Thursday, July 5, 2012

"The media is the surrogate of the public." - Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie

Here at the BBC we know that the Public reads Court decisions, not all decisions, but we have a tendency to keep a close eye on the high profile ones, like the BC Rail Trial which just doesn't want to die.

After the dust settled with the appearance of a BC Liberal buy-out using $6 million of taxpayers monies to secure guilty pleas that killed the BC Rail Trial, the Press went to bat for the public, or did they?

Has the Press been that Mother/Father to the Public, or have they been more interested in what's in it for them and their corporate or political sponsors?

What are we ranting about here today?  Its this closing statement by Associate Chief Justice Judge MacKenzie on June 2, 2011 as to how she views the Public, perhaps how all Judges view the Public, as being cared for by the News Media.

Ruling on Application for Release of Materials                                          [29] The fact the Materials have already been released strongly supports Mr. Krog’s submission that there will be no harm to the administration of justice if they are also released to him. The media is the surrogate of the public. Mr. Krog is a member of the public with a responsible position or role to fulfill. I cannot assume he brings this application in bad faith, or intends to harm the administration of justice. For these reasons, I grant Mr. Krog’s application in the same terms as the February Media Order.

The media has never asked the Associate Chief Justice for the BC Rail Trial, and all things related, just what she meant by  "The media is the surrogate of the public." so they must be in agreement with her thoughts on how the Public is "cared for", lovingly, by  Mother Media and Mother Judges to boot.

Here's a background document for the basis of MacKenzie's "Surrogate Media" people.
 The media is the public’s surrogate, observing and reporting on matters of interest and concern to the public.We’ve all heard it said that justice must not just be done, it must be seen to be done.  -   The Canadian Justice System and the Media

For the Lay Person:

A Google search for surrogate definition


  1. A substitute, esp. a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office.
  2. (in the Christian Church) A bishop's deputy who grants marriage licenses.

surrogate n. 1) a person acting on behalf of another or a substitute, including a woman who gives birth to a baby of a mother who is unable to carry the child. 2) a judge in some states (notably New York) responsible only for probates, estates, and adoptions.

One other minor detail regarding MacKenzie's.... "The media is the surrogate of the public."    The Media turned a blind to .......

"...a Mountie decided to treat Bornmann as a witness after admitting to bribing a public official"

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paisley said...

Thanks for posting this. I never fully realized how the citizens of Canada are beholding to the corporate controlled media to relate judicial decisions. I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was this bad. I can't comprehend how media would be entitled to view court documents and an elected official would not(not in this case, surprisingly). Just the simple fact that an elected official has to apply to the courts to view the same documents the media has already seen is obscene. This makes me feel quite ill and I can't help feeling we are doomed to corruption and incompetence.