Thursday, June 2, 2016

A pedestrian tunnel beneath the Upper Levels Highway at Philip Avenue bars powered wheelchairs but favours Long Boarders

Looking North

Who would have guessed that at Philips Avenue, a block east of Capilano and intersects with the Upper Levels Highway there is a tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists.   Then along came the regulations regarding accessibility for all.  
Triple Barrier, Looking North
One enterprising wheelchairian ducked the bars but his headrest slammed into them and tipped the whole unit over backwards.....   911

Triple Barrier, Looking South

The pedestrian tunnel is large enough to accept motorcycles, and that's the purpose that some motorcyclist did  .... with STRAIGHT exhaust pipes announcing their presence.  Department of Highways responded with the Bars.

Two to the West, one to the East, North and South ends, hip height of an adult.  (Gas Tank level)

And then along came the LongBoarders.......   with nothing to stop them, not even the fear of being run over by cars, nor considering the safety of surprised pedestrians outside.

Looking South, downhill

From our perspective there could be another use for that tunnel, a toll for Smart Car owners....except for the barricades.

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