Friday, December 16, 2016

Pedestrians and cyclists may rightfully claim full access to Alex Fraser Bridge right lanes because ..... in 1986 ...

Vancouver History
September 22, 1986 The Alex Fraser Bridge opened, linking Delta with Lulu Island. This high-level bridge crosses the main channel of the Fraser River. When it opened, the 465-metre main span was the longest in the world. The stay cables radiate from two tall concrete towers, founded on large steel pipe piles of similar length. The deck is concrete, laid on steel plate girders. Originally the six-lane deck was restricted to four lanes, the outer lanes being reserved for cyclists and pedestrians. In about a year the bridge had generated sufficient traffic to justify opening all six lanes to vehicles. Pedestrians and cyclists were moved outside the cables. It was named for the late Alex Fraser, minister of highways.

630  Cached
“We had some snow overnight as everybody on the Lower Mainland knows, and it collected on the cables at Alex Fraser. There’s a bit of an inversion at the bridge which means it’s warmer up high than it is down on bridge level and so we’ve started to see snow fall straight down off the cables,” he said.

Earlier this afternoon, the right lanes in both directions had been closed to address the issue.
 Living Landscapes
Jesse Ketchum tells a story that he believes illustrates Gertrude's unflappable, take-things-as-they-come style. One day, as Jesse, Gertrude, and Alex were driving from Quesnel to Vancouver, rocks from the top of a Ministry of Highways dump truck flew at their windshield with such force that it smashed the glass completely. The three passengers were quite shaken and covered in glass. After they pulled over, Gertrude said, "Do you think we can go back to Williams Lake and get it fixed, or will we have to drive to Vancouver like this?" .....

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