Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heavier Tanker traffic, which way is it going to and from Kitimat and Vancouver?

Tanker Traffic Density page 34
UPDATE photo at bottom

On page 123 there's this:  "Figure 6. Aquifers vulnerable to contamination and with reported groundwater quality concerns."   Then ask yourself "Where is all this hydraulic fracturing for Christy Clark's Natural Gas exploration taking place so that she can have it shipped off to China?"  Ask yourself why BC Hydro Billion Dollar Smart Meter's are going in and then ask yourself why the majority of our electricity is going to be used to convert natural gas to LNG to be shipped off to China through the narrowest of Channels?

And while I have your attention this morning check out this document from down under, on page 28  under the heading of Hutton Sandstone.  I found it because I was looking with this search criteria in Google... Liquid Natural Gas AND Range of Values of Hydraulic conductivity and permeability, the Hutton Sandstone info is the seventh eighth hit down:

Australia Pacific LNG Project
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Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited ABN 68 001 646 331 ..... proponents for EIS purposes use values of hydraulic conductivity of between 0.01metres/day ... accepted values for confined units in the GAB generally range between the 1x10-4 to 1x10- ... result in a lowered local permeability in the aquifer, which would manifest ...

On page 28 the topic is Ground Water without a hint, or a concern, of the quality of the harm that is being done because of hydraulic fracturing to squeeze out the natural gas..... destined for China:

Hutton Sandstone
The estimated hydraulic impact zones for the injection trials into the Hutton Sandstone are shown on Figure 7. The best estimate for the hydraulic impact zone of a likely trial scenario
(60 days continuous injection) is a hydraulic influence of approximately 9km from the injection bore. Should injection continue at the maximum rate for 365 days, the worst case scenario for the hydraulic impact zone is estimated to be approximately 46km from the injection bore.

There is one word that is used in both  studies in British Columbia and Australia.... Aquifier!


One of my readers has pointed out that its not a diameter of 9km, but a RADIUS of 9km! 
Red is 9km and Green is 46km from atop of Vancouver's Little Mountain

That's the saturation, the impact zone, that the extraction of natural gas requires to squeeze it out of the ground at the bore point.  And no, petunias and cauliflower will never grow again in your backyards.

If you can't get your head around how Vancouver relates to where you live in, like in Northern BC, here's Fort St. John with just ONE injection bore site.  Can you just imagine just how much British Columbia's pristine land is being destroyed for untold future generations just so China can have Fracked Natural Gas to generate even more climate changes.

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