NOT voting Conservative, a REAL LIVE person called back saying that they were from Elections Canada and there was a change of voting place........ or some other trick was being played on the voter(s).

At this 800Notes website I found random examples of Unwanted calls from 1-902 area codes, but along the bottom of the page is a whole raft of 902 numbers.... so I started to click on each one of them... and gave up after ten tries.

NOTE    the dates on the hits.... April 2011!  Federal Election was in full swing.....

I then typed this into Google:    902 "Conservative Party of Canada" and got these results, just one one page:   (The first one we know, because it was on the screen for the CBC, if you paused the video)

The bulk of the calls appear to be Robo Calls, some are real phone numbers for the Conservative Party of Canada.

  1. 902-800-1015 / 9028001015
    902-800-1015. Country: Canada Location: Nova Scotia (Halifax, Sydney). Glen. 7 Apr 2011. Message on call back was "Conservative Party of Canada" ...

  2. 902-405-8296 / 9024058296
    Got a call from 9024058296 / 902-405-8296? ... Caller: Conservative Party of Canada. Call Type: ... 902-405-8296 Feb 25/2011 were calling the last few days .

  3. 902-440-0725 / 9024400725 1/2
    i had never seen this before. called back the 902 number and got the voicemail of the conservative party of canada... sounds fishy to me and the id number is ...
  4. Nova Scotia - Ridings
    20 Apr 2011 – Cumberland--Colchester--Musquodoboit Valley, Conservative Party of Canada, Scott Armstrong, Facebook, Email, (902) 893-5570 ...
  5. 9024400725,902-440-0725 902 440 0725 - Callerr
    23 Mar 2011 – James ( up above ) states this is is the PC party of cananda. the thing ... it is very the Conservative Party, or a collection company pretending to ...
  6. Conservative Party Of Canada, Weymouth, Nova Scotia B0W3T0 ...
    Conservative Party Of Canada contact, Conservative Party Of Canada reviews, ... Contact a representative of Conservative Party Of Canada at 902-837-5225 for ...
  7. Conservative Party Of Canada - Weymouth, Canada | Company Profile
    Conservative Party Of Canada company profile in Weymouth, Canada. Our company profile report for Conservative Party Of Canada includes business information such as contact, sales and financial data. ... Phone: (902) 837-5225 ...
  8. Conservative Party Of Canada. 38 victoria ave, Weymouth, NS. 902 ...
    Conservative Party Of Canada. Political organizations. 38 victoria ave, Weymouth, NS. B0W 3T0. 902-837-5225 | Canadian Business Directory.
  9. Business Community
    902-689-2101 ... Progressive Conservative Party of Canada ... Looking for a unique Christmas gift, we ship wreaths to friends and families across Canada ...
  10. Federal Political Parties in Canada
    30+ items – Federal Political Parties in Canada.
    The Atlantica Party 16 Paladin Lane Halifax, NS B4B 1S8 902-446-6694. Fax ...
    Conservative Party of Canada / Parti conservateur du Canada 1204 - 130 ...


I didn't have to go looking through all those unknown hits, all I had to do was to ask Google the above!

Second page of hits:

  1. 1-902-440-0725 / 19024400725 2/2
    Called the 902 number and got "Hello you have reached the voice box for the Conservative Party of Canada no one is able to take your call...blah blah" Left a ...

  2. PARLINFO - Parliament of Canada
    Telephone: 902-885-3490 Fax: 902-885-3179 ... Progressive Conservative Party House Leader, 2002.04.11 - 2002.10.29 .... Conservative Party of Canada ...
  3. Current Party Standings - Current Politics « Rock the Vote Canada
    Liberal Party 22 seats; Progressive Conservative Party 5 seats. Political History. Since joining confederation in 1873 Prince Edward Island has been the purest two party system in Canada. The two parties ... Phone: (902) 368-3449. Fax: (902) ...

  4. 902-440-0725
    This is the place to find out who 902-440-0725 is and share your opinion. ... is from the Conservative Party of Canada....likely trying to get your vote or donation.
  5. Sackville - Eastern Shore - Canada Votes - Politics - CBC News
    Adam Mimnagh. Party: Conservative Party of Canada. Contact Information: Website · Twitter · Email. 902-252-8683. 501 Sackville Dr. Sackville N.S.. Age: 36 ...
    Mr. Paul Rooney, President and CEO, Manulife Canada Ltd. ... MacKay was elected Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. ... (902) 481-1226 ...

