Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ken Boesenkool in-house investigation has a sequel: BC Liberals multicultural plan Report stinks to high heaven. A 2013 Parizeau moment

 Gee whiz.  Does anyone on Planet Earth believe that Premier Christy Clark and her BC Liberals will come clean on their secret multicultural plan to win the Ethnic Votes in the lead up to our Provincial Election?   The fact that the document does exist, and sent from the Premier's Office to key persons in her government, whether it's from a government account or a Private email account, doesn't matter.

To win those Ethnic Votes, was there considerations given by the BC Liberals conclave to doing a second run of the 2009 election brochures that won the seat for them, but ended the over zealous BC Liberal volunteer, with criminal records.

Misappropriation of Government funds is a serious crime and is still a criminal offense here in British Columbia.

Retired News Anchor Pamela Martin must be reeling from the optics of her participation in such a scheme, seeking Ethnic votes... the only explanation is that she and they had (Quebec) Parizeau moment.

C'est vrai, c'est vrai qu'on a été battus, au fond, par quoi? Par l'argent puis des votes ethniques, essentiellement». ("It's true, it's true we were beaten, yes, but by what? By money and ethnic votes, essentially.")

The BC Liberals have methodically shredded every document that was written by Clark's multi-headed Chief of Staff (4) where not a single meeting was recorded on Boesenkool's diary which was requested via an FOI and then, when she's asked by the Press for more information on Boesenkool, the Premier bobbed and weaved and claimed that she was/is the Employer of the Employees and therefore his rights are protected by Privacy Laws of British Columbia.

However there is another option here, it's never too late to call upon the RCMP to raid the BC Liberal Party Headquarters, and their Riding Associations, to determine, as in the BC Rail Raid on OUR Legislature, that Government documents have gone astray, intentionally.

Got news for the BC Liberals and their Dobell Doctrine, those days are over!

The days of the BC Liberals investigating themselves are over!

 The 17-page document dated Jan. 10, 2012 and called Multicultural Strategy Action items was sent by Kim Haakstad, Clark's deputy chief of staff, to the personal email addresses of eight people, including Pamela Martin, who works for the premier's office; Brian Bonney, a former government multiculturalism communications director; and former Liberal caucus official Jeff Melland.
The 17-page document dated Jan. 10, 2012 and called Multicultural Strategy Action items was sent by Kim Haakstad, Clark's deputy chief of staff, to the personal email addresses of eight people, including Pamela Martin, who works for the premier's office; Brian Bonney, a former government multiculturalism communications director; and former Liberal caucus official Jeff Melland. - See more at:

Pamela Martin, Brian Bonney, Lorne Mayencourt and Fiera Lo - See more at:
Pamela Martin, Brian Bonney, Lorne Mayencourt and Fiera Lo set up a SWOT anal-ysis team looking for the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to their well being.

A Typical SWOT is provided:


Strategic thinking involves understanding what is happening inside an organization and what is happening in the external environment in which it operates. This helps identify the organization’s capabilities and limitations in relation to its most critical issues. The framework for this examination is SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis, which focuses on the organization’s most important strengths and weaknesses and the critical opportunities and threats it may experience while working towards its goals. 
This framework has proven to be problematic in the context of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. While the internal strengths are quite clear, often the line between internal weakness and external threats is blurred. It seems the same forces that threaten to destroy it from the outside also weaken it from the inside. These forces are: fiscal dependence/control and political factionalism/competition. This highlights the fact that in many ways, the Union is part of the very system it exists to overcome. Also, the line between opportunities and threats is highly contextual. Often, political opportunities arise  during times of crisis.
Thus, what may constitute a threat to the goal of protecting Indigenous territories provides an opportunity for unification and political mobilization.

BC Liberal multicultural plan
BC Liberal multicultural plan

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Note to Ottawa RCMP: Fast Cat Ferry "Bathrooms" are called Heads or Loo....

