Thursday, July 20, 2017

BC NDP Order-In-Council marching orders for: Brad, Jack, Judy and Barry

Number 30

2017-07-26    UPDATE OIC

 OIC 230
 OIC 231

2017-07-28   UPDATE OIC

OIC 232
OIC 233

2017-07-31  UPDATE OIC

OIC 234
 OIC 235

2017-08-01  UPDATE OIC

Kimberly Henderson
OIC 236

Gordon Wilson
OIC 237

Executive Council Regulation
OIC 238

Environment and Land Use Committee
OIC 239

Treasury Board
OIC 240

Bowin Ma Bio


Health   Tobacco and Vapour Product Control Act
MO 255

Vapour Enforcement Officer Interior

Easier to see all of the orders here, en-mass 

Resume of Orders in Council

Volume 44, Number 30

OIC No. 230 – 240
MO No. 251 – 255


If you want to keep track of the Order-In-Council  (OIC) being written out by the BC NDP ......

OIC Rescinded: BC Hydro: Brad Bennett and Jack Weisgerber
OIC 225

OIC 226

OIC 227

OIC 228


John's Aghast said...

Not a bad half weeks work! Just wait until they get organized!

Anonymous said...

e. a. f. said...

what a lovely sight, thank you for sharing. its nice to see the actual real life paper work sending them off in to the great unknown. their days at the trough are now officially over.