  7. Conservative Government Has Future-oriented Approach to ...
    14 Apr 2011 – Conservative Party Platform-- Here for Canada: Stephen Harper's Low-Tax ... first look at Here for Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada's 2011 Platform. ... Tony Dolan, CCD National Chairperson, Tel: (902) 569-2817 ...
  8. 9028001015,902-800-1015 902 800 1015 - Callerr
    20 Apr 2011 – 9028001015 / 902-800-1015 / 902 800 1015 ... Company Calling: conservative party ... msg on ring back is "Conservative Party of Canada" ...
  9. Elections Canada Online | Registered Political Parties and Parties ...
    6 days ago – Natural Law Party of Canada (voluntary deregistration, section 388) .... Conservative Party of Canada logo .... 902–3100 Steeles Avenue East ...
  10. You be the judge -- Olympic Logo and Conservative Party Logo ...
    Posted by JamesMorton 902 days ago ( They look a lot ... The Conservative Party Of Canada (not really) Working For You!
I then typed in 902 Liberal Party of Canada

No disparaging remarks about the Liberal Party of Canada!

Then 902 NDP  ZIP, nothing, just like the Liberal Party of Canada!

 Update March 27, 2012

Comment from "CGHZD", suggests emailing, contacting Council of Canadians for their ongoing basis of a lawsuit....Report Election Fraud

National office
700-170 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5V5 Canada
Tel: (613) 233-2773 or 1-800-387-7177
Fax: (613) 233-6776
General information:

Regional offices

Pairies B.C. & Yukon Ontario - Quebec - Nunavut Atlantic Provinces

British Columbia and Yukon
700-207 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H7
(604) 688-8846, 1-888-566-3888
Regional Organizer, Harjap Grewal:
Organizing Assistant, Ava Waxman:

Monday, March 26, 2012

"La Nina" Chiarelli effect on West Coast politics from Conservative cold shouldering Ottawa politics

 Question Period is over for Monday March 26, 2012

Update 4:31pm       Line   1425
  The full speech is over at The Real Story if you want it in van Dongen's own words without going through the BC Liberal  Hansard     "Blues".  
J. van Dongen: I rise and ask for the attention of the House to make a personal statement.
Mr. Speaker: Proceed.
Personal Statement

I guess, at this point in time, John van Dongen is no longer sitting on the Government side of the House, he's crossed the floor to the Opposition side and will remain as an MLA to represent Abbotsford South as a BC Conservative!

Lack of Ethics of the BC Liberals was one reason.   Lack of Leadership was almost equal to the missing Ethics.

Its amazing that it took this long!   The Straw, the questions, that "broke the back by his Constituents":
Why Six Million Dollars to stop the BC Rail Trial?  He couldn't give an answer because of.......

As to the title of the Post today, I've been looking at the OIC, the Order in Council that BC Liberals use to let the outside world know what they are doing, sort of.   If I could figure out how to get my pdf file on line here, this would be so much easier.  La "Nina" shows up here June 17  Federal Election Day  Robo Calls in Canada

La "Nina" is a Conservative
so too is
"Back in the war room, Ken Boessenkool, senior counsel at the public affairs firm GCI Group" from the link above

In no way am I suggesting that La "Nina" is responsible for Robo Calls, no one knows for sure who was using Robo Calls to take down the Swing Ridings to somehow, ..... fall at the feet of the Conservative Party of Canada, however, in light of the lack of leadership by the BC Liberals, anything could happen here on the West Coast, now.

Over at the Galloping Beaver they have shown that the IP addresses for the Conservative Feds and the BC Liberals are shared between the two entities with a common link!

To win the next provincial election all that the BC Liberals have to do is hire more Conservatives and let BC TAX payers pick up the tab, along with the forthcoming Severances too, after May 2013.

The DUMBEST political move that I have ever seen was either orchestrated by Gordon Campbell as he left the Premier's Office or set up the incoming Premier to deal with it.   What am I talking about?

The Clean Slate theory.

By August of 2011 the PAB no longer existed.  What took its place was something with the Acronym of GCPE, and like its brethren PAB the OIC likes to write it in as being the long hand version or the short hand version, just to hide all the appointments because we can only search for one version at a time with a Control F.   But that isn't what this post is all about, entirely.

