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1882: British Columbia: Information for Emigrants: Climate and Resources

 "No words can be too strong to express the charm of this delightful land, where the climate, softer and more constant than the south of England, ensures as all times of the year a full enjoyment of the wonderful loveliness of nature around you,"    Speech of Governor-General The Marquis of Lorne, Victoria, 27th October, 1882

Province of British Columbia, Canada : its climate and resources; with information for emigrants.

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 ..... Any smart, active, capable man, with only a little money, but accustomed to work with his hands, is sure to succeed in making a comfortable home.  Wages are very high; land, food, and house materials are still relatively cheap.  If such a settler has a strong heart himself, and is blessed with a common-sense wife used to country work, he may confidently look forward to becoming even rich.  He need not long remain in the condition of a labourer.  This certainty of rising in the social scale must stimulate the emigrant.  Many new avenues to success will be opened when the railways are finished, and men should be here to discover these for themselves.

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