Friday, August 12, 2011

All's quiet at Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver except for the gushing.....

There's two ways to make your way onto the dam's topside.  One is to park your car/bus/camper in the dedicated public parking lot as early as 7am, and just walk on over the man made berm to the concrete dam, but beware, don't be late leaving the lot, the gate is locked at 10pm.

Or secondly, approach the top of the dam by road, no walking necessary, as an authorized Metro Vancouver employee/Contractor, with a motor vehicle, they have unlimited access.   The padlock is kept snapped shut on top of the metal gate.  Nice and handy.   
Do you See the padlock on top of the gate?

All that the employees have to do, during the day, is drive up to the gated fence, stop the car, leave the motor running, approach the gate, lift the latch, swing the gate open, drive in, close the gate and then latch the gate (but not locking with the padlock provided), to keep the unauthorized people from entering illegally.

The security of our precious drinking water is on an Honour system.

The area is under camera surveillance, with the ONE camera pointed directly at the Coca Cola vending machine, half way to the dam.    If someone who is not authorized to be in the area, with their motor vehicle, they're safe till the Coca Cola machine.  So just act nonchalant, drive up near the Coke machine, put your money in, and Enjoy.   Proceed driving to the top of the Dam.   Illegally.

While I was there today, there were three vehicles making their get-away.........  in the space of half an'd think that a security person would be warranted for such a delicate situation.  Cleveland Dam provides  40% of Vancouver's drinking water.

Capilano Reservoir
North Vancouver’s Capilano Reservoir supplies 33 per cent of the region's drinking water and is contained by the Cleveland Dam (also operated by Metro Vancouver). Visitors can view the reservoir from Cleveland Dam at the north end of Capilano River Regional Park.

 Take a tour of the Capilano watershed



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