Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its not so much that Christy Clark Waffles, its more along the lines of ------ Undecided

When I read the Sun today on the topic of Christy saying she no longer needed her own Mandate to govern the Province of British Columbia........ I immediately thought of WAFFLES 

VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark definitively ended months of election speculation Wednesday, telling the Vancouver Sun she will not go to the polls until May 2013.

“I will not be calling an election this Fall,” Clark said in an interview, adding she has decided it best for the province if she abandons plans to seek an early mandate. Instead, Clark said she will stick to the province's fixed election calendar. Snip

Waffling Christy Clark has done it again!   Christy started the waffling as she was running for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party..... and never stopped waffling........ "I will not be calling an election this Fall"... Why did she say it like that?...."this Fall"

Waffling is one thing but then something started to tease at my "little grey cells", much akin to another one of those Agatha Christie novels with Hercule Poirot solving the murders, the political plots, the riots, that has thus far baffled the police, prosecutors and the Premier.

What came into my mind was this, when Christy (Clark) was five years old:

"First she said she would, then she won't, --------- What you going to do, do, do, do, do?"

Undecided     YouTube

The Chamber Brothers

Love, Peace, and Happiness Album

And once I started going down this path, I couldn't stop listening to others, like:

Belafonte    Return to Carnegie Hall

Belafonte      At the Greek Theatre

Santana     Waiting/Evil Ways  Persuasion      You Just Don't Care (Christy C)

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Creedence Clearwater Revival    Put a Spell on You  (Christy C)

The very best of Roy Orbison   Only the Lonely   Crying   Running Scared   Its Over  Candy Man
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The Blues Project/Projections   I can't keep from crying   Two Trains Running   Cheryl's Going Home

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Led Zepplelin III

Monday, August 29, 2011

More waffles from Christy Clark, and the HST is being reduced to 11% effective July 1st, 2012! 10% in 2014!

 It would seem that there isn't an 18 month period for the Public to wait before the BC Liberal Government starts to roll the PST back into place.  

Our very own "Waffling" Premier Christy Clark placed her Order on May 25, 2011, which the Government Canada has kindly agreed to.

On July 1, 2012 the BC component of the HST will drop from 7 per cent to 6 per cent etc. 

Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon may want to give the appearance of "working hard", but dragging their heels, digging in, and taking 18 months before they will implement the PST will not be of their choosing now.

In eleven months the hated BC HST will go down by one percent.  No ifs, No Ands nor No Buts, because of this:



ActExcise Tax Act
SubjectBritish Columbia HST Regulations
PrecisBRITISH COLUMBIA HST REGULATIONS, in order to formalize and give legal force to the reductions in the rate of the provincial component of the HST in British Columbia announced by the Government of British Columbia on May 25, 2011, which would reduce the rate of the provincial component of the HST from 7 per cent to 6 per cent, effective July 1, 2012, and from 6 per cent to 5 per cent, effective July 1, 2014, subject to the result of the referendum conducted under British Columbia’s HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) Referendum Regulation.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2011-0121   Publication Date:  2011-06-22
Attachments1-OIC / DDC  


PC Number: 2011-0614
Date: 2011-06-09

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance, pursuant to sections 277 and 277.1 of the Excise Tax Act, hereby makes the annexed British Columbia HST Regulations.

Sur recommandation du ministre des Finances et en vertu des articles 277 et 277.1 de la Loi sur la taxe
 d’accise, Son Excellence le Gouverneur général en conseil prend le Règlement sur la TVH applicable à la Colombie-Britannique, ci-après.

If Elections BC's overseer Craig James has anything to do with reviewing of the wording.... of...

"......subject to the result of the referendum conducted under British Columbia’s HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) Referendum Regulation."

The wording doesn't say which way the vote on the HST has to go for there to be a change made.

The Province's consumption taxes will drop by one per cent!

When Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen set in motion their request to be be included in the line-up with the reward of $1.6 billion dollars to supplement their poorly planned (deficit) budget of 2009, they set in motion their undoing as Premier and Finance Minister of British Columbia.   Just last week, a majority of British Columbians rejected their actions, which included half of the BC Liberal Government held Ridings.  If anyone else in the BC Legislature dares to take up the challenge that a Harmonized Sales Tax is best for BC, you have to know, the door that you came through on election night of 2009, works both ways.... you can leave now.

Before the HST vote, Christy Clark's Government made a binding motion, in the BC Legislature, with instructions sent, and voted on, by the Federal Government of Prime Minister Harper.  They're still in effect!

Or maybe the Sunday meeting between the two on Sunday in BC, did include some White-Out.

The fact is, its not the Federal government's duty to impose an HST or going back to a PST, that responsibility, lies solely on the shoulders of the Government of British Columbia.   Gordon Campbell resigned as the Premier, Christy Clark took over as Premier and the truth is, on May 25, 2011 her Government gave explicit instructions to the Government of Canada on how the BC component of the HST will be dealt.

"Mr. Ted Menzies (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, CPC):  
    Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to begin second reading of the provincial choice tax framework act. I will keep my comments short and as succinct as possible because we have heard time and time again how important this is to the provinces that they be allowed to make their choice as to how they collect their taxes. They are asking us to facilitate this as quickly as possible.

