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Shaky: E&N Railway Bridge Footings

 Model Trains: Clubs Metro Vancouver


The Real Thing, but.......

Link UPDATE: 2017-08-27    URL to PDF file  579 Pages
Bridge inspection : Southern Railway of Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Phase 1, Inspection report : bridges from Mile 1.30 to Mile 65.10 and 2 bridges on the Wellcox Spur (28 bridges). --

A Report on Vancouver Island's Southern Railway of British Columbia rail infrastructures provides excellent how-to diy drawings for authentic HO Train bridges.  All they need is a copy of that Report or two, one should be enough to raise the concerns of the communities that lie in the path of the real  E&N Railway line.

Two years ago BNSF had their own problems:
Detailed new photos show state of aging BNSF Bridge in South Surrey as potential recipe for disaster.    -  Laila Yuile's No Strings Attached

E&N Assessment Reports    Four held in trust by MoT if you can find them
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Island Corridor Foundation have released a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the 48 bridges and trestles on the E&N rail corridor between Victoria and Courtenay, including two structures on the Wellcox spur between the main line and the Nanaimo harbour. The railway bridge structures range in date of construction between 1906 and 2010. The objectives of the study were to:
  • assess the load carrying capacity of the bridges
  • estimate potential rehabilitation/replacement costs required to the bridges to support rail operations to the end of year 2021, with further estimates of bridge rehabilitation/replacement costs to the years 2031 and 2041.

E & N Railway Bridge Inspections 2011
579 Pages

 Get your scale rulers out:
Page 344 Merged with 345
Page 578 and 408 of 579
Page 374 of 579
Page 373 of 579
Page 550 of 579

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