Saturday, October 27, 2012

Off shore oil patch around Haida Gwaii Region struck by 7.7 Earthquake

Update: October 30, 2012  List of Historic Tsunamis WORLD WIDE
1700:  Vancouver Island               1700 Cascadia earthquake

The CBC has it here.

As much as Enbridge, China and Harper wants to extract our liquid resources, over the objection of protesters, whether it's the Northern Gateway Pipeline, or Coal mined by Chinese miners or the Conservative Party of Canada selling out Canadians for 31 years.... 2043,..... Mother Nature does have a way of saying WHOA!!!!!

Hypothetically, based upon facts of having seen the Japanese devastation in March of 2011, the Public's concern is not so much about One oil tanker being caught up in the middle of a 7.7 Earthquake, it's the compounding factor or the 10 Projects slated for Kitimat which will increase the  marine tanker traffic by a factor of 10.  Tonight's warning says that the Tsunamis will cover and area from Alaska to California.   The Kitimat area has already had it's share of TWO Tsunamis in 1974 and 1975, detailed by a Geomorphologist, which caused the whole marine terminal to slip "downhill" under water!

Now we know, maybe, that the Earthquake here wasn't caused by all the Fracturing that Alberta has been doing, but it was only two years ago that we the destruction that was caused in the Gulf of Mexico because of a broken underwater oil gusher........ and now there's talk here in British Columbia where the BC Liberals want to lift the Moratorium on our off-shore oil fields.

Think Gulf of Mexico.   The Nestucca that was punctured by it's own tug started leaking oil near the shores of Oregon and that oil got as far north as Long Beach and more.

Think again.  One floundering Oil Tanker???   Ten Oil Tankers in Open Water???? Ten Oil Tankers in the confined space of Douglas Channel????

Could it be that the Japanese Tsunami generated flotsam and jetsam will be finding it's way back to Japan, because of OUR Tsunami?   And is the Ring of Fire somehow connected?

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