Friday, December 16, 2016

1973 Winchester R.C.M.P. Presentation Model - 'One out of Ten' deserved a proper, unique, resting place

Blogging yes;    not too much lately

Walking yes;  every day minimum 6 kilometres, all weather 2015 - 2016;
     2019 Avg. per month 10.9 Km

Woodworking yes; but not in the dead centre of a winter wonderland

We were requested to find a unique way to display a 1973 RCMP Commemorative rifle, one out of ten Presentation Models.

The sales person at Reliable Gun - Vancouver    tried to sell me a carton of rifle ammo, but to do that I would have needed a license.   All that I required was six, took eight (two spares) in pristine  condition without the 'lead', without the 'powder' and without a 'pin' mark on them for $3.45 

It was strongly suggested to add oil to the empty shells to kill the primer, let it soak in.... and after a week .... I used my miniature pipe cutter to shorten each shell to one inch ..... to hide the screws that fastened the Black Walnut blocks in place.


How to hang a cabinet:

We prefer to have the wall cleat about four inches shorter in length to allow for adjustments


The Competition Cabinets

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