Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bravo Company will conduct a Cordon and Search aka "IAW SoM, B Coy CM1005 IVO Gr 12U QQ 1234 5678."

If you consider yourself to be John/Jane Doe public, have never served in Canada's armed forces, then you won't know what the title of the Post means.

UPDATE: June 27, 2012 These guys would/should know:
Defence Research Establishment-Ottawa (Jun 27 2012 10:34:41am)

Then again if you are John/Jane Doe public, and have read the Province article from June 25, 2012's newspaper (but really written by the Canadian Press) where its called  Easing the soldier to civvy transition subTitle:  "Serving members seek help before being medically released", then you have no right to determine how to ease the soldier into Canada from overseas.

You have no idea what it's like "over there".   Neither do I, but over the weekend, I read a book, and I think I know a little bit more, than you.

Hint:    ISBN Dog tags: 978-1-44340-717-5, Written by Ryan Flavelle.

 SO, HERE YOU HAVE IT.  You are reading the first lines of my first book, the culmination of all my efforts to get a book published.  First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this book ---unless you stole it or are reading the Google Books "preview" -- in which case, go buy my book.  I'm a poor graduate student/reservist.

The title is     "The Patrol",
subTitle is: "Seven Days in the life of a Canadian Soldier in AFGHANISTAN".

Translation of Post Title:
For example, "Bravo Company will conduct a Cordon and Search of suspected compounds near the village of Zangabad" becomes "IAW SoM, B Coy will conduct CM1005 IVO Gr 12U QQ 1234 5678"
It would be easy to provide a link to his book, in Google, but it's even easier to write:  

Stand up, and go to your Local Library!

If you do go to your local library, the authors, illustrators, photographers, publishers, etc. of books in general, receive some compensation, a pittance compared to royalties per book, from the Public Lending Right Commission (Federal)... until Harper gets wind of it.


Flavell spent SEVEN months in Afghanistan, fighting.

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graduate student/reservist.

Hey NVG, before I get up and go to the library, I'm going on-line to put in a RESERVE, for this book.