    As I have said in the House before, the provincial choice tax framework act is a very straightforward piece of legislation that simply confirms a fundamentally basic principle: provincial taxation is a provincial responsibility. As such, each province must have the independence to decide whatever form of taxation they deem best for their own jurisdiction's economy. The provincial choice tax framework act enshrines federal Parliament's belief that provincial taxation is indeed a matter of provincial autonomy. It facilitates maximum provincial choice on matters of provincial taxation, including the decision of a province to transition to harmonized value-added tax.
Snip"    Source

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fast Cat Ferries cost $500 million, Pity. BC HST cost us six times as much at $3 BILLION.

The SFU Library Editorial Cartoons Collection

One of  27 cartoons with the subject 'Pacificat (Ferry)', sorted by date.

Vancouver Sun   Vaughn Palmer  July 20th, 2009
The fast ferries began their slow but relentless voyage to oblivion almost 10 years ago. The starting point was March 1, 2000 and the cabinet room of the then New Democratic Party government.

The father of the fast ferries, Glen Clark, was gone from the premier's office. A new minister for ferries, Joy MacPhail, was trying to explain why the close to half a billion dollars Clark had spent on the project was mostly gone along with him.

"A failed experiment," she called the project. Her briefing supplied new premier Ujjal Dosanjh and his ministers with the ugly details.   Snip

BBC (BlogBorgCollective)  North Vans Grumps August 28, 2011 
The BC HST began its slow but relentless voyage to oblivion almost two years ago.  The starting point was May 12, 2009 and the cabinet room of the then BC Liberal Party government.

The father of the HST, Gordon Campbell, was gone from the premier's office.  A new minister for finance, Kevin Falcon, was trying to explain why the close to $3 billion dollars Campbell had spent on the project was mostly gone along with him.

"A failed experiment," he called the project.  His briefing supplied new premier Christy Clark and her ministers with the ugly details.    Snip


 Glen Clark is gone to a hard earned private job, locally.

Gordon Campbell is gone too, still not far enough away, to a cushy job in the United Kingdom as OUR High Commissioner of Canada paid for by Canadians...... this includes British Columbians who are still paying for the HST at the tills for another two years.


Still craving more of those old cartoons........ like this from the SFU Library.....

285 cartoons with the subject 'Campbell, Gordon, 1948-', sorted by date.

The SFU Library Editorial Cartoons Collection

Saturday, August 27, 2011

North Shore News Editorial wrote that the HST results split along obvious party lines..............! Doesn't appear to have.

".........Voters also acted with their hearts, with the results splitting along obvious party lines. This should not have been a re-run of the 2009 election."    North Shore News   "A costly Victory"   Editorial

What appears to have happened, is that voters split the BC Liberals' support, right down the middle!.....on the topic of the HST.

24 BC Liberal Ridings voted FOR the HST
25 BC Liberal Ridings voted Against the HST

1 Independent Riding voted For the HST
1 Independent Riding voted Against the HST

Minister of Finance
Kevin Falcon
52.45%  For HST  1

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure 
Blair Lekstrom
Peace River South
58.82%   Against HST 1

Minister of Education
George Abbott
50.16% For HST  2

Bill Barisoff
50.49% Against HST 2

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
Patrick Bell
Prince George-Mackenzie
56.92% Against HST 3

Minister of Social Development and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism
Harry Blog
58.77% Against HST 4

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Attorney General
Shirley Bond
Prince George-Valemont
58.73% Against HST 5

Minister of Labour, Citizens's Services and Open Government
Stephanie Cadieux
53.33%  Against HST 6

Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
Ida Chong
Oak Bay-Gordon Head
51.40% For HST  3

Christy Clark
Vancouver-Point Grey
58.11% For HST   4

Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister Responsible for Housing
Rich Coleman
Fort Langley-Aldergrove
54.16% For HST    5

Minister of Health
Michael de Jong
51.46% For HST   6

Minister of Environment
Dr. Terry Lake
Kamloops-North Thompson
54.73% Against HST 7

Minister of Agricultre
Don McRae
Comox Valley
53.45% Against HST 8

Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliations
Mary Polak
51.33% For HST    7

Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
Steve Thomson
55.58% For HST     8

Minister of Advanced Education
Naomi Yamamoto
North Vancouver-Lonsdale
51.84% For HST    9

Minister of Children and Family Development
Mary McNeil
Vancouver-False Creek
55.57% For HST    10

John van Dongen
Abbotsford South
56.72% For HST   11

John Yap
55.19% Against HST  9

Jane Thornthwaite
North Vancouver-Seymour
60.59% For HST    12

Ralph Sultan
West Vancouver-Capilano
64.52% For HST   13

Dr. Moira Stilwell
61.65% Against HST  10

Ben Stewart
53.70% For HST    14

John Slater
59.48% Against HST 11

Bob Simpson - Independent
58.96% Against HST 

Linda Reid
Richmond East
65.58% Against HST  12

Pat Pimm
Peace River-North
50.02% Against HST  13

 Barry Penner Q.C.
50.35% For HST    15

Kash Heed
66.01% Against HST  14

 Joan McIntyre
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky
60.78% For HST     16

Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid
52.79% For HST   17

Norm Letnick
Kelowna-Lake Country
53.10% For HST    18

John Les
50.97% For HST    19

Richard T. Lee
Burnaby North
60.34% Against HST  15

Kevin Krueger
Kamloops-South Thompson
55.91% For HST     20

Vicki Huntington - Independent
Delta South
53.54% For HST

Rob Howard
Richmond Centre
63.77% Against HST 16

Douglas Horne
Coquitlam-Burke Mountain
55.85% Against HST  17

Gordon Hogg
Surrey-White Rock
54.47% For HST    21

Dave S. Hayer
59.47% Against HST  18

Randy Hawes
54.63% For HST    22

Colin Hansen
62.40% For HST   23

Eric Foster
50.92%  Against HST   19

Marc Dalton
Maple Ridge-Mission
55.80% Against HST  20

Murray Coell
Saanich North and the Islands
51.35% Against HST  21

Ron Cantelon
51.57% Against HST 22

Iain Black   
Port Moody-Coquitlam
50.85% Against HST  23

Bill Bennett
Kootenay East
60.87% Against HST  24

Donna Barnett
56.90%  Against HST 25

John Rustad
Nechako Lakes

53.32%  For HST   24

59 Ridings voted Against HST

34  NDP Ridings out of 34 Ridings voted  Against HST

A work in Progress.......

Robin Austin
66.74% Against HST   1

Harry Bains
72.22% Against HST   2

Dawn Black
New Westminster
57.33%  Against HST   3

Jagrup Brar
63.10%  Against HST   4

Spencer Chandra Herbert
Vancouver-West End
53.92%  Against HST   5

Raj Chouhan
64.55%  Against HST  

Katrine Conroy
Kootenay West
69.62% Against HST   7

Gary Coons
North Coast
67.18% Against HST   8

Kathy Corrigan
Burnaby-Deer Lake
62.62% Against HST    9

Adrian Dix
72.45%  Against HST    10

Doug Donaldson
53.55%  Against HST   11

Mable Elmore
69.48%    Against HST   12

Mike Farnsworth
Port Coquitlam
55.61% Against HST   13

Rob Fleming
Victoria-Swan Lake
57.73% Against HST   14

Scott Fraser
Alberni-Pacific Rim
63.90%  Against HST    15

Guy Gentner
Delta North
58.44% Against HST    16

Sue Hammell
Surrey-Green Timbers
75.51%  Against HST   17

John Horgan
Juan de Fuca
62.50% Against HST   18

Carole James
Victoria-Beacon Hill
55.76%  Against HST    19

Maurine Karagianis
Esquimalt-Royal Roads
57.96%  Against HST    20

Leonard Krog
55.16%  Against HST   21

Jenny Wai Ching Kwan
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant
63.85%  Against HST   22

Harry Lali
55.25% Against HST   23

Norm Macdonald
Columbia River-Revelstoke
66.19% Against HST    24

Michelle Mungall
63.83%  Against HST   25

Lana Popham
Saanich South
52.52%  Against HST   26

Bruce Ralston
68.88%  Against HST    27

Bill Routley
Cowichan Valley
55.55%  Against HST    28

Doug Routley
Nanaimo-North Cowichan
60.83%  Against HST    29

Michael Sather
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
56.90%  Against HST    30

Nicholas Simons
Powell River-Sunshine Coast
58.24%  Against HST   31

Shane Simpson
66.86%  Against HST   32

Diane Thorne
54.63%  Against HST    33

Claire Trevena
North Island
57.97%   Against HST    34

The Federal $1.6 Billion incentive for BC to join the HST bandwagon SEESAW repayment plan C

Canada to the Left ----British Columbia to the Right

Oh for goodness sakes, was the Gordon Campbell government so dense about their 2009 election promises not to realize that they were far greater in debt than the promised $500 million, or was it the $1.6 billion from the Federal Harpies that they saw in advance of the election that would save their bacon..... day?

Look, it was the provincial government that created this HST mess for themselves because of their limiting belief of a Balanced Budget Act.   They were so sure that they would never see a deficit that they NEVER planned for the possibility.   They still don't recognize that the world, in 2008, had a recession.

If anything, after the BC Liberals won in 2009, they should have put it to a vote, by Referendum to go to a Harmonized Sales Tax.  But they didn't!  There's a perception on the public's part that the BC Liberals lied about our financial position before, during and after they won the election until the point that a deputy financial minister said .... HELLO...... we need more money to fulfill the government's promises, and/or change the law of a Balance Budget or both.

In steps the Federal knight in shining amour with a carrot, $1.6 billion worth to save the day, not cold, hard carrots, nor dollars.  The $1.6 billion monies has to be borrowed with one catch, borrowing fees costing close to $3 billion over ten years is tacked on top, from all Canadians or was it from an Account marked "British Columbia future payments."

HST Referendum results comes along on August 26, 2011 and Finance Minister Falcon says with the extinguishment of the HST, the $1.6 billion will either have to "negotiated" with the Feds or paid back in whole.... and the borrowing fees over the next ten years are not even mentioned.... eh.

I sure with I could borrow a paltry $1 million without any borrowing fees..... I could invest it and earn a ton of loose cash, even at 3% per year.... what a sweet deal.....

Canada borrows $1.6 Billion to loan to British Columbia via the HST Incentive Carrot
HST Referendum Yes side wins to Extinguish the Tax

British Columbia borrows $1.6 billion to pay Canada back for the Carrot recieved

No one mentions the borrowing fees

Nor the length of time of the borrowing fees

All that Finance Minister Falcon says is that it will be paid off in two years

Just before the next provincial election

Friday, August 26, 2011

59 out of 85 ridings voted Yes to Extinguish the HST; 26 ridings voted to keep the HST

Is it just me, or is it just a coincidence, that those who were the majority in their ridings who voted to keep the HST, are not Middle Class Income earners in BC?

