Monday, September 8, 2014

No Swimming in False Creek, but Dipping Dragon Boat paddles are OK

Amazing, Vancouver Coastal Health Officials can draw a line on a map below Burrard Bridge and the False Creek E coli is stopped in it's tracks.

Is Vancouver Coastal Health the same as VANCOUVER city hall?

Million Dollar High rise living overlooking False Creek's Cesspool.

September 4, 2014
Vancouver Coastal Health Beach Water Quality

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Symbolic???? Rio Tinto, a sponsor of the Dragon Boat Festival, sits upon two waterfronts in British Columbia.  False Creek's cesspool and Douglas Channel at Kitimat which will never become a cesspool, wasted by a spill, create respiratory problems in their continued production of Aluminum:
A $2.7 billion rebuild of Rio Tinto Alcan’s aluminum smelter in Kitimat would reduce much of the pollution the smelter currently produces, according to a new technical report obtained by Business in Vancouver.

The one exception is sulphur dioxide (SO2), which would increase from 27 tonnes per day to up to 42 tonnes per day – something that would aggravate pre-existing respiratory problems in people with asthma and bronchitis and increase acidity in soils and lakes in the area.

The report concludes the increased emissions could result in 150 to 200 additional incidents per year of restricted airways among people with asthma, bronchitis or emphysema. .... May 14, 2013
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Do you think that the test results from Mount Polley is .....

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