Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BC Forest service airborne fire fighting equipment: Planes and Helicopters ~ Osoyoos ~

In light of the fact that there is a forest fire happening across from Osoyoos, Right Now, ... water bombers from Kelowna are being called in.....  ..... a wee bit of background history to the British Columbia Forest Service airborne firefighters is in order:

B.C.F.S.  Airplanes
Landing was Not West Vancouver, but West end of Vancouver (Downtown)

Page 3 of 18, a link to explaining the above image: “Aircraft and Their Use in Forestry in B.C.: 1918 – 1926” with this snippet on page 5 of 22: 

In September of 1919, the first aerial discovery of a forest fire in B.C. took place over Duncan. The pilot of a Curtiss JN - 4 (possibly during an air mail flight) spotted the fire and landed at Duncan to report it to the Forest Branch , who then took suppression action. ...... 


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B.C.F.S   Helicopters

29 pages

Past Summer, Lemon Creek fuel truck dumps load, destined for ....... Perry Ridge Photo and Maps

1778 Captain Cook cuts ships spars 

  1788  Captain Meares exports spars to China

2014  "Captain" Clark exports what's left to China

Change Masters  -  Chief Foresters

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