UPDATE: February 28, 2013: 

        Department of National Defence works hand in hand with the RCMP?????
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
IP Address:
Department Of National Defence (
Search Referral:
Visit Page:


SFU Library

 Had a visitor, from Ottawa, the RCMP, must have been important, for their Search Criteria involved trolling for toilet habits on the long gone Fast Cat Ferries.

Perhaps their line of inquiry in Ottawa had exhausted all avenues, having looked under every Heated Seat, for waste, in the Senate, to only discover that One or Two had contributed directly to our beleaguered Prime Minister, Stephen Harper's poor image with the Public.   Senator Duffy and Brazeau, like Minister "Orange Juice Oda", were hand picked by the PMO.

Duffy was a Journalist-appointee-Senator, supposedly representing  Prince Edward Island-ites  (PEI).  If only his two failings weren't real.  He could have walked away without ending up looking like a Pat Bell or Kevin Krueger, both fine examples of being trained seals for the Premier(s), having fine-tuned their performances as unmitigated morons and/or as unmitigated disasters with very little training.

The Gazetteer spells it out of Two Made in BC examples of the two phrases.

As to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
IP Address:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( 
Search Referral:
Visit Page:

Maybe Canada's finest fellows, the RCMP, were looking at reopening the sale of the Fast Cats along with BC Rail in preparation for a New Government inquiry.

BC Rail fiasco is close at hand, whereas the Fast Cat Ferry Bathrooms (Heads or Loos) Investigations are on the other side of the world.... just begging the RCMP to make a quick trip, a free trip, to the bathrooms, which is a steal of a deal...... which should be vigorously investigated by the Government(s) Office of Privacy and Personal Information.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"B" is for Brian; "M" is for Monika, "BCL" is for BC Liberals

Timing is so important when it comes to having an edge over your opponents, no matter what the field of endeavor.  The BC Liberal Government has been using taxpayers monies to the tune of $30 million to keep themselves in Office.  Oppositions (BC NDP and Independents (4)) have no access to Taxpayers Funds.    As of this morning there's a new twist, one that hasn't slipped under the Public's radar, not like Hansen's when he found his Radar was broken and his good ship ran aground on the HST Iceberg (Vaughn Palmer).

There's been several instances over the years where the Press have been used by the dark dungeon boys and girls at the governments Public Affairs Bureau (PAB), which was renamed by Christy to Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE).   Recently, the Government Research Caucus... aka GCPE, used our resources, our monies, our equipment, our TIME, to create Attack ads against Adrian Dix and John Cummins AND further, Premier Christy Clark hired an outsider, the same good fellow who directed her to the top spot to replace outgoing Premier Gordon Campbell.  He then took on the job to direct those poor PABs, via a $10,000 a month retainer for "services rendered" without having gone through strict government protocols of seeking the lowest bid possible.

"Value for Money." was tossed out the window.  Time was of importance.

Time is running out; Timing is so important right now.

For instance, in this morning's Vancouver Sun newspaper there is a Letter written by a Monika Bonney from Burnaby.  Monika is a common name, Bonney is not a common name.  The "Bonney" name is nowhere near to the popularity of a "Clark" or a "Campbell".  Turns out that there is only one residence in all of Burnaby that houses "Bonney", ......... times TWO.

One person one Vote.

Two persons Two Votes.

Would one family with Two persons, in One residence use each other's Vote to cancel out each Other?

The Vancouver Sun, like most news media outlets, having been burned by BC Social Credit Party's PAB who used Taxpayers monies, resources, (did they have computers back then) to create the Dirty Tricks Scandal to smear the BC NDP.... all in the name of gaining a foothold in the Provincial Election.

Oberfeld (Blog) was a key reporter in the station's coverage of British Columbia's "Dirty Tricks Scandal", which eventually saw eight B.C. government employees lose their jobs amidst allegations of election-boundary interference, phoney letters-to-the-editor and secret election-fund bank accounts.

 There wasn't one Dirty Trick, others have happened since.  One example was the married daughter of a Prominent BC Liberal MLA who wrote a GLOWING letter to a Vancouver Island newspaper without informing the Editor of her Direct relationship to the Father..... MLA.... Candidate (he lost).