...... results at bottom of the heap are painted in BC Liberal Blue... this has to be verified with 2009 results

I think that these numbers are going to be used in the next election..... and forget about the nonsense that CKNW was spouting today out at the PNE, by asking listeners how WE are going to fix the loss of the HST funding.   If the BC Liberals had been up front with the true data on the Province's financial situation before, and during the 2009 Provincial election.... WE wouldn't be in this mess that the BC Liberals created in the first place by not telling us.  What's was so hard for the BC Liberals to admit that they were not going to just have a $.495 million deficit, but a $2.8 Billion dollar deficit in 2009?

The Radio was suggesting to listeners that the Government workforce would have to be laid off, or cut services, or raise taxes...... to which the first thing that should happen is to get rid of all these Public Affair Bureau Spin Doctors....and Christy Clark's very own Pamela Martin too, who just happens to be one of those West Vancouverites.

Electoral District  Yes Votes  Yes %  No Votes  No %  Total Valid Votes
Surrey-Green Timbers  10827 75.51% 3511 24.49% 14338
Vancouver-Kingsway  13701 72.45% 5211 27.55% 18912
Surrey-Newton  10826 72.22% 4165 27.78% 14991
Kootenay West  11797 69.62% 5148 30.38% 16945
Vancouver-Kensington  13559 69.48% 5955 30.52% 19514
Surrey-Whalley  10943 68.88% 4944 31.12% 15887
North Coast  4131 67.18% 2018 32.82% 6149
Vancouver-Hastings  13170 66.86% 6529 33.14% 19699
Skeena  6354 66.74% 3167 33.26% 9521
Columbia River-Revelstoke  8248 66.19% 4214 33.81% 12462
Vancouver-Fraserview  15674 66.01% 8072 33.99% 23746
Richmond East  14808 65.58% 7771 34.42% 22579
Burnaby-Edmonds  11827 64.55% 6494 35.45% 18321
Alberni-Pacific Rim  10665 63.90% 6024 36.10% 16689
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant  9840 63.85% 5571 36.15% 15411
Nelson-Creston  8966 63.83% 5081 36.17% 14047
Richmond Centre  12922 63.77% 7343 36.23% 20265
Surrey-Fleetwood  11370 63.10% 6649 36.90% 18019
Burnaby-Deer Lake  11097 62.62% 6625 37.38% 17722
Juan de Fuca  12600 62.50% 7559 37.50% 20159
Vancouver-Langara  11842 61.65% 7365 38.35% 19207
Kootenay East  9629 60.87% 6191 39.13% 15820
Nanaimo-North Cowichan  13779 60.83% 8871 39.17% 22650
Burnaby North  12956 60.34% 8516 39.66% 21472
Boundary-Similkameen  9679 59.48% 6593 40.52% 16272
Surrey-Tynehead  10736 59.47% 7316 40.53% 18052
Cariboo North  7131 58.96% 4964 41.04% 12095
Peace River South  4073 58.82% 2852 41.18% 6925
Burnaby-Lougheed  11426 58.77% 8016 41.23% 19442
Prince George-Valemount  9566 58.73% 6722 41.27% 16288
Delta North  11479 58.44% 8163 41.56% 19642
Powell River-Sunshine Coast  12197 58.24% 8745 41.76% 20942
North Island  11952 57.97% 8666 42.03% 20618
Esquimalt-Royal Roads  12073 57.96% 8758 42.04% 20831
Victoria-Swan Lake  11068 57.73% 8103 42.27% 19171
New Westminster  13748 57.33% 10234 42.67% 23982
Prince George-Mackenzie  8904 56.92% 6738 43.08% 15642
Cariboo-Chilcotin  6361 56.90% 4818 43.10% 11179
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows  11652 56.88% 8833 43.12% 20485
Coquitlam-Burke Mountain  10369 55.85% 8196 44.15% 18565
Maple Ridge-Mission  10724 55.80% 8495 44.20% 19219
Victoria-Beacon Hill  11312 55.76% 8976 44.24% 20288
Port Coquitlam  11483 55.61% 9168 44.39% 20651
Cowichan Valley  13276 55.55% 10623 44.45% 23899
Fraser-Nicola  6720 55.25% 5442 44.75% 12162
Richmond-Steveston  13086 55.19% 10623 44.81% 23709
Nanaimo  11661 55.16% 9478 44.84% 21139
Kamloops-North Thompson  10779 54.73% 8916 45.27% 19695
Coquitlam-Maillardville  11973 54.63% 9942 45.37% 21915
Vancouver-West End  8354 53.92% 7139 46.08% 15493
Stikine  3300 53.55% 2863 46.45% 6163
Comox Valley  14759 53.45% 12853 46.55% 27612
Surrey-Panorama  12087 53.33% 10577 46.67% 22664
Saanich South  12370 52.52% 11183 47.48% 23553
Parksville-Qualicum  13933 51.57% 13086 48.43% 27019
Saanich North and the Islands  14162 51.35% 13419 48.65% 27581
Vernon-Monashee  12581 50.92% 12127 49.08% 24708
Port Moody-Coquitlam  9677 50.85% 9353 49.15% 19030
Penticton  11489 50.49% 11267 49.51% 22756
Peace River North  4407 50.02% 4403 49.98% 8810
Shuswap  11130 49.84% 11202 50.16% 22332
Chilliwack-Hope  8991 49.65% 9118 50.35% 18109
Chilliwack  9572 49.03% 9949 50.97% 19521
Langley  11850 48.67% 12500 51.33% 24350
Oak Bay-Gordon Head  10738 48.60% 11356 51.40% 22094
Abbotsford West  7740 48.54% 8207 51.46% 15947
North Vancouver-Lonsdale  9610 48.16% 10344 51.84% 19954
Surrey-Cloverdale  12303 47.55% 13572 52.45% 25875
Vancouver-Fairview  8502 47.21% 9508 52.79% 18010
Kelowna-Lake Country  10606 46.90% 12007 53.10% 22613
Nechako Lakes  3626 46.68% 4141 53.32% 7767
Delta South  9889 46.46% 11396 53.54% 21285
Westside-Kelowna  9623 46.30% 11161 53.70% 20784
Fort Langley-Aldergrove  11148 45.84% 13171 54.16% 24319
Surrey-White Rock  11187 45.53% 13386 54.47% 24573
Abbotsford-Mission  8214 45.37% 9892 54.63% 18106
Vancouver-False Creek  6888 44.43% 8615 55.57% 15503
Kelowna-Mission  10125 44.42% 12670 55.58% 22795
Kamloops-South Thompson  10025 44.09% 12711 55.91% 22736
Abbotsford South  7573 43.28% 9925 56.72% 17498
Vancouver-Point Grey  7878 41.89% 10930 58.11% 18808
North Vancouver-Seymour  8717 39.41% 13403 60.59% 22120
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky  6621 39.22% 10262 60.78% 16883
Vancouver-Quilchena  7944 37.60% 13181 62.40% 21125
West Vancouver-Capilano  8620 35.48% 15676 64.52% 24296
Totals  881198 54.73% 728927 45.27% 1610125