If the BC Liberals had just left the PAB title in place, not changed the names painted in gold on the doors, not changed the email addresses to GCPE from PAB, not issued gold business cards, no one would be the wiser of when Gordon Muir Campbell's reign ended and Christy Joanne Clark's began..... but now we do!

Under the PAB logo, searching the Open Information could have been a nightmare, for data miners, but NOW, now we can easily sort through the garbage..... because its only been eleven months since CC came to power!  And its only been 11 months of GCPE.   Everything that the GCPE has done has happened because of Christy Clark!  Over $500,000 for the ten day trip to China and India!!!!

Whomever becomes the next government in BC, they will probably do another switcher-roo with the PAB / GCPE to whatever they want to separate themselves from twelve years of BC Liberals..........  I'm all right with that, the changing of names, for the good of data miners.

Open Information

Open Information    Information Releases

GCPE = Government Communications and Public Engagement 

  • co-ordinating cross-government initiatives
  • communications research
  • strategic communications planning and advice
  • issues management
  • media relations and media monitoring
  • event planning and event management
  • writing and editorial services
  • graphic design
  • advertising and marketing
  • online communications services and management of web content
  • distributing news releases and backgrounders
  • technical support to the Press Theatre in the Legislature

BC Newsroom

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Its no longer a mystery as to why the Radio Attack ads happened before a By-Election in BC.....Chilliwack-Hope and Port Moody-Coquitlam

By-Election Writs for:  Chilliwack-Hope and Port Moody-Coquitlam

General information

Definition of election advertising

Election advertising is the transmission, by any means, of an advertising message
to the public that:
ƒƒ i s transmitted during the period that begins 60 days before a campaign period and ends at the close of general voting for the election, and
ƒƒ promotes or opposes, directly or indirectly, a registered political party or the election of a candidate. This includes taking a position on an issue with which a candidate or registered political party is associated.

Important: The 60 day pre-campaign period only applies for a fixed date general election. For by-elections or non-fixed date general elections not conducted in accordance with section 23(2) of the Constitution Act, the 60 day pre-campaign period does not apply and the election advertising rules only apply to the campaign period itself.

The definition of election advertising is broad, and in some cases it can be difficult to determine if an item or activity is election advertising. Election advertising certainly includes signs, posters, leaflets, billboards, brochures, and advertisements in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and on television, radio,
and the internet.

s. 228

What election advertising does not include Election advertising does not include:
ƒƒ news, an editorial, an interview, a column, a letter, a debate, a speech or a commentary published without charge in a bona fide periodical or on a radio or television program,
ƒƒ the distribution or promotion of a book for no less than its commercial value, if the book was planned to be made public regardless of whether there was to be an election,
ƒƒ documents sent by a person or a group directly to their members, employees or shareholders, or
ƒƒ the transmission by an individual of their personal political views, on a noncommercial basis on the internet, or by telephone or text messaging. Personal social networking pages and blogs are generally not election advertising, unless they are created to promote or oppose a candidate or a registered political
party, or the blogger is operating their site on a commercial basis. If they are, the sponsor of the content must be registered with Elections BC.

And while we slept, the BC NDP were asking questions without the Minister barking back with her own question like the Leader of the BC Liberal often does during the Opposition's Question Period.