The News Media now require that names and addresses and phone numbers, to confirm the facts.

Does the person reside in a specific Riding?

Does the person Exist?

Was the person the Author of the Letter to the Editor?

May the news media have the Author's permission to Publish the Letter to the Editor?

That name, Bonney, sounds vaguely familiar.......     Oh, yeah, The three BC Liberal operatives who used the patient deaths from C Dif at Burnaby General Hospital generated by ten years of slip shod work brought upon by the BC Liberals having torn up legally binding Collective Agreements with government employees health care workers who had participated, in good faith, with their Employers to wash the dishes, clean the toilets.. and other mundane jobs .... were FIRED, all in the sake of "trimming the fat" by hiring cheaper, less experienced, first timers who didn't, don't have a clue about the importance of CLEANING! 

The three BC Liberals, under the watchful eye of MLA Harry Bloy, used the C Dif platform to create a viable means by which two Burnaby Ridings would slide sideways to favour the BC Liberals....

Prominent Health Minister Mike de Jong (now Finance Minister since MLA Kevin Falcon bailed out) appeared at a Press gathering on Burnaby Generals property to make a promise.... that money would be found (PPP3)(SNC Lavin????) to bankroll and then purge serious health issues from the system.

In essence the Letter to the Editor congratulates the BC Liberals for planning, over the next three years, the cutting, elimination, of 1,400 government jobs.    The writer to the Vancouver Sun agrees with the BC Liberals cost cutting measures of reducing the Province's deficit by cutting 330 jobs each year.  The jobs are not the high flying half million dollar Plus jobs, ...... no, no, the jobs are for government workers, with families, earning less than $80,000 a year.   The jobs effected will NOT be the Spin Doctors at GCPE or PAB, their jobs are guaranteed because they are the Brains-in-the-feet plodders enforcing Christy Clark's edict that BC Jobs and Canada Starts Here..... propaganda ....which must continue, full speed ahead, right up to election day in May.  Sounds like Hansen's Radar problems are about to rise from the ashes again.

Search Criteria at Cananda411 were two factors... "Bonney" and "Burnaby"

Canada411 is the most reliable tool to find and connect with B and M Bonney and businesses in Burnaby BC

Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, Feb. 26: Tax hikes, balanced budget, gain approval

Full marks to Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong for continuing to show restraint with respect to government hiring and government wages.

The government bureaucracy in this province will be reduced by over 1,400 positions in the coming three years.

Good riddance to big government and hello balanced budgets; my kids thank you.

Monika Bonney, Burnaby

BC Liberals Election Platform: selling assets and shifting work to the few.

 #1 The Prosperity Fund    Non-existent

#2  LNG export in Our Time   Non-existent

#3 Continue to Break collective agreements (struck down by Canada Supreme Court)

#4 BC Debt Free by the time Christy Clark is 96 years old.  Non-existent

Sunday, February 24, 2013

BC Liberal Party politcians are not psycho killers, but just plain psychos

For some reason, we think the worst of the worse people on earth, we think of them as psychopaths, psychopathic killers.  There is a new kind of psychopath (2001 - 2013), a new breed, .... politicians, government politicians, who will do ANYTHING to stay in Power.... promising British Columbian voters a second New Era ...... of Prosperity even though it was the 2001 Government that went ahead and laid waste to our Province's resources, real and absurd ..... like selling off BC Rail after just TWO years in power (2003), then the HST (2011), and finally the promise that the World will be coming to buy our resources, move our resources by rail, on Rail lines that we own but can't collect royalties from, for 990 Years!   These BC Liberal politicians claim that they are capable of seeing long distances during turbulent economic times, but heavens to betsy, they can't even fight their way out of a wet paper bag when it comes to balancing their Budgets, except by SELL, SELL, SELL, SOLD, our government assets.

Whatever happened to Kelowna's Premier Bill Bennett's edict on OUR Resources are not for Sale.

Or the absurdity of government backers, insiders, supporters, using Burnaby General Hospital's crumbling walls, and the multiple patient killer of Clostridium difficile (C Dif), as a means to elect three of the BC Liberals Best-Before-Date (2001) Burnaby Candidates.