Electoral District  Yes Votes  Yes %  No Votes  No %  Total Valid Votes

Rites of Passage for Seniors: PNE $8 ; BC Ferries Rides Free Monday to Thursday; Energy spent on exercising our right's to rid us of the hated HST implementation


This info from Elections BC MUST be important because they've split their web page into two sections, left to the HST, right to everything else.   Maybe this is the NEW Elections BC where every time there was a new announcement by the OLD Elections BC they would hide it in one of their myriads of sub-directories, especially if its BAD news info, on, a Friday...... almost sounds like a true blue, not dyed in wool, BC  Liberal Government organization.
Don't stop reading here, move along folks, move along, there's more photos below........

This is most bizarre..... "Voting results will be available after the close of counting"

The Press have been saying that the due process will be that Elections BC will release the HST info to the Speaker of the Legislature, yesterday (Thursday), then it will be simultaneously released to the Public and the MLAs  on Friday morning......

The counting closed on Thursday, why the dragging of the heels?  The key word is AVAILABLE

Oh, its Friday.

Starts on Monday

Monday, August 22, 2011

ICBC had its (NDP) "political masters". BC Hydro, for the past decade, has been run-down by (BC Liberal) "political Masters" too, preaching IPP




Issue No. 14

ISSN 1499-4194



Review of Crown Corporations: Insurance Corporation of B.C. 191

N. Geer
G. Prior
B. Goble


Chair: * Ken Stewart (Maple Ridge–Pitt Meadows L)
Deputy Chair: * Harry Bloy (Burquitlam L)
Members: * Pat Bell (Prince George North L)
* Susan Brice (Saanich South L)
* Daniel Jarvis (North Vancouver–Seymour L)
* John Les (Chilliwack-Sumas L)
* Harold Long (Powell River–Sunshine Coast L)
* Barry Penner (Chilliwack-Kent L)
   Rod Visser (North Island L)
* John Wilson (Cariboo North L)
* Patrick Wong (Vancouver-Kensington L)
   Joy MacPhail (Vancouver-Hastings NDP)    * denotes member present

Clerk: Craig James

Committee Staff: Audrey Chan (Committee Research Analyst) 

  • Nick Geer (President and CEO, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)
  • Bill Goble (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)
  • Geri Prior (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)

Barry. Penner: I understand your challenge of dealing with that shopping centre (Surrey Place Mall), because the whole project has been described as the fast ferry project on land. I'm not asking you to comment on that, but I realize you have a significant problem to deal with that was not your own making, that was foisted upon you by previous political masters.
           N. Geer: We'll make the right business decision for our customers and properly manage it. It's a wonderful building. I hate to use derogatory terms, because we're attempting to lease it. When you attempt to lease it to a new customer and you use derogatory terms, it's self-defeating. I don't want to get involved in derogatory terms as we're attempting to make a good business decision — if we could, Barry. - Crown Corporations Page 210  near bottom  Link  UPDATED August 30, 2013
Bold printing mine   for    "the fast ferry project on land"

 We'll skip the hypothesis if there will ever be a Select Standing Committee called into discuss the Why's of the Sale of BC Rail, let's just move right along and call for a Select Standing Committee to discuss BC Hydro's multiple high wire ACTs that were passed onto BC Hydro president Dave Cobb by the BC Liberals ....... on the importance of not being careful with tax payers dollars, especially when it came to the implementation of the Smart Meter program or Infrastructure monies long gone to the BC Treasury....... instead of of supporting BC Hydro long term goals of cheaper electricity and the stupidity of needing to reach a Carbon Free status on Sustainable electricity generation that would require ratepayers ponying up to FOUR times the going rate, by purchasing IPP contracts by the K-zillion, by 2016"

 What do you say to that Mr. Cobb?

