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Kinder Morgan Security agents Flip loaded coins in decision of Grandmother's guilt, or guilty.

Just Askin,    Lesslie ...... but your tanks are camouflaged desert sand and ... this next image is signed, and forest green

We Spy with our beady little eyes ....
Part I

We can almost understand Kinder Morgan's Westridge Marine Terminal attitude on security concerns towards terrorists, overseas, but when it comes to attacking a non-raging grandmother, a Burnaby citizen preparing for a presentation from the National Energy Board on a pipeline/tank farmer/shipper, does ..... her "drive-by" photography shooting, complete with her visible licensed motor vehicle ..... constitutes the corporation's right to target Grandmother with their security agents?

One word comes to mind:

Did these highly trained security agents skip the first section in their training manuals: 'The Lost Art of Diplomacy'?

It's being reported that these agents were playing a game .... seriously.....  "I SPY with our little beady eyes  ..... in broad daylight, a parked car, grey haired intruder, holding a camera, just beyond the razor topped chain link fence ....  on public land".

In response to the 'threat', the agents flipped their loaded corporate issued coins into the air, to decide on the guilt or innocence of the intruder, and amazingly, the two coins landed: "GUILTY" side up.

Call the cops!

It was a moment wasted by Kinder Morgan officials, an opportunity lost to show diplomacy.  The officials could have stopped the security agent supervisors from taking the next step after the appearance of the 'terrorist'.  Call in the RCMP et al????, and they did, by screaming:
We are under attack!


With their former corporate name being Enron (much distrusted by the public already), there should be more emphasis by those who run their gong show now, learn to turn their cheek, not ass cheeky, to be seen as a more understanding corp, a  'Kind    -   er Morgan' not the old Kinder Morgan/Enron.

Grandmother questioned after photographing (Kinder Morgan) oil tanks  - Vancouver Sun

..... The News Westminster citizen, who is doing research for an upcoming National Energy Board hearing into the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, took the photos in early August.  The $5.4-billion pipeline would double the storage need for incoming Alberta bitumen oil.
Company security guards spotted her activity, and ten days later she got a visit from two RCMP officers at her home. .....
Those involved:

Kinder Morgan tank farm security forces
Kinder Morgan Supervisors
National Energy Board (NEB)
Integrated National Security Enforcement Team
Canada Border Services Agency
TWO  RCMP  Officers
Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart
(Questioning the Conservatives for Targeting Opponents to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline)
House of Commons drawn into the debate
Hapless Harper ... no comment
Grandmother's children and their children


Part II 

We can almost understand Kinder Morgan's Eastern division facility's concern about Askin's photographs because it could lead to a surprise ruling by the Government of Canada's Transportation department.  Cover up!!!!   Not in the sense you're thinking, but there was until August 2013 an open-hopper-top mentality for Kinder Morgan'ss Western division facility at Vancouver Wharves which accepts among others resources, Sulphur, which has a history, documented, of catching on fire.
August 30, 2013  Fair Incendiary Comment?

The hopper carloads are now COVERED!!

The thing is, that as much as Hoppers full of sulphur has been covered ... up ..... why hasn't the same been done for hoppers full of Coal?

Part III

CNR and CPR prefer to use Dust Glue, or other such products to stop the coal dust from being blown onto areas near their railines.

 The method they use, TWICE, once at the Coal pits and then again at say Tappen, near Kamloops is autmoatically done:

At the 40 second mark ...... 

and CP has their theory on what is clean....

Keeping it clean

After it has been mined and processed, the coal is loaded on CP rail cars at Fording River, Elkview, Line Creek and Greenhills, and departs for its destination from there.

“All the mines are equipped with what we refer to as railway loop track where the coal is loaded directly onto the rail cars of a coal train,” explained Hrysak. “All rail cars loaded with coal are sprayed at each mine and then again en route to the Coast at our Tappen re-spray facility, which is the midpoint between the mines and the port.”

The chemical sprayed on the coal is a glue-like polymer and Hrysak said that it acts as a crusting agent to keep the coal pack firm while in transport; it limits any potential of coal dust escaping as well.

As to the "crusting agent", residents of Delta beg to differ, eh:

At the begining there's just a hint of something coming off the Coal train, but at the One MINUTE position it's clear that something is amiss for the whole length of the train.

Sprayed coal doesn’t shed coal dust? How about this video of a coal train through Delta to prove that WRONG

Divide and conquer we say.  If the Kinder Morgans of this world don't approve of one person photographing their facilities, what would they say about more photos being posted online my many?

It could turn out worse than kicking a loaner dog in an elevator which is monitored by a camera, eh.

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