Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BC Corrections Profile: Abbotsford residents take note

Have you ever noticed that there are no sexual predators being rehabilitated in the Shaughnessy area of Vancouver where Premier Christy Clark resides, part time; ... part time in Kelowna; part time in the Sick Culture of Victoria; most of the time on Trade Missions selling LNG

Per Person costs to provide correctional services

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Community supervision: Average cost of $6.49/per person, per day or $2,400/per person, per year:
Low-risk clients: Average cost of $2.65/per person, per day
Medium to high-risk clients: Average cost of $10.45/per person, per day

Custody: Average cost of $202.00/per person, per day or ALMOST $74,000/per person, per year.

CTV News Vancouver:
Residents protest against high-risk sex offender in the neighbourhood

“We don't feel this is the appropriate place for what is in essence a halfway house,” adds Sarah Bertrand, speaking over blaring air horns and chants of “go away Conway.” “This is not a good place to have those types of people hanging around.”

Abbotsford police issued a public notification on Aug. 1, alerting residents that 40-year-old Conway had moved into the area.

Conway has an extensive criminal history, including multiple convictions for sexual assault, sexual interference, arson, mischief and failure to comply with court order and breach of recognizance.
Abbotsford police say keeping an eye on him is a top priority, and are concerned for more reasons than one: some people have thrown eggs and rocks at Conway’s house.

“I totally understand why area residents wouldn’t want him to be their neighbour, but he’s under rather stringent conditions," says MacDonald. "For all intents and purpose he’s under house arrest.”

Community supervision????      Abbotsford neighbourhood

These are Actors to flesh out the report on preventing Offenders from Re-offending

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e.a.f. said...

The Conway mess is more than interesting and brings to light the rampant use of "for profit" organizations. The government is able to distance itself from being responsible for these "offenders" by shuffling them off to organizations who make money minding them.

There is little over sight that I can see in any of this. The local news discovered Conway was living in a house purchased by some one from with in the company. Like how convenient is that?

The government isn't interested in looking after the interests of public or the interests of the "offender", simply on how to cut more money from the budget and distancing themselves from any problems. People are unhappy with the business. They ought to be unhappy with Christy Clark and the Solicitor General. They are responsible but have chosen to shrug their duties.

These sort of things, Conway, happen when people want tax cuts at all costs. We have a legal system in Canada and we must adhere to it, regardless of whether we like how it works out, in some cases. However, when "offenders" like Conway have served their time, they need to be housed some where, which is not in a suburban neighbourhood with children all around. If these offenders are not to come within so many yards of children, what are they doing in neighbourhoods such as this?

Houses need to be purchased and remain the property of the government and those houses need to be away from where children live, by at least a few miles. We are a rather large land based province. There is no reason why that can not be done.

You won't ever see "offenders" around the "elites" of this province. They make sure that doesn't happen. Its nice to see the local Mayor be involved in this. Usually politicians are just all about, keep it away from me, but I'll put it next to your kids. I don't care.

When people go to vote next time, they might want to remember how Christy Clark and her cabal dealt with this case.