Monday, April 28, 2014

British Columbia's Malibu "Young Life" summer camp is about to be laid to waste

(especially of a time or place) like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

When I was a kid I kept hearing about the Hollywood (south) actors coming to Hollywood (north) British Columbia  to .... Go Fishing ..... and Partying .... on Forest Baron yachts ..... where one or two, the actors, dared to die (Errol Flynn and Howard Hughes) in Vancouver.
Malibu, British Columbia where..... the facility was open as a premium resort. Visitors included John Wayne, Senator John F. Kennedy, Barbara Stanwyck, Bing Crosby, and Bob Hope. The club faced financial problems due to the limited transportation access and the limited two-month window of good weather ...... 

A more recent bio of Malibu (north):  Vancouver Sun article of THE idyllic location.

 Camp Malibu is an idyllic location on the West Coast, where young people are encouraged to accept Jesus as their personal saviour.  

Premier Christy Clark has had meetings with her Church followers, but, the church of Malibu, is about to be ruined, forever because of Logging:
The Malibu Club is one of Young Life's​ original camping properties. Located 100 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Malibu is situated at the mouth of the world-renowned Princess Louisa Inlet. Surrounded by mountains soaring straight out of the water to heights of more than 8000 feet, Malibu is a place of extraordinary beauty and isolation.

From June through August, Malibu is used exclusively as a Young Life summer camp.  Each summer Malibu welcomes thousands of high school students from across the US and Canada for the best week of their lives.   For more information on summer camping opportunities, contact the Young Life office nearest you.

From September to the end of May, Malibu is available to the public bookings for retreats and conferences of all sizes.  Book your school, church, family, business or non-profit organization's next event at Malibu!  During the school year Malibu is available as a conference and retreat center for groups of up to 350 people.

To this, that's not snow, its the plan:

Planned SE Clear Cut Logging
One would start to think that with all the clear cut logging slated for British Columbia's coastal region, that WE are going to be on the hook for clearing waterfront property for the "new" actors .....

 If you're probably still trying to figure out where Malibu is..... try looking in your backyard

Vancouver   Top Left corner

Texada Island   In the blue just below the Top Right corner

Malibu    Bottom  Middle

The red stuff?  Designated for clear cut logging

Coincidentally, there is an overlap of Private land (maroon border) and Crown Land clear cut logging (red border):

And taking a closer look at the Sunshine Coast privately held land, and Crown land:

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motorcycleguy said...

I would say they could go to nearby pristine Narrows Inlet...alas the recent approval by Bennett and Polak of the alpine lake draining waterfall diverting powerline building penstock clearcutting taxpayer funded IPP renders that option equally disdainfull as far a SuperNatural BC goes