Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alterra Power Corp goal: IPP electricity from Wind Farms or Uranium, for BC Hydro's Kitimat/Prince Rupert LNG production

Do we really need to spend $9 billion on BC Hydro's Site C Dam to power Kitimat and Prince Rupert industrial plants?

May 18, 2012
Alterra acquires coastal island wind farms to supply LNG plants, but how will it get to Kitimat?

A Vancouver-based energy company, Alterra Power Corp, today, May 18, 2012, announced the acquisition of three wind farm sites off the north western British Columbia coast.
A news release from Alterra notes that the three “early-stage wind farm” sites, on Banks Island, Porcher Island and McCauley Island are “all within 150 kilometres of several proposed power-intensive LNG plant sites at Kitimat.”

When informed of the announcement, Kitimat mayor Joanne Monaghan asked, “How are they going to get it here?”

While the three islands are within 150 kilometres of Kitmat, any transmission lines would have to somehow cross the Inside Passage and its heavy ship traffic, including cruise ships, ferries, fishing vessels and bulk carriers (not to mention potentially tankers), and then also get over some of the most rugged mountain territory in Canada to reach any of the three liquified natural gas sites in Kitimat.

Could the goal not be wind powered electricity but merely gaining a foothold on the mineral rights to Uranium?

February 14, 1956
Two City Men Locate Uranium In Strength On Porcher Island
46 claims staked by Rupert concern

Uranium has been discovered on Porcher Island, 15 miles from Prince Rupert, a prospector for a group of local city businessmen, told the Daily News this morning.

George Fielding, 1020 Second Avenue West, a prospector and mining man for 30 years said here today that he and his exploration partner had located a "hot area" from 10 to 15 feet wide in a band of pebble-conglomerate, adjoining the iron formation being test drilled by the Argonaut Mining Company of the Utah Mining Company of America.

Mr. Fielding said he and Leo Johnson, 723 Fraser Street, also a veteran prospector-miner checked and re-checked the pebble-conglomerate band until there was no doubt.  The intensity recorded on their geiger counter was extremely strong and the pebble-conglomerate was a similar formation to that of Blind River area in Ontario which proved such a momentous find.

The prospector said that he and his associates have a group of 46 claims staked on Porcher Island across Chismore Pass.  The claims cover approximately 1,846 acres.

Arrangements are being made in Vancouver, Mr. Fielding said, for a geologist to make a geophysical survey of the property.

Prior to coming to Prince Rupert Mr. Fielding prospected for three years in northern Labrador, in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.


Hugh said...

Using GHG-free wind energy to power GHG-emitting LNG plants seems somewhat asinine.

motorcycleguy said...

Yup are right. Same goes for draining alpine lakes on the Sunshine Coast to make electricity to power electric pumps to pump water out of said lakes to make electricity....and, after that, said electricity can only turn a profit if we the ratepayer pay more than it is worth at a time when we don't need is the Abbott and Costello clip to illustrate