Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Have a dose of Vantage XRT with your Fish?

West Vancouver is in many ways just like White Rock, both have a railway line impeding traffic, especially the pedestrian variety to their respective municipal waterfronts.    White Rock mainline is run by BNSF; West Vancouver mainline is run by CNR, with a twist, British Columbians OWN the rail bed right-of-ways.

BC Rail crews keep themselves busy with weed keeping duties of the track ballast (below and either side of the tracks) with VANTAGE XRT in the art of Vegetation Management Plan.

Signs like this are in place, West of John Lawson children playground, and East of their playground (their part of the line has already been accomplished)( with dead leaves lying nearby as proof). Its amazing that the public crossover to the playground from the parking lot wasn't sprayed too, eh, or was it?

Call Poison Control Centre.... can you read the phone number, for EDMONTON, and could, would, should Edmonton be able to respond, to dispatch someone?

I like that last bit, "mouth-to-mouth", that would mean TWO people would be down. NO POISON Control Centre Number offered

Arsenal                   Imazapyr
Banvel VM            dicamba
Clearview                                Dow Fact Sheet
Diurex  800 WDG   kills:  Bananas, Pineapples, Macadamias, Sugar Cane, Avocado, Pecan, Mango   
Dupont Escort                 
Garlon XRT            triclopyr
Karmex DF             diuron
Krovar 1 DF           bromacil, diuron
Milestone               aminopyralid
Telar                       chlorsulfuron
Vantage XRT         glyphosate    eg. Roundup    residue found in breast milk
2,4-D Amine 600     

BC Drug and Poison Information Centre   -    Springtime Hazards Fact Sheet eg. Vantage XRT
John Lawson Park looking to the East, West is the same

Putting children at risk, aside, and getting back to the West side of the playground in focus, there's a rail bridge over a Fish Habitat, McDonald Creek, that got nailed hard by VANTAGE XRT!

The Fish, We Eat, contaminated?  The Fish Habitat Program, aware of spraying?
Toxic to Fish


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