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1918 Bulletin #79: Oats and Wheat and Barley Grow and there's a Bonus: our ANCESTORS listed off as Farmers of BC.

Update: "Movember" 9, 2012:   "Cow-Testing Association of British Columbia 1926"

What is unique about this file, and we don't mean to Butter you up with too many details... but it's back to that old Ancestry stuff, and locations of Ranches, Farms...etc.  Page 3 of many.... AND names of Cows... so if you're looking for a new name... like "Katie" or "Jersey" or "Tibby Two" why not take a look?

 J. A. Higginson, Sardis.
Raine & Carmiehael, Chilliwack.
C. Kerr, Chilliwaek.
Raine & Carmichae!, Chilliwaek.
Raine & Carmiehael, Chilliwack.
Fleming Bros. & Ileeee, Sardis•
W. L. Maeken, Chilliwaek.
W. L. Macken, Chilliw.ack.
E. Unsworth, Sardis.
I. W. Clark, Sardis.
P. Travis, Sardis.
P. Travis, Sardis.
E. Unsworth, Chilliwaek.
C. Kerr, Chflliwaek.
Fleming Bros. & Bocce, Sardis.
li'leming Bros. & Reeee. Sardis.
Raine & Cariniehsel, Chilliwaek.
Fleming Bros. & Reeee, Sardis.
I. W. Clark, Sardis.
Fleming Bros. & Reece, Sardis.
Fleming Bros. & Reeee, Sardi


Farmers!  Can't live without them.  Especially if they're Organic!  Consumers are willing to pay a higher price just to be free from pesticides, and other such chemicals.   When we saw Bulletin #79 at the BC Legislative Library, it made our hearts sing with a childhood song:

Oats and wheat and barley grow,
Oats and wheat and barley grow,
But not you nor I nor anyone know
How oats and wheat and barley grow.

Verse 1

First the farmer sows his seed,
Then he stands and takes his ease,
And he stamps his feet and clasps his hands,
While the sun shines on the land.


Oats and wheat and barley grow,…..etc
The BC Legislature Library isn't all bad news.  There are some exceedingly high points.... like this one.  To you, it may be dry reading, but if you persevere, you'll discover a Silver lining in this Document.   It starts out like this;


But there's a catch though, both in the emotion of what is to unfold in three days time, memories of those who were lost to all wars.   94 years ago World War One ended on November 11th.  The folks at home, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends too, had been working for four long years on their fields, to support those who Volunteered for the War in Europe.


Returning Soldiers, not necessarily as sound as when they left, were given a stake in Canada, free land, forested land, land that needed to be cleared of trees and trunks, land to be plowed, harrowed, and leveled in preparation for "Oats and Wheat and Barley to Grow", but the first crops were Strawberries and Raspberries.

In the closing pages, starting at Page 14 of Bulletin No. 79, there are thirteen pages:

"A list of the winners in the Field-crop Competitions conducted during 1917":

What you have in the Document above, is a history of where our Ancestors were, before 1918.  The data above is an image, a ScreenShot, which means anyone looking for their Ancestors won't find this Blog, however..... we've started to type in the First of Thirteen Pages, in our "spare time".

Names and Residences, like this.... with a few links too and using GeoBC you can find where the old towns are and what they are called now:   Westholme

Cowichan Solley, I.F. Westholme
Cowichan Kingston, F.L. Duncan
Cranbrook Taylor, L. Wycliffe
Cranbrook Smith, A.B. Cranbrook
Cranbrook Clarke, F. Wycliffe
Cranbrook Fleming, C.S. Wycliffe
Cranbrook Mitchell, John Cranbrook
Crawford Bay Bayliss Bros. Port Crawford
Crawford Bay Palmer, O. Port Crawford
Crawford Bay Richardson, H. Port Crawford
Crawford Bay Johnson, M. Port Crawford
Crawford Bay Kean, J.W. Port Crawford
Eagle River Anderson, A. Malakwa
Eagle River Somerville, B.F. Malakwa
Eagle River Johnston, J. Malakwa
Eagle River Humphrey, J.M. Malakwa
Eagle River Erickson, E. Malakwa
Grand Forks Little, J. Grand Forks
Grand Forks Laws, E.F. Grand Forks
Grand Forks Padget, T.  Grand Forks
Grand Forks Heaven, C.C. Grand Forks
Grand Forks Lawrence, J.T. Grand Forks
Hendon (River?) Parkhurst, Fred R.R. #1, Salmon Arm
Hendon Buchart, D.B. R.R. #1, Salmon Arm
Hendon Andrews, W.J. R.R. #1, Salmon Arm
Hendon Hoover, Willie R.R. #1, Salmon Arm
Hendon Curtis, A.J. R.R. #1, Salmon Arm
Kelowna Fleming, W.H. Kelowna
Kelowna Hereron, M. Kelowna
Kelowna Crawford, W. Kelowna
Kelowna Walker, W.D. Kelowna
Kelowna Taylor, F.A. Kelowna
Kootenay River Tarry, F. Tarrys
Kootenay River Pratt, Wm. Thrums
Kootenay River Power, R.I.M. Thrums
Kootenay River Scheavan, L. Shoreacres
Kootenay River Richards, E.A. Thrums
Lake District Blair, T. Vanderhoof
Lake District Lampitt, O.R. Vanderhoof
Lake District Bice, I. Vanderhoof
Lake District Hargraves, J. Vanderhoof
Lake District Seager, F. Vanderhoof
Langley Mead, J.J. Langley Fort
Langley Stockdale, W. Langley Fort
Langley McIvor, K. Langley Fort
Langley Simpson, Geo. Langley Fort
Langley Gay, F. Langley Fort
Maple Ridge Laity, R. Hammond
Maple Ridge McIver, J. Hammond
Maple Ridge Tapp, A. Hammond
Maple Ridge Reddcliffe, R. Hammond
Maple Ridge Laity, J.H. Hammond
Matsqui Israel, J.I. Mount Lehman
Matsqui Jackman, Phillip Denman Island
Matsqui Aish, Thos. Matsqui
Matsqui Towland, W. Mount Lehman
Matsqui Bailey, W. Denman Island
Martin's Prairie Amey, Jones A. Pritchard
Martin's Prairie DeLeenkeer, Pete Pritchard
Martin's Prairie Deroo, Pete Pritchard
Martin's Prairie Matthewson, Wm. Pritchard
Martin's Prairie Charlton, Wm. Duck Range

Google Search Criteria:  Unincorporated settlements in British Columbia 1918

There's this too from and earlier Post here at the BBC

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