Thursday, May 22, 2014

TFWs earning 78 cents an hour in BC, the Employer cost of housing can be recovered through payroll deductions....

“If we meet our employees’ needs, they’ll also meet our needs – it’s a two-way relationship that helps develop a sense of loyalty and stability among our teams,” he adds. “And at the end of the day, this is good for everyone: our employees, our customers and our business – including our bottom line.”  - go2hr
NTFW missed these four TFW Employers: Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Whistler, Kelowna

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Wickaninnish Inn

Poet's Cove Resort & Spa (Adestra Hotel Group???)

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Manteo Resort Kelowna: With much of Manteo’s workforce comprising foreign workers

Immigrants and Foreign Workers Articles


Kelowna's Bill Bennett Bridge built with TFW....


Globe and Mail on BC Labour Shortages


 Housing Employer must
provide housing

Note: Costs
cannot be
directly or
indirectly from
the TFW's
(except in BC).


Employers must provide TFWs with free suitable housing (except in British Columbia where a portion of these costs can be recovered through payroll deductions) either on-farm (e.g. bunkhouse) or off-site (e.g. commercial establishment). A copy of the signed contract between the employer and the facility is required for off-site housing (except in cases where the employer is the owner of the dwelling).


BC Hansard February 18, 2013    Kevin Krueger MLA
The number of new jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector is projected to increase by over 100,000 by 2020 and account for 10 percent of all job openings expected in the province by that year. The government is building a workforce that is prepared to harness this economic opportunity through the B.C. jobs plan, collaborating with the industry-led organization known as go2HR — go2 human resources. This organization is mandated to lead the implementation of the B.C. tourism human resource development task force action plan.

The B.C. jobs plan is helping to create tourism jobs in communities right across the province with  businesses of all sizes. Seventy-five percent of all tourism and hospitality operators in B.C. are small businesses. Presently I co-chair the Small Business Roundtable with the minister.

$ .78 cent TFW / SAWP (Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program)  solution from earlier Posts

TFW / SAWP housing Report 2011
Mexican migrant agricultural workers and accomodations on farms in the Okanagan Valley, BC


e.a.f. said...

So interesting all these temporary foreign workers, its like there are soooo many jobs in B.C. The Comox Valley Record ran a great "puff" piece tooting the TFW program, how great it was for workers and employers. quoted a local winery saying how great the Mexican workers were. The worked harder than Canadians, even when the Canadians were paid 25% more than the Mexican workers. Now we know why they had the Mexican workers, they paid them less.

Why do foreign workers, work harder, if in fact they do? Well if they don't out preform everyone, they get sent back to where they came from. Not a pleasant thought. Canadians know they have rights and they even exercise them.

In the current jobless climate there is no need for foreign temp. workers, especially when so many young people need summer jobs. If employers treated their staff with some dignity, they may find they stay on the job longer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, about that Coastal Black Winery guy... he basically just brings in the same Mexican workers every year (14 or 30 depending on the source). Do you think any local people applying are going to get a chance at these jobs? Trust me they won't (I used to work on a farm using this program). They already have the jobs set aside at the beginning of the year for their crew of Mexican workers. Maybe a Canadian gets hired as a fill in if one guy can't make it or wants to stay home that year. This is all I could find of their effort to recruit Canadians: (on their facebook page) "Are you looking for a fun summer job? We are now building the team for our 2014 season and need 6-8 employees for the tasting room and bistro " uhhh sorry that was for their other job (I guess they want Canadians where the public can see them and migrant workers hidden out back where "those people" belong) With this guys attitude towards his employees, who would want to work for him anyway?

North Van's Grumps said...

Wickaninnish Inn employee photos