Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Debunking George Massey Tunnel Replacement with Bridge': Mr. Myth Buster Todd Stone (Contaminated Sites)

Debunking Massey Replacement Myths

GMT aka George Massey Tunnel for those that need to know more eg.  Origins and Destinations


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e.a.f. said...

myth busters by todd stone, that man has to be stoned if he thinks I'm going to believe much of what he has to say.

The tunnel if just fine. the line ups to get through in rush hour are long, but the solution, 10 lane bridge, that's like some one is high on something.

So far the B.C. Lieberals have built the golden ears bridge which looses money. They built the Port Mann which looses money hand over fist and less people take it than the old one. Now they have excuses to build a 3rd bridge. Well good luck with that and go ahead. it will be another money looser and more line ups to get over the Alex Fraser. The tolls are too high for the working people of this province.

Another tunnel would be just fine, so we have 2. That 10 lane bridge is just so all those ships from the Red Army of China and the Communist Chinese government can get further up the Fraser River. what that means is we are financially subsidizing foreign communist dictatorships with nasty human rights records. Spend the money on the disabled and children of the province of B.C.

We know the Chinese government has a lot to say about what goes on in B.C. and Christy and Todd are only to willing to listen. While they listen the taxpayers become poorer and poorer.

How can you tell when a B.C. Lieberal is lying? Their mouth is moving and one of their spin doctors are writing something to explain something else to us, the great unwashed. Well Todd, there are some of us who don't believe you. we don't read the MSM, so get your little spin doctors out there and spin, spin, spin, but the short and long of it is, B.C. can't afford another one of the B.C. Lieberal's projects to provide money for their financial supporters.

How about this Todd, use the money to create more educational opportunities for people to become doctors and nurses. We're short approx. 2K speciality nurses and about 500k OF US don't have G.Ps. If you can't get medical treatment you won't have to worry about a bridge or a traffic line up.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that.

This bunch in Victoria is bankrupting this province and has been since 2001. Nope, we're bankrupt already. But they will head off with their "golden" pensions, sunny south or somewhere not in BC, not like the rest of us who have no pension to speak of (affordability with families etc), or those fortunate enough to have something from work, although sure is nothing like these "politicians" will get. (Ottawa as well)