Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Petroglyphs at waters edge, Threatened with Oil

Oil from Alberta;

Liquid Natural Gas from British Columbia...

......... leaving the Ports of  Prince Rupert (which has had three groundings of freighters in late 2012)  AND Kitimat.   The latter is expecting 10 major projects to get underway within a year.

There's been plenty of concerns raised with Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline, from Watershed destruction, to fisheries, to the removal of 1,000 square kilometres of islands in way of Douglas Channel.  The Captains of industry will stop at nothing to gain riches.

Ecological Reserves....  are in Harms Way, so too is this:

Google Search Criteria    Alaska petroglyphs, Babbler Creek, Sitka

The rock art of the Northwest Coast. - Summit - Simon Fraser ...

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by DM Lundy - 1974
This thesis examines Indian petroglyphs and pictographs (carvings and ... of Alaska south to the Dalles of the Columbia River. ..... At Katlian Bay, (in the mouth of the bay) north of. Sitka. Kennedy 1974. At the village of Sitka, in Kalinin ... Reported located at Craig Boat Harbour, Kennedy 1974. .... Located on Babbler Point.


These images, like most on the shores of Alaska and British Columbia, are at the water's edge... reached by canoes, originally..... power boats today, Oil and LNG tankers tomorrows.

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