Saturday, June 11, 2016

Far fewer pedestrians die from jumping off bridges than pedestrians being struck (killed) by cars. Politicians Answer ....

The Answer: .... Build suicide prevention fences on bridges ....  instead of providing treatment at Riverview.

Moot point here, but if the impact of a pedestrian falling onto the still waters of either Burrard Inlet or False Creek and doesn't kill them, but they are found to have died by drowning, then that statistic (drowning) is not included in official reports because it falls within one of the three realms of "natural causes, suicide, or homicide".

If the point of installing suicide prevention fences on Metro Vancouver Bridges is to save lives why doesn't the three levels of government go the extra kilometres and  fence in the interfaces between pedestrians and motor vehicles?   Streets and Sidewalks.  One example: Stanley Park Causeway

Huffington Post
Each year in B.C., about 65 pedestrians don't survive a collision with a vehicle.

The Pedestrians that do survive end up at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) with cameras rolling.  And if they don't survive?... its not like ICBC will step in and do a complete rebuild like they'll do with the car that caused the death, or will ICBC just write-off both?

Knowledge Network:  Emergency Life and Death

Sampling of Burrard Bridge's Suicide Prevention Fences and Nettings:

North Shore News
More people jump to their deaths from the Lions Gate Bridge each year than any other bridge in the province. They continue to do so despite a recommendation more than five years ago from the B.C. Coroners Service to retrofit the five bridges where people most commonly jump to their deaths with some kind of suicide barrier or netting.

In 22 years between 1991 and 2013, government statistics point to 78 people ending their lives on the Lions Gate Bridge. 

 About one person a year dies from suicide by jumping from the Burrard Bridge, according to Vancouver Coastal Health.

 Pedestrian drowning statistics
BC Drowning Report

 Includes only preventable (unintentional) deaths, not deaths due to natural causes, suicide, or homicide.

BC Coroners Service Child Death Review Panel
A Review of Road-Related Pedestrian, Cyclist and Boarder Deaths in Children and Youth

A net would have been a more efficient means for the prevention of suicides happening on Bridges.

As it is all that has to happen is to take one step ladder, or one part of an extension ladder, and just for safety, .... handcuff it to the fence.  Then wait for the police to arrive, meanwhile all the traffic would be at a standstill.

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e.a.f. said...

if people want to kill themselves they will find a way. Putting up these fences to prevent people from jumping off bridges is a waste of money. Wonder if one of the B.C. Lieberal friends got the contract to put up the fences. wonder how much this is going to cost.

The government could provide more and better mental health care. The government could provide more and better housing for people. there are all sorts of things the government could do with that money which would have more impact.

The government is building these fences not to save lives but to deal with the traffic problems would be jumpers create. That's all. Jumpers impact the bottom line of corporations. that's why the government is building these fences. The B.C. Lieberals don't give a shit about people lives. if they did we would not have had 4 children die in care. we wouldn't have disabled people living on less than $950 per month when rents are over a thousand a month. No, jumpers cause traffic jams and traffic jams negatively impact productivity.