BC Hydro president Dave Cobb has told his staff that he expects Victoria to soon abandon its current energy self-sufficiency policy, a move that would free Hydro from buying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of electricity that it doesn’t need from independent power producers. Vancouver Sun Chad Skelton   

BC Hydro head predicts end to energy self-sufficiency

Sunday, August 21, 2011

HST is on our minds, but others have their own ........

I saw this on my front porch this morning, partially hidden by the railing, and of course I thought of the HST

But ..................................... here we are, finally, in the hottest part of the season and others have their own thoughts..... put away those bathing suits, shorts and sun glasses......No time to pick those Black Berries..... Leave the beaches and head for the hills covered in ............

876 glossy pages... what kind of an environmental footprint is Sears Canada leaving?... when an online version would do.

Of course the answer has to be: Not everyone would think about looking to Sears Canada to spend their hard earned dollars for items around the house.

Its the internet that people go to, to find sources, unfortunately though, not all of the internet "highways" lead to Rome, or Sears, ....... but a catalog sitting atop the coffee table, now there's the ticket.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Parks of the City of North Vancouver with a couple of Riders (Notes)

I never knew this, thought it, but never saw it in print........ as I walked along Spanish Banks, in Vancouver's far western portion of sandy beaches and volley ball pitches, there's a sign warning dog owners that their pets are not permitted on the beach, otherwise there's a $2,000 fine!  Yet on Thursday, August 18th, 2011, a jogger let his dog off the leash, and the beast scampered right off the path and down onto the beach, amid howls of protests from the sunbathers on the said beach.   No apology was offered.   No whistle of a "Here Boy"was uttered.

The mentality of a man and his dog (probably male too) and their domain, the world is to trash upon.

These two photos are not Vancouver City, they're from the North Shore of Burrard Inlet.

Summer is almost over, GPS enthusiasts who think they are in need of a challenge, and a stretch of both their imagination and legs, should take in a daily walk of each of the parks, first the City of North Vancouver, easier and closer, then the District of North Vancouver...... don't forget the destinations of the Rec Centres as well.

Not for  me though, I'm "off" to Vancouver City's website to try and locate a similar map with Notes of dogs in off leash sites, with them staying on the path.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Human guinea pigs, that's what we are about to be....."Salmon caught off the coast of BC to be tested for traces of radiation....."

We eat salmon, all of the time, so how is it that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency knows that now, is the right time to do their testing on Salmon that may have had a close encounter with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant meltdown contaminated coolant water?

Salmon caught off the coast of British Columbia will be tested for traces of radiation from the nuclear disaster in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on the northeastern coast of Japan failed following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country in March. The power company that owns the reactor said highly radioactive water (about 100,000 times the normal level) from the reactor had leaked, contaminating nearby water and the air.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd will be contacting 1,275 Lucky registered or eligible BC Voters to verify the election process!

The only problem that I foresee, is it a bogus press release from Elections BC, this sixteenth day of August 2011 at precisely 15:33.

If you click on the photo above, look at the line below where it says Elections BC, there's a typo.
A typo from the all perfect Elections BC..... not possible, but there it is, in the photo above.

A non-partisan Of ce of the Legislature

A non-partisan Of...ICE of the Legislature, nah.   Of ... ACE

The file is called:    2011VotersListQualityStudy.pdf 

date stamped at 16-Aug-2011 15:33

"Elections BC to conduct voters list quality surveys as part of targeted voter registration campaign"

Not much quality in the naming of their Of__ce! 

Maybe what Elections BC is doing is tracking their copies by intentionally including an error instead of numbering them.  Vancouver City Council could have done the same thing with their council meetings when one document went astray during their deliberations on loaning $90 million to a contractor in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics Athlete Village. 

Getting back to the 1,275 contacts though, because in an earlier press release Elections BC said this:

BC Stats, the Province’s statistical agency, is conducting the interviews on behalf of Elections BC. Approximately 6,000 voters will be selected at random from across the province’s 85 electoral districts.
Approximately 6,000 voters will be selected at random .....

In reality there are two verification processes being done by two different companies.  The larger one is for the HST and the smaller one is for the next election.... which some pundits are predicting will happen in September, if the HST goes down the tubes.

Now if you are a real keener about wanting to know about Elections BC Surveys...... there's seven of them, starting as early as 2003, two years into the BC Liberal mandate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Will Premier Christy Clark leave her hidey-hole vacation retreat or step in with action, not reaction, to the mass shooting in Kelowna?

You're the Premier, and a Member of the Legislature in British Columbia now Ms. Clark, so let's not have anymore of these cheesy election prank stunts of sandwich photo ops or the one person broom brigade sweeping of broken windows in front of the Hudson Bay in downtown Vancouver.

No more of these false promises that you made to us on what you were going to do to the rioters.