Afternoon Sitting

Snip............D. Routley: The B.C. Liberals have made commitments in the past not to use government spending around elections. In fact, I think that former Premier Gordon Campbell committed to 120 days before an election, not to be spending government money advertising government.
So it seems an important question for these estimates. Would the government communications and public engagement unit be involved in any advertising in Chilliwack or Port Moody in the coming months? If so, what advertising is planned?
Hon. M. MacDiarmid: The previous question from the member opposite was with respect to government activity, and my answer to that question was that government will continue to do its work throughout the province, as is entirely appropriate.
To the specific question about advertising, there are some government initiatives underway at the moment: the jobs plan that we've talked about, the education plan. Those advertising campaigns are province wide, and they're currently underway. So that's happening now, and that's happening in every part of the province.
With respect to what would happen going forward, again, we would absolutely abide by all rules of Elections B.C. when it comes to any by-election or any election in the future.
D. Routley: The promises of abiding by Elections B.C. rules from the current government are difficult to accept when now there have been very well-noted cases of failure to do just that in the recent provincial election and in the 2011 by-election in Point Grey. The previously public affairs bureau, the government communications and public engagement unit, was heavily involved in staging a cluster of announcements in the Point Grey constituency immediately before the by-election.
There were complaints made to Elections B.C. There were letters written. There were questions asked, and it's a matter of public interest. It's something that the government has promised not to do.
Leading up to the by-elections that are upcoming, it would be nice to know exactly what ad campaigns have been engaged. What ad campaigns have been contracted through this ministry over the next three months in the Chilliwack and Port Moody constituencies?
Hon. M. MacDiarmid: Again, the province wide campaigns that I mentioned previously — the jobs plan and education plan advertising — are not specific to any riding. They are underway now. I'm not aware of any other…. There are no other advertising campaigns contemplated, and specific to those ridings, there are no advertising campaigns planned for those specific ridings that the member opposite has referenced.
D. Routley: So we will not see the government communications and public engagement unit involved in staging, say, an opportunity for the Premier to masquerade as a coffee shop waitress in Chilliwack over the next couple of months, or a special announcement of funding for other constituencies to take place in those constituencies and arranged through public resources by the government communications and public engagement unit?
Hon. M. MacDiarmid: The member's been talking about advertising and the advertising budget for GCPE and then talking about events and the work of government as if those things are interchangeable, and they very clearly aren't.
With respect to advertising and the budget for advertising, I've talked about a couple of province wide campaigns that are underway. That information is going out to British Columbians right across the province.
With respect to the work of government — events, with providing information about programs to British Columbians — that work will go on. There's no prohibition for the work of government to go on. The work of government does go on, regardless of where we are in the election cycle. I know the member opposite is aware of that.
The specific rules from Elections B.C. about advertising clearly will be adhered to. We are aware of those rules, and they will be adhered to. But I do think it's important to distinguish between the work of government — events, providing information about programs — versus specific, targeted advertising.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh, but to be able to travel, not just by the internet blogging, but TRAVEL!

Welcome visitors, one and all, to my blog, from far away places.

 Ladysmith, BC, Canada    7,921

Concordia University????Montreal、Quebec  Population 

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada    60,005

Moulineaux, France

Population history
1962 1968 1975 1982 1990 1999 2006
462 843 973 838 792 890 903
Starting in 1962: Population without duplicates

Witham, Essex, UK       22,500

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada    152,000

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA    52,527

 Cheung Pei Shan, Hong Kong   ??????

Australia....... yes..... but no City, no town, no population     Just UNKNOWN!

Pune, Maharashtra, India   3,115,431 (2011)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada    2,615,060

 Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada      2,313,328

BC Coal 2011 Great Data......


Page 3 is the Map above.   13 Pages all told with more Maps.

If you go into North British Columbia woods today you could be in for a big surprise

Open Information    search criteria     events northern british columbia   fifth hit down and Compiled by:

Laurie and Larry Pearce
Pearces 2 Consulting Corporation
for the Ministry of Health Services
March 2005

89 pages   Links not provided by the Authors Laurie and Larry Pearce!
  A Century of Hazardous Events in British Columbia:


There have been 138 documented hazardous events in the three Health Service Areas of the Northern Health Authority.

Not surprisingly, given the vast area of the Northern Health Authority, most of these events did not cross-Health Services Areas (12) and included hazards such as diseases and drought.

The most notable hazards were: landslides (20), floods caused by rain storms (17), snow-melt floods (11), earthquakes (7), forest fires (6), windstorms (6), and plane crashes (5).

The hazardous events resulting in the most deaths include the 1918 Spanish flu, the 1936 heat wave, the polio outbreak in the 1950s, and the 343 passengers and crew who died when the Princess Sophia went down in 1918.
More recently plane crashes such as the 1963 crash on the Queen Charlotte Islands resulted in 101 passengers dying and the 1952 crash on Sandspit which killed 36. In the early 1900s, avalanches caused a number of deaths, and the Granduc 1965 avalanche killed 26. Avalanches, plane crashes, and rainstorms have killed a number of persons in the last decade.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bloy and Ferry: THE Provincial Government and the Province newspaper: Not much difference when it comes to sharing emails

Or, another way of writing the Title of this Post: "Ferry waves the Nazi card in his writing, again"

Just last week, Naomi Yamamoto, BC Minister of Advanced Education, stood up in the BC Legislature and started to explain to the Opposition, and the rest of those present in the House, that she didn't know how an email between her Government and the Province newspaper ended up in the hands of a Third Party, that shouldn't have had any access to it at all.

the Province newspaper was rightfully upset with this transgression.  This Trust between two parties having been shattered and leaving many unanswered questions as to other emails that might have been shared with supporters of the BC Liberal government.

