Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Had She oones Wett Hyr Whystyll She couth Syng full clere Hyr pater noster."

To "whet/wet your appetite/whistle" ....., your interest involving the bungling Minister, Krueger, who brought on the Blizzard payout for $30 million, and who has only recently announced his intention not to run in the next Provincial election... choosing to go back to work at ICBC..... does he know that his job has been.... cut ....?

Energy Minister Richmond, however has announced that he will be taking on another four year term at provincial politics, and if need be, take over the reins of power from Christy Clark.

Coleman did "clean up" the mess called Blizzard, on the Court House Steps but then he stepped into another mess called the Sale of the BCLDB, without consultation, as if it were just another piece of cake, just like the HST.   Nobody wanted the sale, because we knew that the price of Liquor would go up, higher than what the BC Liberals have been squeezing out of the public already.   So why sell..... is it because the END is near for the BC Liberals?   Over the next five months, will we be seeing a plethora of sell offs by the BC Liberal Government?

If you missed the way that the BC Liberals introduced the sell off of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch this year, they somehow scraped the bottom of the keg by mixing in the word "Prohibition" as if they were talking about December 16, 1926.
 Monday, May 7, 2012
Private Members' Statements

 B. Stewart: Good morning. I want to speak today about ending the prohibition on liquor distribution in the province of British Columbia. I want to talk about the fact that our government is committed to finding innovative and new ways to make government more efficient and to save money for taxpayers. That's why we're taking the step today of privatizing the liquor distribution services in British Columbia, which we believe can lead to improved service to wholesale customers, shorter delivery times and reduced costs to government and to taxpayers.  SNIP

S. Simpson: I'm pleased to get a chance to stand and to speak to this issue of liquor warehousing privatization in British Columbia. Let's be clear about what we're talking about here. We are talking about a decision that is based on ideology and very little else. That's the reality that we have here.
We have a situation that the minister told us, at one point, was made about a week before the budget was brought in. That was his first response after we questioned him about this after the budget. That may very well be true, because we know there was no consultation with industry on this.

I've spoken to people in ABLE-BC in the private sector industry. They were not consulted. There was no consultation with the union about this before the decision was made. There was no consultation with consumers and taxpayers.

Clearly, we have asked time and again. There is no business case. There is no foundation for this. It's been done for strictly ideological reasons, and there's very little support for this in the province.

K. Krueger: Point of order, Madam Speaker.

N. Macdonald: Is he reading from notes?

(Editor Note:  Notes may not be used in Legislatures, their maiden speech YES, but not any other subsequent speech)

(Editor Note:  The reason for NO Notes is because they could be used to emphasis a point, they could be used to INTENTIONALLY distract others.... like the BC Liberal HOUSE Leader standing up with his NOTES which are passed onto the Speaker indicating what the agenda will be for the day's deliberations)

K. Krueger: No, he isn't reading from notes, Columbia River–Revelstoke, because he actually understands the rules, unlike the members opposite.

(Editor Note:  Names of individual MLA are not used, the Ridings that they represent, are)

Deputy Speaker: Does the member have a point he wishes to make?

(Editor Note:  or if not the Names, not the Riding Names, then they will simply be called "member")

K. Krueger: Yes. Of course I do.

Private members' business is supposed to be non-partisan. The member who spoke from the government side was not partisan, and I'd thank the member opposite not to be partisan either.

Point of Order  ..... being.....

K. Krueger: I'm making a point of order, Madam Speaker. The member is being completely partisan, and that's a violation of the rules of private members' business, and I'd ask you to rule on it.

Deputy Speaker: Hon. Members, during private members' time members are permitted to express their opinions on policy without being partisan.

I ask the member for Vancouver-Hastings to continue, please.

On the way out, Krueger,  shut the .... door behind you.

And for those that would like to have more information on the Do's and Don'ts.....

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