Saturday, August 12, 2017

British Columbia Low Cost Housing: Take a GPS discovery tour of your local Flood Plain





Gauges Metro Vancouver to Hope

Gauges Metro Vancouver to Pemberton

Kamloops to Monte Creek Dykes

Kelowna to US border Dykes


Before Upgrade


Anonymous said...

Lots of building going on top of flood plains to the extent that developers want to build substantial high rises literally sitting on cement blocks 2 to 3 metres off the ground.

I've seen this in future plans while sitting on municipal advisory committees. Whatever are they thinking?

e.a.f. said...

most planners, developers, etc don't know about the flood of 1948. A lot of Richmond was under water. There was quite a bit of flooding in Richmond one winter in the 1950s following a "big freeze". then it rained. Now where for the water to go. It sat on the roads, in the yards, etc. Much of Vancouver is flood plain and then there is the Fraser Valley.

One good flood and the lower mainland will be at it again. It certainly will lower real estate prices though. Lots of people don't have over land flooding insurance, so they might want to check. The flood of 1948 wasn't so bad, there weren't a lot of houses around in areas that flooded, to day, its different.