  "... Tap, tap, tap...." from the seat to the Left of Minister Yamamoto, Minister Harry Bloy set the record straight.   He admitted to circulating the email to a Third Party, to that someone outside of Government and to an entity that was being investigated by the Province newspaper, quietly, by first asking questions of Yamamoto's Ministry.

On Wednesday, in the Province (newspaper), Columnist Jon Ferry introduced the "Nazi Card", and implied that someone from the Teachers had used that specific word.   However from reading Mr. Ferry's column, he never really comes out and says that the Teacher wrote the word "Nazi", nor does he quote the date from when the "Letter to the Editor" was published, if indeed it was a Letter to the Editor at all.

From Jon Ferry's column on Wednesday 
Snip "...  
They've got to start toning down their over the top rhetoric about Bill 22, the back to work law, and other contract issues. At least if they want the public's respect.

Comparing teachers' treatment by Victoria with that of the Jews by Hitler and the Nazis, for example, works against the very thing they say they're fighting for.

Yes, Wendy Turner, president of the Cranbrook District Teachers Association, wrote to our newspaper to say that, as a child, she'd read Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl and had asked her parents, "How could they do this to people?"

Her parents told her it was because the German people didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. "Why was it too late?" she apparently asked. "Because by then it was the law!"
" Snip  - Jon Ferry  the Province

It's Mr. Ferry last paragraph, last sentence that leaves readers asking whether this was written by Ms. Turner, or Mr. Ferry, solely to stir up the Province (newspaper) readership:

 "Why was it too late?" she apparently asked. "Because by then it was the law!"

"she apparently asked"? ------ That's Mr. Ferry writing, so is the next sentence of "Because by then it was the law!"

As much as the Province (newspaper) complains of the BC Government sharing emails between Ministries and Cabinet, what about the Province (newspaper) its self, and who do they share email with, eh?   Do all columnists have access to the Editor's email inbox?  Does the Editor pass specific emails to specific columnists?  How long are emails held for, life of the writer, or longer?

Mr. Ferry writes: "...............someone wrote to our newspaper to say.................".

Is Mr. Ferry cherry picking comments from incoming emails, UNPUBLISHED emails, and taking comments out of context to suit his column punchline!

If anything, Mr. Ferry's employers at the Province (newspaper) should have provided the letter that Ms. Turner wrote to the newspaper, it should have been published, in whole, before Mr. Ferry went on his rampage.

Typically, when a Letter to the Editor has been published, subsequent comments, like Mr. Ferry's column would note the Date of the publication in brackets, and in his column Wednesday there isn't a whisper of that crucial piece of information.     Sort of leaves the reader to wonder if from all those emails that the Province receives over the years, are they collecting a dossier on You and You and You... just like good old CSIS, so that at a later date they can bring it out and attack, You.  You being those of the public who have taken the time to write a Letter to the Editor, falsely believing that your Letter to the Editor was being read by the Editor.  Every Letter is being held by the Province, to be shared with others for a later Edition.

I've searched the internet looking for keywords that Jon Ferry has used in his column to attack Wendy Turner, and the BCTF, Wednesday morning, I found one hit, but it was Mr. Ferry's column in the Province (newspaper).  I took the next step and checked out the ProQuest search engine at my public library using first Ms. Turner name and again the only instance that I found was Mr. Ferry's column in the Province (newspaper).  I then used Jon Ferry and Nazi in ProQuest and what an eye opener that was.   I've included some of them down below and it appears that columnist Ferry uses the Nazi card quite frequently in his writings, but who can remember all of them.

If only Ms. Turner had called the Christy Clark government's     Bill 22-Nazi, would Mr. Ferry have accepted her viewpoint or........... still gone on his rampage.


