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A Professional photographer like Ansel Adams would have taken one Photo, not 394 and counting, BC Government's

There is a tendency with digital cameras to go overboard in attaining the best photo.  An exception to the rule is the person who didn't use a digital camera, not even a 35mm camera.

One roll of Negative (10), One Photo, One Day

 Ansel Adams 



Northern British Columbia has it's Wide Open Spaces too and Reports to be written

from notes while backpacking

we certainly wouldn't want to encourage this mode of transportation:

The Report:

 Peace Moberly Tract Draft Sustainable Resource Management Plan
Cameron Lake

 Sustainable Resource Plan 84 pages
Cover Photo without Credit given

Premier Christy Clark has shown the benefits of having slick click happy GCPE staff taking photo after photo after photo.   Keepsakes certainly, but there's always a tendency to blur the lines between Party and Government resources 50/50.    If the photos haven't been looked at for two years, or more, then it's time to turf them.  Surely the people in them have their own copies.


In a virtual world will not allow a link to a URL starting with 'ftp://ftp' and they certainly don't allow the jpg file name.  Access a Folder YES.

The only way to capture an image of how the BC Government was 'working' in 2005 is to use the good old fashion method of  Copy and Paste the URL link into a browser and then look for the file number/name in the Directory:



And if you're wondering if it's the same photo as above: YES



Infrared Abstract

YES and Same Directory


 Google Search Criteria: PMT SRMP Planning Table/PhotosOct25Trip/

Peace Moberly Tract  Field Trip(s)   (3)


How Many photos to get the Splash just Right?
YES  same Directory

Not Stream Keepers, eh
YES same Directory

Different Department


Time to Relax



Movie and Popcorn





 Cut and Paste URL (updated 2021-12-13) 

The Movie, good, eh


A helicopter instead of multiple ATVs would have protected the environment, but the purpose of the Report was to satisfy the needs of  BC Hydro Site C project and Oil and Gas companies drilling rigs, and of course the Caribou.  There was an article in the Vancouver Sun this morning on the need to kill 185 wolves because they have been hunting the Caribou which are in limited supply.


Peace Moberly Tract   Sensitive Areas
  adjacent to Site C 

 pmt11x17-sensitive.jpg Moberly_ Tract/Maps/jpegs/

Trumpter Swan Pairs with Broods, Warbler


Site C Potential Reservoir in Ten years


pmt11x17-tenures.jpg Moberly_ Tract/Maps/jpegs/

Tenures Water, Wind, Drilling, Logging, Commercial Recreation


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