For the past twelve years the BC Liberals have used and abused BC Taxpayers, even going so far as to use OUR money to bankroll their latest partisan advertising blitz during the lead-up to the Provincial election in May.   These fine folks, these "five or six pillars" orchestrators are the ones who created the 2001 election slogan of promising, guaranteeing, that we would be soon living in their NEW ERA vision.

Well, it's here, has been for the past decade, and Christy Clark is talking, is promising, as of this past Saturday Night, Live, that her Party will NOT allow our children to inherit a debt that the NDP is sure to create .... if the Socialist Horde is elected ......

It's too late Christy, you and your wrecking ball crew, under the leadership (???) of Gordon Campbell ... the ones who wholeheartedly endorsed the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and 100 other grand schemes,  have already passed the debt load onto our GRANDCHILDREN!!!!    Christy, you haven't even tried to stop the DEBT load from creeping being railroaded onto future young charges in thirty years time.

BC Liberals are Political Psychopaths, going in the only direction they know best....... worse to the WORST.

Don't know how many times we have to show you the game plan that the BC Liberals have devised, "rigidly", escalating, adhering to, Balancing their Budgets????   For the past four fiscal years their Balanced Budgets have been Deficits.  It's been done in the mistaken belief  that the majority of the Public will NEVER see British Columbia's Debt horizon which is set  down in stone for 2055.

There is the one little provisio ... one that  Christy Clark has made great strides in, by promising enough Royalties from the sale of a TRILLION dollars of Liquid Natural Gas resources to pay off her DEBT..... in Fifty years....2055.  Magic number that...... for the Premier will be 96!

That explains the Why of the presentation below.  The BC Liberals have known that their debt horizon has always been, since 2001, to be  ...... 2055.  The BC Liberals, the Free Enterprisers, just had to find the means to pay off the DEBT, hypothetically.

It appears as though the BC Liberals have left themselves a little window, of their own making, a gap in our Debt load, No Debt payments for the Three years of  2033, 2034 and 2035.. just waiting to be used for one more little project, or two.  There are FIVE horizons that taxpayers may look forward to.  2014 (one year after our 2013 election)(must be there to hamstring any incoming government from doing their job... trying to clean up the mess left by El Gordo and Christy) .... 2022, 2030, 2043.... and by 2049...... Pavco will be making their last $4.5 million payment on the borrowed $307 million for the over budget dollars BC Place ...."the Roof...." which will have been replaced seven times by 2049 ... hopefully without oil leaks and stains ... all contractor law suits settled.


BC Liberals:   16 behavioral characteristics of a psychopathic (BC) Government
  1. Superficial charm and good intelligence
  2. Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
  3. Absence of nervousness or psychoneurotic manifestations
  4. Unreliability
  5. Untruthfulness and insincerity
  6. Lack of remorse and shame
  7. Inadequately motivated antisocial behaviour
  8. Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
  9. Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
  10. General poverty in major affective reactions
  11. Specific loss of insight
  12. Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations
  13. Fantastic and uninviting behavior with drink and sometimes without
  14. Suicide threats rarely carried out
  15. Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated
  16. Failure to follow any life plan.
Source of the Above List, and the Below quote (Wikipedia):

...... Cleckley describes the psychopathic person as outwardly a perfect mimic of a normally functioning person, able to mask or disguise the fundamental lack of internal personality structure, an internal chaos that results in repeatedly purposeful destructive behavior, often more self-destructive than destructive to others. Despite the seemingly sincere, intelligent, even charming external presentation, internally the psychopathic person does not have the ability to experience genuine emotions. Cleckley questions whether this mask of sanity is voluntarily assumed intentionally to hide the lack of internal structure, or if the mask hides a serious, but yet unidentified, psychiatric defect. ........

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where art thou Romeo...., It is I, Christy

Odd, but is this the first time that a Premier of British Columbia is single?

For the fourteen Premiers prior to Christy Clark, they've all had a spouse .... to stand at their side.

