Friday, March 2, 2012

Who invited Jaspal Atwal to the Legislature or more to the point which MLA would have stood up and introduced Mr. Atwal?

Of course we'll never know from the Legislative floor unless we work in reverse because of this:

The House met at 1:40 p.m.
[Mr. Speaker in the chair.]
Routine Business
Mr. Speaker: Hon. Members, considering the amount of guests that we have here today, if we allowed introduction of guests, we might be here for some time, and the Minister of Finance might not get to deliver his today. So on behalf of all the members, I want to welcome you here today. And all those special guests that are sitting on the floor: welcome.

Reverse means we can cross MLA Kash Heed off of the list because he was one of two BC Liberals who approached the Speaker.  We can cross the Speaker off the list because he acted....... but was too late?

The BC Liberals have already admitted that the seat was for one of their guests, substitutions are still guests, still have to be vetted, and he wasn't.  What would the criteria have been used to ban Mr. Atwal if he wasn't permitted to sit in the House, as a guest?  Would there have been an uproar, of discrimination, and duly reported by the Press?   Would Mr. Atwal have made a fuss of being ejected?   He didn't have to make a fuss though, did he, the fuss came to him afterwards.   No Comment.

The House met at 1:40pm and the Speaker immediately says "...the Minister of Finance might not get to deliver his today" if introductions are made.

Not including the Speaker, 49 MLAs, sometimes the same speakers, rose and spoke for less than two hours altogether.

The House adjourned at 3:19 p.m.

A minute under Two hours to conduct the business of the House, where normally the House sits long after 3:10pm, so what was the rush on this particular day?

Not enough time to introduce the guests!

Were there too many guests in the House?  Was the House in violation of the BC Fire Code?

Now if I had a little money set aside I'd hire myself a polling firm, or a Rack9,  to do a robocall to the MLA's and ask them who they were going to introduce on Budget 2012.  Just give us the names for the record, the Fire Marshall needs an accounting of how many people were in the House..... and where they sat.

Or a far worse scenario....legislative building's earthquake readiness   which I witnessed via the live telecast late last year, the ringing of many bells, the House was open, but closed, MLAs and staff were hiding beneath their desks, or giving interviews...about the Great Shake Out.

The question isn't who Invited Jaspal Atwal to the Legislature, the question is who was going to INTRODUCE Mr. Atwal, and then turn and ask the House to make him welcome?

Would the MLA have risen from the Government side of the house, front and centre, with the Minister of Finance to their right, the Minister of Mines and Energy to their left,......look up, nod to Tariq Ghuman, then looked to the next gentleman in the next seat, look to their MLA's speaking notes and read out his name and acknowledge ..... A.......

Those speaking notes!  Have they been shredded?


On the Public Tour of the Legislative building here's a note on Safety:

To protect the sprinkler system, tent poles or stakes cannot be driven into the ground or lawns.

What is under the that lawn, what is the load capacity:



What better time than to troop off to Victoria on Monday, to protest the Government's handling of the Teachers negotiations.  For Seniors, its free ferry service.....  oh, do we need to reserve a seat Inside the Legislature, and how do we go about that.... contact our local MLA.... you might get introduced, made welcome, if there's enough time.

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