"They will not be able to hide behind their bandanas and hoodies," said Clark, while promising to use every means possible to identify the hooligans and get them "off the street."
That was her response, one day after the Stanley Cup riot. 

It was another one of those "hoodies" who terrorized the waterfront of Kelowna yesterday.  "They" descended on Kelowna with an AK-47 assault rifle, firing off 30 rounds, gunning down one person, seriously wounding another, all told six persons were sent to hospital.   The public was running scared for their lives.

Just what is your BC Liberal government doing to prevent crime in our streets, whether its Kelowna, or Metro Vancouver?

 Who's Province is this to destroy?   The BC Liberals' or theirs?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Why is it so difficult for the Press (CBC) to just come out and admit that for the past year and more they've got it wrong on whom hit whom in a motor vehicle accident in Surrey?

Back as a kid, at Lord Tennyson Elementary School, we had those books that had words like "See Jane run", and yep, from what I could see in the illustrations, Jane was running.

Last year there was an accident, and now there's a lawsuit before the courts, the question of anyone seeing "Jane" run a Red light or a "Jane" running a Green light, at speed, will be dealt with there, but for the time being the Press that the Public is so dependent for factual news, is still saying that the Mayor of Surrey was T-boned by  the other driver.

One look at the two photos of the two vehicles, makes it clear, that the vehicle with no damage to either side, but did have massive damage to its front end, was the vehicle that pinned the other driver midship, inside her car.

Problem here is the time its taken all of the media to report the facts correctly, the Mayor's Office too, on the question of who T-boned which vehicle.

To allow the facts to stand uncorrected, goes a long way to explaining why the Police, the Premier too, haven't taken action against the Rioters in Vancouver.    A simple photograph is not enough.

A photograph may be worth a thousand words, but its not enough to fairly lay the blame at the right door.

All's quiet at Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver except for the gushing.....

There's two ways to make your way onto the dam's topside.  One is to park your car/bus/camper in the dedicated public parking lot as early as 7am, and just walk on over the man made berm to the concrete dam, but beware, don't be late leaving the lot, the gate is locked at 10pm.

Or secondly, approach the top of the dam by road, no walking necessary, as an authorized Metro Vancouver employee/Contractor, with a motor vehicle, they have unlimited access.   The padlock is kept snapped shut on top of the metal gate.  Nice and handy.   
Do you See the padlock on top of the gate?

All that the employees have to do, during the day, is drive up to the gated fence, stop the car, leave the motor running, approach the gate, lift the latch, swing the gate open, drive in, close the gate and then latch the gate (but not locking with the padlock provided), to keep the unauthorized people from entering illegally.

The security of our precious drinking water is on an Honour system.

The area is under camera surveillance, with the ONE camera pointed directly at the Coca Cola vending machine, half way to the dam.    If someone who is not authorized to be in the area, with their motor vehicle, they're safe till the Coca Cola machine.  So just act nonchalant, drive up near the Coke machine, put your money in, and Enjoy.   Proceed driving to the top of the Dam.   Illegally.

While I was there today, there were three vehicles making their get-away.........  in the space of half an'd think that a security person would be warranted for such a delicate situation.  Cleveland Dam provides  40% of Vancouver's drinking water.

Capilano Reservoir
North Vancouver’s Capilano Reservoir supplies 33 per cent of the region's drinking water and is contained by the Cleveland Dam (also operated by Metro Vancouver). Visitors can view the reservoir from Cleveland Dam at the north end of Capilano River Regional Park.

 Take a tour of the Capilano watershed



Murdoch's News of the World is Dead. Long live Murdoch's other news media outlets, during England's riots!

Murdoch's stock has taken a hit because of hacking, but with all this rioting headlines in London, and the focus away from NoTW's demise, is the news baron back, raking in the cash?

August 10, 2011    BBC Mobile       The Hacking scandal is still happening......

Meanwhile, a 61-year-old man has become the latest person to be arrested on suspicion of phone hacking, Scotland Yard said on Thursday.
The BBC understands he is former News of the World news editor, Greg Miskiw.
He was arrested by officers from the Met Police's hacking investigation, Operation Weeting, after visiting a police station by appointment.
Mr Miskiw is the 12th person arrested and is being held on suspicion of unlawful interception of communications and conspiring to intercept communications.

Its other main businesses include Hollywood film studio 20th Century Fox, US television network Fox Broadcasting and publisher Harper Collins.
It also owns the Wall Street Journal.
And News Corporation's 39% share of UK-based satellite broadcaster BSkyB proves highly lucrative.
Last month it abandoned its bid to buy the remainder of BSkyB following the hacking scandal.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Would you leave a Hogshead in your Will? In 1665 Turnpikes were owned by Trusts (we call them Concessionaires today)

Family trees, we all came from somewhere.  Most of us know of our Parents and Grandparents, but beyond????? them?

Anne, not my Anne (1665 - 1714)

Way back in 1665, My Great Great Great Great Grand Mother Anne understood the spoken word, but not the written word, so she put her trust in her lawyers to do her bidding on legal matters.

This 1665 ancestor of mine knew that an X was her written authority that said she understood that her lawyer had acted on her behalf, and here we are into the tenth year of the BC Liberals being the Government of British Columbia, and we're still signing with an X, and not  trusting their lawyers how they spend our tax dollars.