"Behind a great man is a great woman."     We can only guess that there's a modern day, political correctness saying of   "Behind a Great Woman is a Great Partner...."

 Balcony Scene... Camera!, Action!, ........

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east and Christy is in the sun!

Is there a list of Spouses?????????????????? of BC Premiers?

Were all of BC Premiers, married, while in Office?

Does it Matter?

Premier and Spouse

Twenty more before Tolmie......

Simon Fraser Tolmie and ?????   1928

Thomas Dufferin Pattullo and Lillian

John Hart and Harriet

Boss Johnson and Kate

W.A.C. Bennett and May     

Dave Barrett and Shirley

Bill Bennett and Audrey        BTW   The Two Blue "Bills" are Siblings?????

Bill Vander Zalm and Lillian

Rita Johnston and George

Mike Harcourt and ????

Glen Clark and Dale

Dan Miller and Gayle

Ujjal Dosanjh and  Raminder

Gordon Campbell and Nancy

Christy Clark and  ...... ?????

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Financial statements for Pavco June 28, 2012

The current repayment schedule reflects loan payments by PavCo of $4.5 million for the initial and final repayment fiscal years (2014 and 2049), and $9.0 million for fiscal years 2015 through 2048 

Let's see, first (2012) and last (2049) annual payment is 4.5 + 4.5 = $9 million

In between the first and last is 33 years with an annual payment of 9 million dollars = $297 million

Which means that the total is $306 million over 35 years,        interest free?

Page 15 of 45
Page 33 of 45.... over a Half a Million per year for the top job... goes went to Warren Buckley

The names goes on to the second page, to save you time ....

Remuneration for all Salaried  $8,342,484 with Expenses total of $283,391

Remuneration Total Salaried and Hired Help
                                                 $13,482,001  with Expenses total $595,381

With the last number being equivalent to the Highest paid officer Remuneration without Expenses included.

B.C. Pavilion Corporation
Financial Statements

2005/2006 Statements of Financial Information March 31, 2006

94 Updates to Gordon and Christy's BC Telephone (Government) Directories

BC Liberals have been in power since 2001 and during that time they've shuffled the deck chairs for their OIC's appointments 94 times.   That's not 94 persons, on average there are 21 positions for each change-over   1,979     That's a lot of money coming from the Taxpayers.

The current directory is 21 numbers long, but if you go back to where Christy was sworn goes on for SEVEN pages.  Now it just might be that the current batch is to reflect the belt tightening that de Jong and Clark speak of, or maybe they just don't want the public to know what the true number is......

13 times Christy Clark has tweaked her listings, since she was Sworn in as Premier.....

Province of British Columbia
Minister/Deputy Minister List [Telephone Directory]

| 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002
February 7, 2013
December 20, 2012
December 10, 2012
October 23, 2012
September 18, 2012
June 28, 2012
March 29, 2012
March 13, 2012
December 20, 2011
October 21, 2011
August 30, 2011
May 5, 2011
April 28, 2011
December 14, 2010
December 2, 2010
November 26, 2010
August 6, 2010
July 20, 2010
June 15, 2010
May 3, 2010

April 26, 2010
November 30, 2009
October 21, 2009
August 26, 2009
August 7, 2009
July 22, 2009
July 15, 2009
June 4, 2009
June 1, 2009
April 8, 2009
February 20, 2009
January 27, 2009
January 8, 2009
December 9, 2008
November 4, 2008
October 17, 2008
October 3, 2008
September 19, 2008
July 23, 2008
July 11, 2008
June 30, 2008
June 27, 2008
June 9, 2008
March 07, 2008
February 6, 2008
January 28, 2008
January 7, 2008
November 26, 2007
November 5, 2007
October 25, 2007
October 10, 2007
October 1, 2007
September 25, 2007
July 23, 2007
July 5, 2007
May 4, 2007
March 26, 2007
February 2, 2007
January 19, 2007
January 12, 2007
December 29, 2006
November 7, 2006
October 4, 2006
August 16, 2006
July 17, 2006
May 12, 2006
March 2, 2006
January 3, 2006
November 18, 2005
September 12, 2005
July 5, 2005
June 15, 2005
May 30, 2005
April 8, 2005
February 2, 2005