AirCare II: The sequel promises to be even worse than original: [Final Edition]

Snip And it is all to satisfy the tiresome wave of environmental Nazism which continues to help the NDP turn B.C. into one of the poorest -- and most boring -- jurisdictions in North America.
"Vehicle emissions testing is almost like a religious movement," notes Montreal consumer protection consultant Paul Coninx who adds that Greater Vancouver ozone levels are "miniscule" compared to those in most major U.S. cities.Snip

Snip Third, it should put the eco-Nazis to work building better roads to ease the pollution caused by our traffic bottlenecks. Fourth, it should scrap AirCare which is so out-dated it's, well, a right royal Canadian air farce -- one that should not be allowed any longer to pollute our air waves.Snip

'Safety Nazis' put shiv to chivalry: [Final Edition]

Snip  The last couple of weeks have not been good ones for me. Continuing road works in downtown Vancouver and truck breakdowns on the Second Narrows bridge have made commuting from the North Shore a slow torture -- one compounded by radio host Rafe Mair's incessant rants about fish farms.
So it's refreshing, after finally arriving at work, to read uplifting newspaper stories about those who do something noble and brave, even when they don't get thanked by our growing army of safety Nazis. Snip

Jon Ferry is a Province deputy news editor. He can be reached at


New Waterbus service undergoes pier review

Ferry, Jon. The Province [Vancouver, B.C] 27 May 2009: A.6.

Snip This apparently would mean the trip to Jericho from North Van would take about 15 minutes. Sure, it might cost $7.50 each way, but it'd be a cheap price to pay for avoiding UBC's parking Nazis. Snip

Hospitals are no places for food Nazis; Banning 'bad' choices is an unhealthy extreme

Snip The food Nazis are everywhere these days. And they're going after everything from sweetened soft drinks to chocolate bars and other snacks in the carts that do the rounds in the wards of Vancouver General Hospital.Snip

Snip But I doubt sweet reason will prevail. I believe political correctness, as it invariably does in Vancouver, will win out. And it will drive some patients nuts -- because, shocking as it might seem to the food Nazis, not everybody likes fruit and granola bars.Snip

In fact, I strongly suggest VGH ditches this issue altogether, and spend its time instead making its patients more contented.Snip

Snip After all, hospitals these days can seem rather cheerless places. And serious weight gain tends to have more to do with stress and other psychological issues than with minor dietary hiccups.
Indeed, I'm grateful to the Jim Foster of for putting all this into perspective by making a distinction between healthy eaters who allow for not-so-healthy food in their diet, and food Nazis, who don't believe in fun and agonize over every food morsel. Healthy eaters, Foster says, focus on making good diet choices for themselves. Food Nazis, on the other hand, "not only control their own diet, they tell everyone else what to do as well" and "want to ban everything."
Food Nazis, in fact, are like eco-bigots, cycling zealots, anti-Olympic fanatics and other extremists.
They are control freaks who, when they get out of hand, as they invariably do, need to be put firmly in their place. Snip
Here's a must read for another take on the Jon Ferry Wednesday edition of the Province (newspaper):
This was done by Wendy Turner, president of the Cranbrook District Teachers Association who, Ferry says, apparently wrote a letter to The Province that did so. I say apparently because for the life of me I can’t find Turner’s letter in the online version of the letters to the editor section of The Province. Or, indeed, anywhere.-  From  Godwin's Flaw:

Just who started the rhetoric Mr. Ferry, the Teachers or the Province (newspaper)?

And this: The Province cartoon compares teachers to Hitler

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"So Help Me God" signed Christy Clark (officially in front of witnesses) dated March 14, 2011

There are too many different ways that Christy Clark signs her name and its starting to look as if other people are signing her name for her.   Is that legal?

I've found some of her signatures, maybe, Dear Readers, you can give me some links to other signatures of Christy Clark.

Opening day for Christy was the un-elected Premier's swearing in ceremony on March 14th 2011:

We've seen this one before

Page 28 of 43   AND  the form upon which this document is signed has the tick box ticked for

All records related to briefing the Premier on the Enbridge pipeline and tanker traffic issues; any correspondence records exchanged on this subject, including the Prime Minister's Office. Timeframe is May 15 to July 1, 2011.

Page 50 of 57


Page 23 of 54

Gordon Campbell's signature (page 27 & 35 & 406......406 does) never changed in ten years of signing documents....!
 Christy's has changed in eleven months!


Thanks for help in creating this Post goes to those that have been paying for the radio Attack ads against the BC Opposition leader and we don't even have a Writ from the Premier for bye-elections....... yet.