Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is a Biologist?

Being a Biologist

Oh but we yearn to travel to the secluded areas of British Columbia where few get to see, place one foot in front of another, or if bumping into a Grizzly, one heal, SLOWLY, behind the other....

Page 3 of 34  Catch and Release

Page 7 of 34  Two Two Who's

Page 13 of 34  Keeping Busy with Caribou in Northern British Columbia

GPS coordinates along bottom
Here's a Source to Convert Geographic Units

Google Map  59.44233055555555N 130.76307777777777W

Page 29 of 34  Where To Hide

Page 34 of 84  Where to Reside, temporarily

Page 35 of 84

Page 38 of 84 Counting, Radio Telemetry, Pitfall Trapping (BC politicians use this)

Page 84 of 84   After doing a sundry of activities its off to home

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