December 29, 2004
October 4, 2004
August 5, 2004
June 2, 2004
March 25, 2004
February 3, 2004 Electronic version dated incorrectly
January 13, 2004 Electronic version dated incorrectly

November 5, 2003

August 25, 2003

June 2, 2003

April 8, 2003

February 14, 2003


December 05, 2002

October 18, 2002

August 20, 2002

June 26, 2002

May 08, 2002

March 07, 2002

January 07, 2002

Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan

Glacier Resorts Ltd. and Pheidias Project Management Corp.
Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan

Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Plan  17.21 MB
Appendix 1-A Project Consultants
Appendix 1-B Selected Articles
Appendix 1-C Letters of Support
Appendix 2-A Avalanche Studies and Reports
Appendix 2-B TIDSA
Appendix 2-C Climate, Water and Glaciers
Appendix 3-A Biophysical Habitat Mapping
Appendix 3-B Wildlife Resources
Appendix 3-C Grizzly Bear Management Plan
Appendix 3-D Cartographic Model-Based Cumulative Effects Assessment Assessment of JGR on Grizzly Bears
Appendix 3-E Grizzly Bear Population Survey
Appendix 3-F Fisheries Resources
Appendix 3-G Horejsi Review
Appendix 3-H Access Road Design Speed
Appendix 3-I Proctor Response
Appendix 3-J Letter - MELP Grizzly Bear Report
Appendix 3-K Austin Analysis
Appendix 3-L Beaulac Letter
Appendix 3-M Liquid Waste and Solid Waste Plan
Appendix 3-N Letter to Glenn Stewart
Appendix 3-O Grizzly Bear Hunt/Mortality Statistics
Appendix 3-P Bird Survey Report
Appendix 4-A Visual Impact Assessment & Mitigation
Appendix 4-B Glacier Dome Summer Skiing Field Investigation
Appendix 4-C Map of Study Area
Appendix 4-D 1995 Lift System Layout Drawing
Appendix 4-E Letter from Glenn Wurtele
Appendix 4-F First Phase Ski Area Plan Review
Appendix 5-A Route Study and Proposed Road Upgrading
Appendix 5-B Assurance Plans
Appendix 5-C Water Licenses
Appendix 5-D Mill Bay Wastewater Treatment
Appendix 5-E Review of In-Ground Disposal
Appendix 5-F Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Review
Appendix 5-G Groundwater Supply Assessment
Appendix 6-A Harley Study Response
Appendix 6-B Sierra Systems Report
Appendix 6-C R.K. Heli-Ski & Sierra Systems Responses
Appendix 6-D Timber Values
Appendix 6-E Supplemental Forestry Information
Appendix 6-F Tourism Industry Assessment
Appendix 7-A Employment Equity Plan
Appendix 8-A Letters from Premiers Harcourt, Clark and Minister Sawicki
Appendix 8-B Recommendations of the EAO Executive Director
Appendix 8-C EAO Assessment Report
Appendix 8-D Environmental Assessment Ceritificate
Appendix 8-E Project Report Volume 1
Appendix 8-F Project Report Volume 2
Appendix 8-G Project Report Volume 3
Appendix 8-H Project Report Volume 4
Appendix 8-I Project Report Volume 5
Appendix 8-J CORE East Kootenay Land Use Plan Summary Report
Appendix 8-K CORE East Kootenay Land Use Plan Recommendation 75
Appendix 8-L CORE Commissioner Stephen Owen Letter
Appendix 8-M Government of BC News Release
Appendix 8-N Letters between Deputy Minister Thomas Gunton & Oberto Oberti
Appendix 8-O Freedom of Information Request
Appendix 8-P Federal Auditor General Responses to Project Opponents
Appendix 8-Q Reasons for Judgement
Appendix 8-R Letter to Minister Ida Chong
Appendix 9-A Community Fire Protection Strategy
Appendix 9-B Letter from Bob Whetham