Thursday, February 14, 2013

Part II: Cobweb covered RCMP Reports kept safe and sound by the Legislative Library for 33 Years

 One can never be quite sure if one Blogger's writings effect the wheels of justice....... Our writings, work better if shared with others, like Laila Yuile, when she picked up on a Post here at the BBC.  It works both ways..... visa versus.

Back on October24, 2012 we wrote EXCLUSIVELY on the "Report on Rape in BC", and wondered out loud why the report had been kept secret for 33 years, and only came to see the light of day because of what we wrote

Was it something what we said that prompted others to speak  out?  or it was just bound to happen?

News | Feb 13, 2013 | 2:51  CBC

RCMP accused of rape in report

The RCMP says it wants to get to the bottom of abuse allegations against its officers in B.C. involving aboriginal women, but says individuals making the claims must come forward

From our original Post from October 2012, a portion is presented here.....

“The saddest part about British Columbia is that neither the Legislative Library nor the RCMP , have a clue as to what’s in their respective  “collections” of tales and Reports and even more Reports……, the public included…”


“The RCMP appears to have turned a blind eye on past Reports ordered by  the Attorney General of British Columbia, specifically the one published in March of 1979.

Is there any Commanding Officer in Division E of the RCMP in British Columbia who can remember reading the Report from March of 1979?   Probably not, otherwise changes would have been made, the public educated on the Do’s and Don’ts of hitchhiking, lives would have been saved, cases closed, instead, the RCMP waited for someone to die in prison, in the USA.  While other serial killers are still walking Free.

The Report was made available to all Officers in 1979, even the most impressionable younger ones like the officer who has become the focal point for CBC’s: what an Officer should wear, WITH his boots, on.


The “Report” that the Attorney General of BC (Garde Gardom 22 Dec. 1975 – 24 Nov. 1979) received in March of  1979, is titled, “Rape in British Columbia“, written by Nancy Goldsberry.  The document is available in the BC Legislative Library.”

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