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Quincunx System: "Planting Plans and Distances" 1924 M.S. Middleton B.S.A.

Commercial orchards are staked out and planted according to one of our systems. Square, Quincunx, Rectangular or Hexagonal
 Ever wonder how, orchards, gardens, were laid out, in Kelowna and the rest of the Okanagan Valley?
Planting Plans and Distances
Quincunx ??????? ... images .... Google

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Quincunx .....  ferrebeekeeper    examples of Quincunx  ... a roll of a die.... five dots or a coat of arms decoration:


M.S. Middleton (Morrice Middleton), the author of the above Bulletin. .... piqued our interest.... what else has he left for us.

Mr. Middleton... no relation to "Our Kate"?


compiled by Kalamalka Women's Institute 1951

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Janet Middleton, Water Colours and Silk Screen prints, Instructor at the Banff School of fine Arts

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Old Indian Settlement .... Map Page 18 of 38

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The late Morrice MIddleton, District Horticulturist for the Okanagan Valley, fathered the standardization of commercial varieties of apples.

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Art and Treasury Gallery at Jadebay: local pottery, weaving, silvercraft and paintings displayed and sold

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