Thursday, October 11, 2012

Escalating BC Ferries fares are related to......the Port Mann Bridge?

One of the stranger outcomes of the Coquihalla highway saga is the way its runaway cost seems to have contributed to the recent fare increase on the B.C. ferries.   - Vaughn Palmer August 28, 1987 Vancouver Sun

Could it be possible that the Port Mann Bridge could be causing the New Era issue of the BC Ferries Service to fall prey to another government ploy, of shifting funds, from one area to please another sector of the public?

The Coquihalla, compared to the Port Mann Bridge II, was built for a small clientele base and those that it served were threatening to haul one MLA out of the Legislature if he didn't stop the sell off of the Coq for 50 years to a Concessionaire.    Remember the promise made by Bill Bennett, the Premier, in 1986?  In twenty years the traffic volume via Tolls, would have paid for the highway, and what did the BC Liberals want to do...... sell it!

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