Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Back in 73' Vancouver Planetarium and George Norris' Crab double exposure

I used a ....

Koni Omega camera

120mm Kodacolor 100   

Negative size:     2  1/4"  X  2  3/4"


First photograph:

Linhof Tripod  set atop a pile of gravel where the Music Academy is now


@ 10 seconds  F 8


Reset shutter


Second photograph:

Linhof Tripod set between the Planetarium doors and the Crab


@ 10 seconds F 8


And Thankfully, the fountain was Off, 

And the Parking lot lights On,

And the apartment lighting almost non-existent,

And Thanks to H.R. MacMillan Space Centre,

The Koni Omega was great for weddings because of the film format matched the paper size, no cropping required. 


Link to  George Norris Sculpture backgrounder, and those others images


e.a.f. said...

Very cool. thanks. remember when it was built. even after all this time, it still looks good.

North Van's Grumps said...

Thank you e.a.f.

I sold a 'few' of the photos, the top half only, at 16" X 20" and then one of the technicians in the lab suggested using whole of the image which is much more impressive, and he was absolutely right.