Our family has one document from 1665, signed with an X by Grandmother Anne, it is her Will:
"In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this three and twentieth day of February in the eighteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King Charles the Second over England Anno Domini 1665."  Anne _______,X

Interesting isn't it, that way back in 1665, 346 years ago, it was a requirement of lawyers to know that they were in the Eighteenth year of the Sovereign Lord King Charles II.... and now, if Wills were signed in the same fashion, it would be Queen Elizabeth the Second reign  ....let's see, every BC MLA in their landslide victory of 2001 gave themselves the Queens Jubilee Medal in 2002 based on her 50th year of ascension to the throne of England in 1952.... plus nine  years.... makes it 59 years 5 months 26 days as of August 2, 2011.    Let's just call it Sixtieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second over England Anno Domini 2011.

However, as you read further here, there is a partial timeline of English History.   You'll discover that King Charles the Second became King in 1660, which sort of puts a lie to his reign over England as being 18 years... Right?  To explain, and I'm no Historian, but a guy by the name of Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell, came along after the death of Charles the Second's Father (Charles I) and disrupted the normal procedure of King to King.

Maybe that's being a tad too polite.

Charles Father was EXECUTED at Whitehall on 30 January 1649, at the climax of the English Civil War.

Cromwell then defeats Charles II in battle (He's called Charles II because the Parliaments of Scotland and Ireland voted in favour of Charles as King, but the English Parliament, run by Cromwell, over-ruled those two.)

Charles II flees to France with Cromwell assuming a Dictatorship of England until his death in 1658.  Richard Cromwell steps in as the Dictator of England after his Father's death and within a year "Tumbledown Dick" is gone.

As to the math not being right:
"After 1660, all legal documents were dated as if Charles had succeeded his father as king in 1649."

At this point I'm starting to wonder why Anne took so long to make a Will, or maybe she had to.

My Will's contents are far different than what Anne left, especially where it came to assets in her Will:

Item I give unto my daughter Mary the sum of Three Pounds, one
          Emptio half hogshead and one pair of sheets.
(Emptio meaning to give via a contract eg. a will)
(A Hogshead = 52.5 Imperial gallons of wine, therefore half would be 26.25 Gal)  not bad!

And for the princely sum of Three Pounds that Anne left, one pound could buy:  Click on this next link to find other products that could be purchased:  17th Century Prices in New England
Malt, one hogshead          1£

One Pound!!!!!

Item I give unto my grandson John the sum of Three Pounds to be paid out of the money which is due to me from my son-in-law John.
Item I give unto my grandchild Christian the other Three Pounds which is in John hands
Item I give unto my grandson Thomas Twenty Shillings to be paid him out of the Forty Shillings which is in his father's hands.
Item I give unto my grandson John the other Twenty Shillings which is in my son Thomas his hands.

You might be asking here .... isn't Anne planning on clawing back, from her grave, money that was borrowed by her Son and Son-in-Law, but never returned, when she was alive, and needed?   Yes!
Item I give unto John S????? five children which he had to my daughter Susannah Five Shillings each of them one.
Item I give unto my son Thomas ?????? the bedstead which is in my fore chamber
          and half a crown in money.
Hmmmmm, I give my son in law John S. five children ........   Gee whiz, I think I know how I would react if I was told by my mother-in-law that she gave me five children.

And the bedstead, just what were people sleeping on if it wasn't a bed or a bedstead?

  A half crown in 1665 is best explained here:

Milled halfcrowns were issued with the portrait of Oliver Cromwell in 1656 and 1658. Those of Charles II started in 1663, and the halfcrown was issued regularly until 1751, during the reign of George II. All in this period have the regal year inscribed on the edge.
Oliver Cromwell Half Crown
I'd say it's similar to how the BC Liberals have put our children's children into debt (when they promised not to in 2001) with all their billions of dollars of infrastructure programs going on.    Payments will be coming from our pockets to the day we die, and our children's children too, via tolls and shadow taxes.

And now the HST repayment program, YES or NO, written by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, will take the gouging to the third generation of British Columbians!

If you're wondering, at all, as to what else was happening in Jolly Old England in 1665 which might have driven Anne to write a've seen a bit of it above regarding Charles I through to Charles II:

Age of Intrigue  Charles II

1660 Charles II becomes king, officially, but his reign is backdated to 1649

1661 Robert Boyle publishes his great work The Sceptical Chemist
1662 The Royal Society (a Scientific organization) is given its charter by Charles II
Charles II marries a Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza

The Act of Uniformity is passed
1663 The first turnpike road is opened. (Turnpike roads were owned by turnpike trusts that maintained them. You had to pay to use them). 

1665 Plague in London. This is the last outbreak of bubonic plague in England.
1665-1667 The second Anglo-Dutch war
1666 The Great Fire of London. Most of the city is destroyed but it is soon rebuilt.
1667 John Milton publishes Paradise Lost
1670 Hudsons Bay Company is formed

1694 The Bank of England was founded.

Which probably means that GrandMother Anne had no way of having a Bank Account to save her money in, in 1665, therefore she lent the money to her Son, and Son-in-law, knowing that one day it would be "collected" by her Grandchildren.

And for enthusiast of the Napoleonic era and much later, the writings of Douglas Reeman/Alexander Kent series on Bolitho

The Battle of Trafalgar 
   Admiral Lord Nelson at the helm... 
            didn't happen until October 21, 1805