Friday, September 19, 2014

BC Hydro should know to Never, NEVER, mix electricity with water AND Children (or the children in us)

BC Municipalities practice due diligence when it comes to the safety of their communities, but why is it that Crown Corporation BC Hydro can run amuck like it's a Kinder Morgan / Enbridge corporation.


Buried beneath busy  West Vancouver's Marine Drive, between 17th and 18th, there's Larson Creek salmon habitat complete with a mural-on-the-pavement camouflage to the north.

and this:

Grating covers reveal a free to flow Larson Creek below

and this:

Further downstream, between 17th and 18th, between Bellevue and waterfront, BC Hydro has their Cypress Transmission substation with it's own generating plant waiting for the moment when Rich Colman's Billion Dollar Smart Meter program is called upon because of the ever inevitable windstorm.


BC Hydro has it's way of cordoning of their dangerous components like:

Barb wire topping a chain link fence:
A chain link fence separating Mother and Child from ..... in West Vancouver ..

Isn't there a required setback between pedestrians, motor vehicles (metal)?
that should look like this one in South Vancouver?
Vancouver: north-west of Knight and East 49th
.... Plastic to keep the heavy oil from leaking out of the 45 gallon barrel drums, and onto, into, the gravel beneath. 

And then seeping into the ground water, to Larson Creek Salmon run. Why store it here at all?

A River Runs through Cypress Substation

Serene green setting?????  Guard rail separating sidewalk from .... Larson Creek
Looking to the South East
Looking South-ish
BC Hydro Cypress Substation to either side
There's a readily available pedestrian bridge, no guard rails, just north of the BCRail Right-Of-Way.    No guard rail either side of Larson Creek to stop children from falling in, not climbing out.  And what about those pesky trees ?????? ...... within a BC Hydro Facility?

According to BC Hydro's Pest Management Plan     report:

Page 7 of 61

Putting aside the missing razor topped chain link fence around the WHOLE facility, why is it still situated a half block away from a million dollar waterfront views, " blocked" by two privately held residences no more than two stories high, when it should be sitting in an industrial area or UP THERE near the Hillcrest Substation?


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scotty on denman said...

I remember---fondly---when Gordon Campbell, then in Opposition, used to rant and rave about the government taking its annual tithe from the mighty, publicly-owned BC Hydro. Interference with a monopoly that should be privatized! he raged. And we all used to think: this guy's obviously a far right screwball with a hatefully mad obsession---which seemed about right as he gnashed his teeth to the tune of labour union peans while Glen Clark pulled past the post first. Those were the days when BC Hydro hauled in several hundred million dollars a year and generously shared the precious amber of communitarian enterprise; it almost seems a distant dream.

People warn that if we don't do something quick we'll lose the jewel of public enterprise that pumped billions of dollars into public coffers, decent wages and procurements that powered so much of BC's economy, public and private---not to mention the magic electrical goo essential to public service and private interests alike, and this at rates a fraction of the North American average. If you wanted to change that happy state of affairs, you couldn't have done it more thoroughly than Gordo did. It would have been his royal flush had it not been for the concurrent thrashing Mike Harris' government took for trying to fob that province's public power producer off to private interests, forcing Gordo in BC to cool his heels and switch from a similar whole-hog heist to a custom made piecemeal approach, a decade of which has changed BC Hydro into something almost unrecognizable from what it used to be. Scratch BC Hydro anywhere and you'll reveal a mortally afflicted outfit untroubled as a zombie, discomfited only by having to rearrange the deck chairs to accommodate the bulging sacks of parasitized wealth sucked out of society by way of IPPs, recklessly increased rates, crazy infrastructure plans, executive remuneration obscenities and Smartmeter stupidity.

If we're ever to get BC Hydro back, at least we won't have the expense of printing up new letterheads because it's still nominally public---better than nothing, but it's still a long row to hoe, back to the public-owned creator of wealth for all from what it is now: one of the biggest single contributors to public debt ever (ongoing), poison to fish, destroyer of the public weal, the neo-rightists' wrecking bar, the cancerous killer of its host.

The BC Liberals' BC Hydro is probably the biggest breach of public trust in Canadian history.