Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just a walk in the parks, every other day from CNV's Tempe Heights

In the last three months ........

Its getting more and more difficult to find the time to sit down to write a Post, too busy walking.

eg.  Broadway and Cambie to Tempe: 17  Km  (3 hours)
eg.  12th and Commercial to Stanley Park 8.9  Km
eg.  Tempe to Lions Gate Bridge to Edgemont   15Km
eg.  Tempe to 23rd and Mathers  10.5  Km
eg.  Tempe to 17th and Marine Drive (West Van)  10.4 Km (2 hours)
eg.  Tempe to 18th and Marine Drive; up to 11th and Mathers; over the Pedestrian bridge; down to 
       West Vancouver Cemetery (DEAD END); over the Upper Levels Highway bridge; up to
        Edgemont Village and back to Tempe     21.7 Km

Sunday =  White
Monday = Red
Tuesday =  Green
Wednesday = Orange
Thursday = Black
Friday = Yellow
Saturday = Blue

May 2016  --   13 days walking

June 2016 -- 16 Days Walking

July 2016 --  25 Days Walking
May   June   July
431.11 Km

North Vancouver to Kelowna is 392 Km

Premier Christy Clark flies, everywhere, even to her Riding

The incentive for us?  Exercise, and its not on a treadmill watching someone's else's repetitive route.

Why bother going up to the Grouse Mountain Grind by car when there are plenty of mini-grinders between the north shore waterfront and the mountains  -- Second Narrows to well beyond the First Narrows.

Every green space on the map, within the residential area, has a 'valley' of stairs, maintained by the Parks staff, to climb in and out of, east to west, south to north.

Looking up from Mosquito Creek to Upper Levels Highway Bridge

Looking up at the North end of Lions Gate Bridge
Stanley Park Seawall doesn't have a beach at the narrows but ....
No Boat necessary, and no interfering trees from Stanley Park
No People on this side except for a couple of couples

So far the BC Liberal government hasn't cottoned onto the idea of having municipal park visitors paying a fee to reserve a space with them... them being the provincial government.
July 22nd   21.7Km


Bill said...

Great photos! Well done on the walking... there is no better exercise!.

e.a.f. said...

OMG, just looking at what you walk makes me tired. I'm sure its good for you and congrats on all the walking.

Many do the Grouse Grind more for the "flair" than the exercise.