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George Massey Tunnel Replacement Bridge: The ABCs according to Executive Summary Author


August 3rd and 4th version wasn't good enough byte size wise compared to August 5th, BC Liberals' Friday-Take-out-the-Garbage-Day, eh

Press Release:  Friday, December 20, 2013 2:30 PM

All's quiet on the Western Front from one Election to the next .... Election

Press Release: July 25, 2016   10:49:32 AM
Project team in place to support Massey Tunnel project

Aboriginal Consultation
Accidents and Malfunctions
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Agricultural Use
Air Quality Study
Air Quality
Assessment Methodology
At-risk Amphibians
Atmospheric Noise Study
Atmospheric Noise
Conclusions - Summary
Effects of the Environment
Environmental Assessment Process
Executive Summary 
Paul Hemsley of Hemmera
Fish and Fish Habitat StudyAdd caption
Fish and Fish Habitat
Fraser River Salt Wedge Modelling
George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project - Index
Heritage Resources
Human Health
Land Use
Management Plans
Marine Mammals
Marine Use
Monitoring and Follow-Up Programs
Overview of Proposed Project
Public Consultation
Reference Concept Drawings
Reference Material
River Hydraulics and River Morphology Study
River Hydraulics and River Morphology
Sediment and Water Quality
Table Of Concordance
Table of Contents
Terrestrial Wildlife
Underwater Noise Modelling
Underwater Noise
Visual Quality

Traffic explained:

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5.1.5  Residual Effects

Implementing the mitigation measures described in Section 5.1.5 will minimize potential Project-related changes on traffic during construction, although temporary, minor residual effects will be incurred.

As noted in Section 5.1.1, the RATIONALE FOR THE PROJECT AND KEY PROJECT OBJECTIVES  ARE TO ADDRESS EXISTING AND ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES IN THE HIGHWAY 99 CORRIDOR.  The integration of smart transportation technologies into the Project will provide measures to manage traffic challenges along the Highway 99 corridor and the regional network.

Additionally ......

Traffic Assessment:  Part B  Page 29 of 145

Additionally, intergrating tolling into the Project provides a mechanism for managing future traffic demand.

Mechanism .....? would that be like upping or downing the amount of toll fee?

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e.a.f. said...

So lets get this straight. They built the Golden Ears Bridge, tolled it, not enough people take it so it looses money. The B.C. Lieberals then tore down a perfectly good bridge, built two more, tolled it, then not enough people took that so it looses money. Now the B.C. Lieberal idiots want to remove a tunnel so Communist Chinese freighters can go up river, build a new bridge with 10 lanes, go over budget, destroy habitat, toll it, have not enough people take it. Everyone will be on the Alex Fraser and Putollo Bridge trying to get to work. This ought to be good.

Last time I read Norm Farrell's blog, there was an interesting article about how the losses on the Port Mann Bridge could not be sustained. So the B.C. Lieberals want to build another bridge which of course will be built by a "friendly" corporation and loose even more money. Gee these B.C. Lieberals must be idiots. They can't even make money on bridges people need to take to work. Then they give away billions to mining and oil companies and decide some mining companies don't have to pay their electricity bills and the electrical company pays 10 cents for electricity to a bunch of companies who signed on to projects to sell electricity for 25 years at 10 cents, which is sold then for 3 cents.

Now I get it. the B.C. Lieberals are a bunch of idiots who don't know how to balance a budget, think, going into debt is balancing a budget. Lets see is the province in debt by $100 billion or $160 billion, Oh, we'll count it all up after they build the next money loosing bridge and Site C dam. This is what the business community thinks is good business.
B.C. is going to make Detroit look good.

IN the meantime B.C. has the lowest min. wage which won't even get a single person up to the poverty level; has the highest cost of housing in Canada, has had the highest level of child poverty for 14 of the past 15 years, with one in five children living below the poverty line. The disabled are required to live on $908 per month plus about $21.

Now that is my executive summary.

The new proposed bridge is a bridge to no where, onto farm land and one new big mall. Is the bridge being built for the owners of the new mall? Is Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals going to remove all farm land from the tunnel to "White Rock out of the AlR? enquiring minds and voters alike would like to know.