Tuesday, March 6, 2012

North Vancouver's Cleveland Dam isn't generating any electricity. What a waste of water!

The Cleveland Dam was never meant to generate electricity, the idea then, was that there were plenty of other dams in the province that would create electricity.   This dam was to be used solely as a source for drinking water, or for sprinkling the lawns all summer long, or Fire fighting when the need arose.

Does anyone know why the Greater Vancouver Regional District is dropping the level of the water on Capilano Lake?

With all these IPP's getting top dollar from BC Hydro for Run of the River Generating plants, why hasn't this dam's gateway been converted?  


motorcycleguy said...

I do believe there is a preliminary design for a 1.8Mw turbine on the return line from the Seymour filtration plant....but don't know if it will be BC Hydro, Metro Van or foreign investment fund owned.....maybe it is already built?

They were talking about power from Cleveland Dam back in 2010 or so (Metro Water Use Plan)...IPP's dam the rivers anyways so what would be the difference?...oh yeah...it might qualify for public ownership...that would be a problem all right....even bigger problem if it was for BC use rather than export.

North Van's Grumps said...

Thank you motorcycleguy... I used some key words from your comment and came up with this:


Metro's watersheds could be used to generate extra power
Metro is putting the idea out to the public for the first time

motorcycleguy said...

Well how about that....now they can delete one of the proposals in Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast that would have to be built from scratch.....and need to drain an alpine lake in order to come anywhere near this output...and no where near existing powerlines to boot.