Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Is there a view from Capilano Suspension Bridge of Grouse Mountain? or is it a misleading marketing technique

A cursory look at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park website doesn't show one photograph that has mountains in the background.

Google Earth's Panorama photos from the Suspension Bridge and the surrounding area (extremely limited) .... no mountains as a backdrop to the Bridge, nor from the Cliff Walk.   Photo Shopped?

A message from the President of the British Columbia chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA): ....
Will marketers get it right all of the time? Likely not, but there’s an opportunity to learn as we go through the experience. And there is still so much to learn about the rapidly changing marketing landscape, not only in Canada, but globally as well. 

..... Ahhhh. The rapidly changing marketing landscape landscape definition: all the visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal.

'Vancouver Mag' Marketing
'Mysteries of Canada' within the trees
'Wikipedia' within the trees

'PositivelyBeaming' within the trees
Sky above, River below
Waterfront Seabus Station ....

Are tourists to the North Shore tourist attraction being led astray when it comes to the view they will have 'adjacent' to the Suspension Bridge?

For the Locals the first guess is that the advertising of the Bridge with the mountains in the background are the Lions.  Second guess?  Grouse Mountain (Resort).  Its there but is it visible through the trees?

 Down at the bottom of the red bar is the Capilano Suspension Bridge 70M above the River.

Mountains: Crown, The Camel, Spindle Peak, Goat, Crown N1, Dam
eg. Crown: 49°24'36''N, 123°05'31''W

Capilano Suspension Bridge Cliff Walk images
Design and Construction of Capilano CliffWalk

The Galleries page for the Capilano Suspension Bridge doesn't have any photos of the Lions in the background so why are tourists being encouraged to think that they are paying to have a view of the mountains?

A photo from the surface of the Capilano River implies that the bridge is higher than the trees AND the mountains.  The trees are a higher elevation than the bridge.  All that can be true is that the bridge is higher than the River.
Photo Credits: Tourism Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge

BCMAM 2012 Winner:  Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

We have no shortage of praise for our client who picked up the 2012 Marketer of the Year with the help of this creative .....


Spring Advertising

Find a Geographic Name   KML file eg. Capilano River

Historical photographs provided by the Capilano Suspension Bridge .... No Lions

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